WE were proposing to take Palladium for our Drug Picture this month, so like in some of its rare and peculiar symptoms to Platinum: but Dr. Patrick, of Bexhill, had kindly sent us an interesting resume of has little-known remedy, and we will gratefully produce his paper, only prefacing it with a few remarks and comparisons. Palladium, as the Dictionary has it, is “A statue of Pallas, on the preservation of which the safety of ancient Troy depended. Any safeguard. A rare metal in colour and ductility resembling Platinum.” Palladium was introduced as a drug, and proved in 1850, by Constantine Hering and his band of provers. It had been proposed as remedy previously as early as 1833. We are told that Platina and Palladium, both proved in dust form, showed such similarity in their effects that the question arose whether corresponding differences might be found. A very striking mental symptom common to the two drugs is the sensation of tallness. Both are proud and haughty: and with both this extends into the physical sphere, and they feel tall, while things around them look small and insignificant. STRAMONIUM also imagines he is large and tall, and surrounding object small. (Cop.) Palladium, with Platina, had much uterine bearing down. With Plat, the sensation may be, as if the uterus would come out. Apparently Plat. affects the uterus more. Pall. the ovaries, especially the right ovary. But, in prescribing these remedies, it is the peculiar mentality-the haughtiness, the overbearing; the sensation of tallness, etc., which distinguishes these rarer drugs from Sepia, with its dull indifference, or Lilium tigr. with its aimless hurry, and its worries, mental and even spiritual. A symptom, a locality, do not make up a prescription! They may suggest it: but it needs the whole picture, especially the mental picture, to match, if the magic is to work. Besides Palladium, Crocus, Thuja and Theridion have a sensation of something alive bounding about inside the body, but Palladium goes one better: it has, ” as if an animal were snapping and tearing off small portions inside the abdomen”. Palladium has “crawling as from fleas”,-on back, arms, abdomen, thighs and ankles; and actual spots like fleabites appear on various places, lips, nostrils etc. It has also violent itchings. CLARKE says: “The chief characteristic of Palladium is affections of the right ovary, attended with pains which are relieved by pressure. Skinner cured with Palladium a young lady who had excessive pain in the right ovary during the menses. The only relief she could get was by inducing her sister to sit on that region. This relief by pressure; distinguishes the pain of Pall. from the similar ovarian pain of Plat.” PALLADIUM A REMEDY OF WOUNDED PRIDE By DR. W.S.PATRICK WOUNDED PRIDE! How sharp the sting and how humiliating the mortification! And yet the first step towards knowledge is the realization of how little one really knows. Pride, conceit, egotism-these self-made tyrants are just as much our enemies as any despot or dictator in human form; and must be vanquished before one may progress along the path that leads to liberation. And yet we have remedies to heal the wounds of mental conflict and of the lesser known of these is Palladium, rich in mental symptoms and worthy of deeper study. Palladium is one of the remedies often overlooked in favour of her sister Platina. Those who care to personify their remedies may think of the Greek goddess Pallas Athene, neglected by her votaries. Let us see how the thread of mental conflict runs through the whole remedy, including rubrics in block letters and italics only. From KENT’s Repertory-“DELUSION THAT (S)HE IS NEGLECTED. MORTIFICATION. WEEPING-Tearful Mood. And, in italics-Anger (irascibility). Ailments from bad news. Desire for company. (

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