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rightsidedpains A house wife 48, right sided complaints treated with Lycopodium 200c

A house wife 48 having right sided complaints nose block and knee pains, indigestion, palpitation of heart, dyspnoea. These symptoms are relieved mostly with a dose of Lycopodium 200c. After few days she is attacked with typhoid fever which is relieved with Arsenicum album a dose. Arsenicum is very good follower of Lycopodium. Most cases after few days of lycopodium feel weakness and thirst slowly leading into Arsenicum symptoms. The symptoms that are left by lycopodium will be cured by Arsenicum. These remedies perfectly complement each other. Lycopodium patients are many times thirst less but in acute cases, typhoid state of fever these patients feel thirst for small quantities of water. Especially in children vomiting associated with thirst for small quantities and fever is the indication for lycopodium.
Here in this case right sided complaints are the indication for lycopodium. This remedy is having great predilection for right side. Symptoms are right side means pathophysiology is on left of interior of brain. If we could able to find the clinical pathology and Bio-signals while proving Homeopathic remedies, it is not difficult to know How Homeopathy works. These days are much near, as soon as patient connected to computer, the computer will analyse the pathophysiology and monitor the exact Homeopathic remedy that can correct the disorder. This is possible only by studying Homeopathic Methodologies but not Allopathic.
Work Sheet:

30th july 2012
nose block, right side, pain knee
right severe
lyco 200c
22nd august 2012
slight change,
10th sep 2012
sl 200c
15th dec 2012
relieved, palpitation,dyspnoea
sl 200c
17th jan 2013
relieved, palpitation,dyspnoea
sl 200c
17th june 2013
dyspnoea, pain back reld
sl 200c
19th august 2013
dyspnoea,relieved slight,
sl 200c
19th oct 2013
esr 65mm, widal 1:160,
Ars 200c
26th oct 2013
slight relieved
sl 200c
13 November 2013
slight relieved
sl 200c
29 November 2013
relieved 80%,
sl 200c
16 December 2013
relieved most
sl 200c
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