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Imponderabilia and Synthetic source :


IMPONDERABILIA are immaterial ‘dynamic’ energies that are utilized as potentized homoeopathic medicines. (‘Ponder’ signifies contemplating, examining, investigating.)

Dynamic, powerful, physical energies have been known to influence various living and non-living forms and processes on the Earth. These energies have been tapped into potential homoeopathic medicines for the cure of the sick. The energy utilized may be natural or it may be artificially generated.

The dynamic force of mineral magnets, electricity and galvanism act no less powerfully upon our life principle and they are not less homoeopathic than the so-called medicines which neutralize disease by taking them through the mouth or by rubbing them on the skin or by olfaction. There may be diseases, especially diseases of sensibility and irritability, abnormal sensations and involuntary muscular movements, which may be cured by those means. But the more certain way of applying the last two as well as that of the so-called electromagnetic machine lies still very much in the dark to make homoeopathic use of them. So far both electricity and galvanism have been used only for palliation to the great damage of the sick. The positive, pure action of both upon the healthy human body have until the present time been but little tested.

(Aphorism 286, 6th edition, Organon of Medicine)


Moon has been known to influence the formation of tides. Somnambulism is considered to be a lunar effect. Worm affections are said to be most troublesome at the full moon and that goitre diminishes more or less during the waning moon. Among other maladies, notably influenced by the moon are epilepsy and ‘lunacy’.

Sugar of milk is exposed on a glass plate to the full moon’s rays and stirred with a glass rod meanwhile. The sugar of milk so charged is then dynamized. Higgins made a preparation by exposing pure water to the moon’s rays for three or four hours in South America and then dynamizing the water so charged.


Sun is the most important, natural source of energy for the living and non-living on the planet. The plants depend on sun for photosynthesis. It is also used to generate electricity. The place of sunlight in therapeutics was in cases of epithelial cancer – solar cautery.

Saccharum lactis is exposed to concentrated sun’s rays and stirred with a glass rod till saturated.


Everyone knows the powerful effect exercised on some persons by the approach of a thunderstorm and the effect of an electric current. Nervous tremors, anxiety, fear, restlessness, violent headaches, palpitation and swelling of parts are amongst the most prominent symptoms. Electric shocks were a criminal method of treatment for psychiatric cases. The nerve impulses being transmitted in the body are electrical in nature.

Attenuations are made from sugar of milk saturated with the current.


Attenuations are made by triturating sugar of milk that has been subjected to the influence of either pole.


The powers of the magnet for healing purposes can be employed with more certainty according to the positive effects detailed in the Materia Medica Pura under north and south pole of a powerful magnetic bar. Though both poles are alike powerful, they nevertheless oppose each other in the manner of their respective action. The doses may be modified by the length of time of contact with one or the other pole, according as the symptoms of either north or south pole are indicated. An antidote to a too violent action, the application of a plate of polished zinc will suffice. (Aphorism no.287)

Symptoms produced by touching either pole indiscriminately while handling the magnet or by laying the whole of the magnetic surface upon the body. Trituration of sugar of milk after exposure to the influence of the entire magnet is then done. Dilution of distilled water may similarly be exposed.


Attenuations of saccharum lactis or water charged with the influence of this pole.


Attenuations of saccharum lactis or water saturated with emanations of the pole.


If the X-ray penetrates certain tissues of the body in order to make the condition of the opaque organs, such as bones visible, it also shows its penetration into that invisible interior of the human being that is under the dominion of the life force. Repeated exposure to X-ray has produced skin lesions, followed by cancer. Atrophy of ovaries, testes, changes in lymphatics, bone marrow, anaemia, leukaemia and burns are some of the hazards of X-rays.

A drachm vial filled with absolute alcohol was exposed to a Crooke’s tube in open for half an hour and was then potentized. Absolute alcohol contained in a flint glass bottle and irradiated by the Meyervitz coil was used by Fincke in potency. Griggs used absolute alcohol contained in a shallow dish and exposed directly to X-radiation.


The application of modern research, with the advent of various disciplines like organic chemistry, biochemistry, biosynthesis, pharmacology has resulted in the production of many synthetic and semi-synthetic drugs.

The first purely synthetic compounds to find application in medicine were simple ones like ether and nitrous oxide as general anaesthetics in the 1840s. In 1869, the hypnotic action of chloral hydrate was discovered. The 1880s saw the introduction of the hypnotic paraldehyde, the antifebrile agent antipyrin, the analgesic-antipyretic agent acetanilide and the hypnotic sulphonal. By 1900, the analgesic aspirin had been synthesized and introduced as therapeutic agents. From that time onwards, new synthetic drugs were introduced at a rapidly increasing rate.

The Homoeopathic fraternity has utilized these synthesized drugs in the potentized form as effective curative agents.

* Alloxan

* Aspirin

* Chloramphenicol

* Chlorpromazinum

* Corticotrophin

* Cyclosporinum

* Emetine hydrochloride

* Haloperidol

* Histamine hydrochloride

* Levomepromazine

* Mannitol

* Methysergidum

* Penicillin

* Phenobarbital

* Streptomycin sulphate

* Sulphanilamidum

* Terramycin hydrochloride

* Thioproperazine

* Thymolum


* Discuss Imponderabilia source

* Discuss Synthetic source


1. Magnetis polus Arcticus is prepared from

(a) North pole of magnet

(b) Sun rays

(c) South pole of magnet

(d) The magnet

2. From which one of the following drugs is Luna prepared

(a) Radium bromide

(b) X rays

(c) Full moon

(d) Sun rays

3. X ray is included in

(a) Mineral kingdom

(b) Imponderabilia

(c) Synthetic source

(d) Nosodes

4. Streptomycin is included in

(a) Synthetic source

(b) Imponderabilia source

(c) Mineral source

(d) Nosodes

5. Which of the following belongs to Synthetic source

(a) Histamine hydrochloride

(b) Electricitas

(c) Colostrum

(d) Medusa

ANSWERS: 1 (a); 2 (c); 3 (b); 4 (a); 5 (a).

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