KENT: “Among the striking features of Opium is a class of complaints marked by painlessness, inactivity and torpor.”
 ”The sluggishness and painlessness are most striking. The inaction is shown in the lack of reaction to the properly selected homoeopathic remedy. It here competes with Sul.”
 ”insensibility in parts that are in a high grade of inflammation.”
 ”Most of the complaints are attended with stupor; lies in a stupor like apoplexy, cannot be aroused.”
 ”The Op., patient is full of convulsions. The patient wants to be uncovered, wants the cool air the open air. Opisthotonos; head drawn back; cerebrospinal meningitis. In a case of cerebrospinal meningitis we find convulsions approaching, opisthotonos, head drawn back, kicks the covers off, wants a cool room; skin red; face red and mottled; pupils contracted. Now if the mother puts that child into a hot bath, to relieve the convulsions, it will become unconscious and cold as death. If you are called to see such a case, be sure to give Op., and in twelve hours you will be astonished to see the state of quietude. It competes here with Apis.”
 ”Fear and its results.”
 ”ALLEN: “especially adapted to children and old people; diseases of first and second childhood.”
 ”All complaints with great sopor; painless, complains of nothing, wants nothing.”
 Urine “retained with bladder full, in fever or acute illness.”
 ”Sudden retrocession of acute exanthema results in paralysis of brain or convulsions (Zinc).”
 ”Heat over whole body, burning even when bathed in sweat, with red face. Soporous, snoring sleep, with open mouth, twitching of the limbs.”
 HERING: “Flushed face, cold legs, sleepy, bur cannot sleep.”
 ”Heat, wants to uncover.”
 ”Bed feels so hot she cannot lie on it, moves often in search of a cool place.”
 ”Acute fevers characterized by a sopor bordering upon stupor, and by absence of any complaint, snoring with mouth open, half-jerking of limbs and burning heat of perspiring body.”
 ”Face flushed; red, bloated, swollen, livid…”
 CLINICAL: Typhoid; scarlatina; cerebro-spinal meningitis; high fever with great thirst and sleeplessness (Mathur).
 POTENCY: All potencies are considered effective.
 Compatible: Acon., Ant-t., Bell., Bry., Hyos., Nux-v.
 Compare: Apis, Ipec.
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