-G. H. Clarke

Oil of Turpentine.

nosebleedpinch OLEUM TEREBINTHINAE :
Haemorrhage in nose and other parts,
Turpentine is the remedy.

Hemorrhage from kidney, womb, nose, lungs and elsewhere, usually in weak, debilitated subjects. Typhoid fever with hemorrhage. Tympanites from muscular relaxation of the bowel. Weak heart and respiration with cyanotic state of the face and extremities in pneumonia and capillary bronchitis. Asthenic fevers with muscular and nervous prostration.

Headache. Vertigo. Impaired vision. Coryza, cough, increased bronchial secretion. Vomiting and purging. Depression of the nervous system. Great muscular relaxation. Ataxy. Cyanosis of the face, unconsciousness dilated pupils. Respiration and heart action weak. Feeble peripheral circulation.1. Menorrhagia, dysmenorrhoea. Lungs, kidneys and brain engorged with dark blood. 2. Frequent and painful urination. Bloody urine. Suppression of the urine.2.

Oleum terebinthinae, 3m.- dr. Tereb, 3-20 m. Glycerin may be used as a vehicle.

Typhoid fever. Weak heart, peripheral circulation sluggish with cyanosis, muscular relaxation of the intestinal walls.1. (Three to five or more drops every two or four hours). Tympanites tendency to intestinal hemorrhage and bronchial catarrh in typhoid fever. 1-2 (Internally and turpentine stupes) Torpor, catarrh and distention of the bowels. 1.(One to five drops every two or four hours) Torpor and impaction of the bowel. 1. (Enema of from one to four drams in an emulsion) Flatulence from paresis of the bowels. 1 (Olive oil and turpentine externally, followed by hot moist flannel) Puerperal fever. Prostration, tenderness of the abdomen, meteorism. 1 (stupes and internally in large doses) Pneumonia. Weak heart, shallow respiration cyanosis, great engorgement of the lungs. 1-2. Capillary bronchitis. Shallow breathing, abundant mucous rales, exhaustion. 1. Chronic bronchitis with profuse expectoration.1 (Terebene internally three to thirty minims, and by inhalation) Pleurisy. (A few drops of turpentine sprinkles on hot, moist flannel) Chronic sciatica usually in feeble subjects. (Thirty drops in glycerin, with flavor three times a day) Lumbago (Internally and equal parts of turpentine acetic acid and and camphor liniment externally Liniment blister.) Burns. (Ceratum resinae and turpentine). Frost bites. (Turpentine with olive oil). Choroiditis.1 (Thirty drops three times a day). Hemorrhages in weak, debilitated subjects with low arterial tension. 1-2. Hemorrhagic diathesis. Purpura.2. Hematuria. 2-3 (Small frequently repeated doses). Hemoptysis. 2 (In flavored emulsion) Menorrhagia. 2. Epistaxis. 2 (Internally, and on tampon) Traumatic hemorrhages. 2 (Apply with equal part of olive oil) Catarrh of the urinary passages.3. Prostatorrhoea.

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