Woman, twenty five years old.
Her main complaint is dysmenorrhoea.
She is in a steady relationship for ten years. She doesn’t have children.

Observation: She has a sexual attitude. She is very sexy and has a seductive voice. Flirtatious low voice. Energy around the hips. She touches herself when pointing out the pain.
She has breast pain and swelling, back pain two weeks before the menses. The first two days of the menses she has to stay in bed. The abdominal pain starts with the beginning, the first day of the menses and lasts for two or three days. The first day it is not so severe, the second day it is worse, a tearing sensation. The third day it ameliorates.
She has a pain in the ovaries (uterus extending to back and thighs, anterior, up to the knees). Pain low in the abdomen and low in the back.

t-16-nuxvomica Nux vomica A Case Study:
Nux vomica tree

Observation: Ananda asks about the pain, she starts telling and laughs. She is laughing while talking about the pain: Hysteria. It is not funny. This goes on all during the interview. Sort of hysterical. When talking about the legs she touches, strokes them.
The pain is cramping, as if the back would break. She can hardly walk due to the pain. She cries with the pain. At night she can’t stay in bed with the pain. She uses painkillers, but they don’t help. A hot water bottle ameliorates a little.

AZ: “Did the pain aggravate with age ?” The pain is aggravated the last years. When she was fifteen / sixteen she had no troubles, it started about four / five years ago.
AZ: “Did anything happen in your life then ?”
AZ: “Do you use the pill ? Two years, when she was seventeen and eighteen.
In this remedy the sexuality is not accepted. The pain / energy moves to the sexual reproductive organs. She has a deep sensual voice.
Four years ago, she had anxiety states. She was in psycho therapy. She still has them now and then, aggravated under stress. After stress, panic, something comes up from the body. The heart begins to palpitate. She gets them when she is alone, not in company. The rising feeling: It is an internal restlessness.
AZ: “What do you do then ?” She tries to distract herself, so she doesn’t think about it. She goes swimming, does something to avoid the restlessness.
AZ: “Is there a trembling inside ?” “Yes, like a sort of vibration.” She has this once or twice a month. Always when she is alone.
AZ: “Do you have a desire for company ?” “Yes.” It is difficult to be alone. She has a fear that something is going to happen to her. She has to have music on. Music ameliorates.
AZ: “What music ?” “Soft, quiet music.”
(Music ameliorates: Aurum, Bufo, Crocus, Platinum, Tarentula.)
According to Ananda there is a lot of hysteria here. She is laughing about serious matters. She has restlessness when she has no music on, she thinks about the anxiety. The emotional pain goes to the physical level.

Nux-Vomica-Whole-Plant-3 Nux vomica A Case Study:
Nux Vomica Flowering

* Nux vomica
You get the feeling as if they have no boundaries.
A classic picture of Nux vomica. Ananda clearly had the feeling as though this woman had no boundaries. You always find that in Nux vomica. Ananda suspects that this woman is the daughter of an alcoholic.
AZ: “Do you like to go dancing ?” “Yes.”
She doesn’t listen to music before going to bed.
AZ: “During the anxiety state, do you get hyperactive, or do you have less energy ?” “More hyper when anxious.”
AZ: “In the anxiety, do you think you will go insane ?” “Yes.” Normally, she doesn’t have this restlessness.
AZ: “Do you have twitchings, jerkings ?” “Seldom, in bed before sleeping.” In the arm and neck.
AZ: “Do you have sudden mood changes ?” “Not particularly.”
AZ: “How is your sexual drive ?” Normal.
AZ: “How often a week ?” “Once or twice.” Ananda doesn’t believe her. During the week she feels quite tired. Too tired for sex.
AZ: “Do you get scared, fears ?” She has a fear that she will get a disease, cancer or so. She has a fear to be alone. Fear that something might happen.
AZ: “Are you patient ?” “Not so. People have to be on time for dates.” Otherwise she will become irritated. She is always punctual, on time.
She is quite suspicious. She is disappointed when people are not honest.
AZ: “Do you ever think people are watching you paranoia ?” “No.”
AZ: “Do you have a fear of being hurt, injured ?” “Yes.” Because of an occurrence with her boyfriend. He once reacted violently when she had something with someone else. She doesn’t discuss it with her friend. Ananda: Here is the sexual cause.
AZ: “Do you have a fear of the dark ?” She would prefer it to be day always. She needs no night light.
She sleeps on the left side. She dreams a lot. She wakes sweating from the nightmares sometimes. Bizarre, frightening dreams in the morning.
AZ: “If you would live alone, no relationship, would you have these bad dreams ?” She doesn’t know. She has these bad dreams three to four times a week.
AZ: “When did this start ?” After she was about twenty years old. Nothing particular happened in her life then.
Options: Platinum, Hyoscyamus, Lac caninum, Sabadilla, Lilium tigrinum.


She can’t be alone. Irritability before menses. Nightmares. Energy in the pelvic organs, sexuality, severe dysmenorrhoea. Nightmares.

Strychnos%20Nux-vomica Nux vomica A Case Study:
Nux vomica fruit (capsule)

FOLLOW UP (five weeks after the remedy)
She has ameliorated emotionally, she is more relaxed. She is less jealous.
Her menses are a lot better, the pains etc. Although she still has some pains.
She has no more nightmares.

* Nux vomica menses
Nightmares and sexual dreams during menses.
Hot water bottle on the abdomen ameliorates.
Short cycle with copious, protracted bleeding.
Pains in the pelvis, with sickness in the stomach.
Twisting pains in the abdomen or cramping, stitching pains in the pelvic region. Sometimes even the bladder cramps.
Before menses
Irritability before the menses.
Energy increases before menses.
Frequent urging to stools, urge to defecate. Like labour. One week before menses the pain in the abdomen starts. They feel a bit nauseated. They have a pressure in the pelvic region with constipation. Mostly a constant urge.
They have a problem stretching the legs. They like to stay foetal before menses.
Usually cramping at the ovulation.
Often suppression of menses from painkillers or the birth control pill.
Increase in energy before the menses, hyper (not necessarily cleaning): Baryta carbonica, Belladonna, Calcarea carbonica, Calcarea phosphorica, Causticum, Cocculus, Comocladia, Hyoscyamus, Ignatia, Kali carbonicum, Lycopodium, Lachesis, Nux vomica, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Sulphur, Veratrum. This is a common symptom.

* Cactus menses
Specific for constriction around the pelvis.
Very common in dysmenorrhoea. Ananda uses it twice a month.
Feels as though someone punched them in kidneys. She cries from the pain.
Pulsating pains in the uterus and ovaries, extending to the thighs, with a periodicity: Aggravated 10 to 11 AM or PM.
Spasmodic constriction in the uterus and vagina at least touch. Difficult pelvic examination. It comes and goes suddenly. Sensitive.
Constriction, pain: Lying on the left side aggravates. Warm bottles ameliorate.
Before menses
Very tearful, weeping causeless. They desire consolation and it ameliorates. Sadness. She cries from t.v. Just starts crying. (The books say that Cactus aggravates on consolation. That is not the experience of Ananda.) They want to be alone, a week before the menses. They are not irritated, but just sad. Often before menses they have a fear of death. They feel blocked, stuck in their life situation, caged in their job, relation etc. A despair, they don’t know what to do.

* Melilotus
A very common and important remedy in gynecology. It is not only a remedy in headaches. Ananda’s experience:
Relief from bleeding. E.g. nosebleed, menses ameliorate.
A hormonal remedy.
PMS better menses.
One of the main remedies in preeclampsia, accompanied by headaches, swelling, proteinurie and hypertension.

Melilotus headaches
Throbbing, usually frontal.
Left sided usually, but can be right sided.
They feel hot, flushed and feverish before the headache.
Red sclera, blood shot eyes when they get the headache.
Relieved by bleeding, ameliorated by a haemorrhage (menses e.g. ).
Congestive (Belladonna, Glonoin), but a bit less than Belladonna.
Feels as though the blood vessels are open, as though the eyes will pop out (Belladonna).
Marked periodicity with the headaches. It could be once every two hours, or three days. The time span is not definite.

Melilotus menses
Nausea and vomiting at the close of menses.
Heavy sensation in the pelvic region, congestion.
The bleeding is bright red, no clots and is copious.
The menses may be accompanied by the headache, or may not.
Severe dysmenorrhoea, three days up to a week before the menses.
Sticking pain in the labia or around the cervix before the menses was there in twenty five cases. It comes and goes suddenly, it makes them start. Sudden startling.
Ovulation pain also.
Leucorrhoea ameliorated and a general (even emotional) amelioration from application of a vinegar pad to the labia.

Causation: After a threat. Not necessary for life, but also about the loss of a job, school etc. Any threat.
Melilotus emotional
They are a bit paranoid. They think that the wire is being tapped if the phone clicks while talking. Paranoid for authority figures, police. In later stages they are quite paranoid. At first the paranoia is hidden, they don’t let people know.

Excitement, they pace up and down, restlessness. Restless with the anger, their hands in fists, ready to strike people, to lash out physically, or to punch the wall. Sleepless. Major remedy in postnatal depression. If they have problems with the delivery: They are threatened to have a caesarian section, they develop a Melilotus state. Especially if they have an idea about the ideal delivery. When they have set their heart to having labour in a certain way. “If it doesn’t happen in one hour, it will have to be a caesarian section.” After that they are angry with the child.
Tremendous sensitivity to noise. Like something will happen to her, like the noise will kill her, will do something to her, will hurt her.
Anticipation, any kind of performance aggravates, anxiety (birth, tests, interview, exam etc.).

Fear of being arrested. There is a bit of the flavour of Kali bromatum in Melilotus. Tremendous paranoia with authority figures around (policemen, uniforms, parents).They usually have a radar detector in the car (they like to drive fast). Fear of being watched (Kali bromatum).
When the pathology increases there comes a confusion, they don’t recognize their own street, their own house, they get lost in familiar streets (Cannabis indica). The mental plane gets affected more and more. The concentration is poor, they can’t concentrate for long. It is difficult to function at work. They forget things, short attention span. The memory is not good. They omit letters when writing. They keep forgetting familiar phone numbers.

Uncontrollable weeping (Kali bromatum).
Fear of being poisoned and watched (Kali bromatum).
A grief or a loss can cause a Melilotus state. “Bag-ladies”, they carry all their belongings in a bag with them. They wander in the streets, dirty and homeless, frightened by the police and loud noises. The eyes are staring in a stupor, they curse (but not as aggressive as Anacardium). They talk about Christ and religion. They come up and ask if you believe. A late stage of Melilotus.
Periodicity unspecific, once in three days, two hours.

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