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Universe 'No matter, never mind' from 'Homeopathy Strange Rare and Peculiar',(AV= Anne Vervarcke   AvdM= An van de Moortel)

AV: Isn’t it! Something as ‘basic’ as mass is so difficult to comprehend; it escapes our imagination and defini-tions. The presence of a ‘something’ that can be shaped is an obvious prerequisite for ‘mass’. Goswami argues that this ‘something’ is consciousness: ‘The unseen universe is necessary to explain the seen.’3 Isolated electrons are an ab-straction; they are lifted out of the universe. There is no such thing as ‘an electron’.“The continuum can be divided into parts but the properties of the continuum cannot be found in the isolated parts. The discontinuous parts can-not be conceived without their continuous relationships. Likewise atoms and molecules would be incapable of ex-istence and not perceivable in the absence of a continuum bearing them”, David Bohm.4 said

Each part influences the whole. In layman’s language this means that all parts know what to do, so that the integrity of the whole system is maintained.

AvdM: This reminds me of an interesting quote I heard in a lecture: “Quantum physics showed that isolated events can never take place.” Heisenberg5 showed that it is impossible to determine both movement and position of a particle/photon. Observation only takes place by an observer who is part of the whole system. There is a profound dependence among all subsystems within the continuum and this principle extends through the whole universe. Keep in mind that it is not pos-sible to observe objects without the mind, but the mind cannot be observed: no matter, never mind!

AV: That is a great quote. Maybe you are more phenom-enologist than you realize. On the one hand we should be cautious not to explain homeopathy by the findings of quantum mechanics, a field in which we are absolute ignorant; on the other hand, if we ask ourselves whether homeopathy is scientific or not, and therefor examine sci-ence as such, we can’t overlook what quantum mechanics discovered already a century ago.

AvdM: And the conclusion…?

David Bohm (1917-1992) was a British
quantum physicist who made many contributions in physics, philosophy and
neuropsychology. Among his publications, Wholeness and the Implicate Order
(1980) is best known.

Werner Heisenberg (1910-1976),
German physicist, co-founder of quantum theory, Nobel prize winner for physics
in 1932.
AV: The main objection from scientific minds against ho-meopathy is that there is nothing in the pills and thus the only possible effect is placebo, if any. But from scientific research we learned that radical objectivity is not possible and that mass doesn’t seem to be as solid as first thought. On top of that, entangled phenomena seem to be able to react non local, which means exceeding the speed of light.
AvdM: And we only just started.
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