Nitricum acidum is a remedy of the cancer miasm.
The theme of the Nitrates is the feeling of sudden death and danger. This is seen in Argentum nitricum which has the theme of performance (Argentum) in a critical situation (Nitricum).
The theme of Nitricum acidum is a constant feeling of threat. This threat is perceived in several spheres: health, work, relationships, and so on. Like other acids there is also the theme of a lot of effort, a lot of activity, followed by exhaustion. In Nitricum acidum this effort is

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directed at fighting off the constant threat or danger that they perceive. The effort takes the form of a hard, obstinate struggle carried on with an unforgiving, violent, malicious attitude and an internalized cold anger. It is a desperate, almost superhuman struggle for survival. They are tremendously suspicious, mistrustful, see danger everywhere and are ever ready to strike back. For example Nitricum acidum has a tremendous anxiety about health. They feel that anything could go wrong with their health at any time. Therefore they are on guard against any possible disease. They see danger from disease not only to themselves but to others as well. This can be seen from the symptoms: “Sympathetic, cares for others”, “Ailments from night watching”. There is a great fear of death. The theme of danger is also seen in the delusions: “Delusions about criminals”, “Delusion, figures, sees”.
The situation of Nitricum acidum is that of a person who is fighting a long, hard court-battle, or who is involved in a long standing feud with someone who has harmed him. He survives by being hateful, malicious, hard and unforgiving towards the enemy. It is a desperate struggle. He cannot afford to make any mistake, and for survival strives for perfection; it is therefore a remedy of the cancer miasm. He is hard and unforgiving towards his enemy but is sympathetic towards his supporters, because he requires their support for his battle. He cares a lot for his supporters and friends, and can do anything for them. If he is your friend, he can be your best friend, but if he is your enemy he will be your worst enemy – a combination of both cruelty and sympathy.
I have observed Nitricum acidum persons to be very reserved and usually even the marked symptoms like “Anxiety about health”, “Malice”, and their unforgiving nature (“Hatred”, “Unmoved by apologies”, etc.) have often to be elicited by direct questioning. In some of these patients I have seen a very strong look in the eyes, a look which seemed almost cruel and unfeeling.
Physical symptoms
– Chilly patients.
– Crave butter, fat, fried things, spicy food.
– Deep crack in the centre of the tongue.
– Fissure in ano.
– Tendency to renal calculi.
– Cracks in the skin.
– Warts on external throat, nape of neck or eyelids.
– Worse when half asleep.
– Delusion, lawsuit, being engaged in a.
– Delusion, criminals, about.
– Delusion, die, he was about to.
– Delusion, figures, sees.
– Delusion, sick, being.
– Hatred of persons who have offended, unmoved by apologies.
– Anger, violent.
– Anxiety, health, about.
– Dwells on past disagreeable occurrences.
– Malicious.
– Misanthropy.
– Suspicious.
– Sympathy, compassion.
– Anxiety, from night watching.
– Anger, trembling with.
– Warts on the face.
– Tongue, cracked in all directions.
– Ulcers, mouth, painful.
– Ulcers, mouth, on the edges of the tongue.
– Pain, rectum, after stool.
– Urine, sediment, oxalate of lime.
– Half asleep when, aggravates.
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