Homeopathy for the treatment of Nervousness described by BOUKO LEVY M. in his book Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory

 Neuroendocrine regulation is under the influence of many different mediators that are found in minute quantities in the body, such as trace elements, hormones, enzymes, etc.
 These substances are shaken up approximately 80 times a minute by the throbbing of the heart, which makes them into physiological homeopathics.
 Homeopathic remedies are  very effective in the treatment of nervousness.
 When confronted with environmental stimulations, the body reacts with two opposite attitudes that direct the drives :
 action = attack
 inhibition = escape

nervousness Homeopathic Remedies for treatment of Nervousness

The memory selects the most appropriate information and fixes a chronic stress coding in its physiology.
 When nervousness is easily expressed by the patient, it is called nervousness without inhibition ; when restrained and kept inside, it is called nervousness with inhibition.

Homeopathy Acute remedies for Nervousness Without inhibition


 —  sensation of balls in any place (throat, stomach), sighing and sobbing :
 • 3 granules, as needed : IGNATIA 9C
 —  uncontrollable laughter; faintness; sexual excitement :
 • 3 granules, as needed : MOSCHUS 5C
 —  fainting attacks; changeable mood; confused memory; drowsiness :
 • 3 granules, as needed : NUX MOSCHATA 7C
 —  fears; hurried; palpitation; sexual excitement; agg. by consolation :
 • 3 granules, as needed : LILIUM TIGRINUM 7C

  Homeopathy Acute remedies Nervousness With much anger 

 —  excessive irritability; cannot bear to be touched or looked at :
 • 3 granules, as needed : ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 7C
 —  whining restlessness; impatient; capricious; intolerant to pain :
 • 3 granules, as needed : CHAMOMILLA 9C
 —  hyperactive; sensitive; cannot bear noises, lights, odors :
 • one dose, as needed : NUX VOMICA 9C

 Homeopathic Remedies for Nervousness With inhibition 

 —  fear of insanity; restless; loquacious; premenstrual edema :
 • 3 granules, as needed : CIMICIFUGA 7C
 —  peevish; touchy; sexual obsessions; frustrated; restrained anger :
 • one dose, as needed : STAPHYSAGRIA 9C
 —  trembling from weakness and fear; weight on chest with suffocation :
 • 3 granules, as needed : GELSEMIUM 5C
 —  cannot decide; hesitates; weak memory; delusions; amel. by eating :
 • one dose, as needed : ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE 15C
 Nervous drainage
 Trace elements
 •one dose, daily  :
 morning : MANGANESE
 evening : MAGNESIUM

   Homeopathic Remedies for Nervousness Phytogemmotherapy 

 • 10 to 50 drops, 1 to 4 times a day :


 • 20 to 40 drops, 1 to 3 times a day :


 • 3 to 5 granules, 1 to 4 times a day, as needed :


 The potency is chosen for the need of each patient. In most of the cases, start with 7C or 9C, psychiatric pictures need potencies of 200C and higher.

   Homeopathic Remedies for Nervousness Without inhibition

 Very big appetite 

 —  needs to be busy; fear of people; forgetful; thinness :
 • one dose, as needed : IODUM 9C
 —  hurried as if death was near; easily offended; violent anger :
 • one dose, as needed : PETROLEUM 9C
 Terrible attacks of anger
 —  violent anger followed by guilt; hurried; sensitive to noise :
 • one dose, as needed : AURUM METAL 15C
 —  changes place continually; fear of death; agg. around 1 A.M.  :
 • one dose, as needed : ARSENICUM ALBUM 15C
 —  mental and sexual excitement; arrogant; proud; prementrual syndrome :
 • one dose, as needed : PLATINA 15C
 —  hateful; vindictive; headstrong; fear of death; oversensitive :
 • one dose, as needed : NITRIC ACID 15C

   Homeopathic Remedy for Nervousness With inhibition

 With marked timidity 

 —  restless, loquacious, or despair with weeping; agg. by music :
 • 3 granules, as needed : AMBRA GRISEA 9C
 —  apprehensive; forgetful; confused; obstinate; fear of diseases :
 • one dose, as needed : CALCAREA CARBONICA 15C
 —  fast changes of mood; easily discouraged; fearful; solitude agg. evening :
 • one dose, as needed : PULSATILLA 15C
 —  apprehensive; headstrong; proud; arrogant; amel. by company :
 • one dose, as needed : LYCOPODIUM 15C
 —  easily offended; obstinate; weeps when telling sufferings; fears :
 • one dose, as needed : SEPIA 15C
 —  mood changes fast; never wants to be alone; stomach anxiety :
 • one dose, as needed : KALIUM CARBONICUM 15C

   Homeopathic Medicines for Nervousness with Many various fears 

 —  always hurried; mental impulses; apprehensive; irrational fears :
 • one dose, as needed : ARGENTUM NITRICUM 15C
 —  oversensitive; fixed ideas; fascinated and frightened by sharp objects such as pins and scissors; headstrong; sweaty big head :
 • one dose, as needed :SILICEA 15C
 —  anger about trifles; tears with laughter; secretive; agg. by consolation :
 • one dose, as needed : NATRUM MURIATICUM 15C
 —  overemotional about others misfortunes; hopeless; agg. at twilight :
 • one dose, as needed : CAUSTICUM 15C
 —  fixed ideas, suspicious, weeping and trembling by music :
 • one dose, as needed : THUYA 15C

Homeopathic Medicines for Nervousness with Great depression 

 —  hypochondria from mental depression; afraid to be alone :
 • one dose, as needed : CONIUM 15C
 —  despair; indifferent; apathetic; cannot think; after love affair :
 • one dose, as needed : PHOSPHORIC ACID 15C
 —  lack of willpower; extreme fatigue; cannot work anymore :
 • one dose, as needed : PICRIC ACID 15C
 See : anger, anxiety, bulimia, capricious, delirium, depression, dreams, emotional, excitement, faintness, fears, hiccough, insomnia, noises, odors, restlessness, sadness, schooling, sexual desire, sighing, since, somnambulism, sweat, tetany, weeping, yawning. 

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