Thermoregulation is the ability of an organism to keep its body temperature within certain boundaries, even when temperature surrounding is very different.

Regulation of Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Blood Flow, Bio chemical values, Activity of Mind, etc, are other Natural regulatory mechanisms.

(Such that various regulatory mechanisms are assouciated with the living organisms on the earth)

(The rotation of earth around the sun at particular distance and occurance of Seasons are also considered as regulatory mechanisms.)

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1 Thought to “Natural Regulatory Mechanisms:”

  1. AvatarAnonymous

    What makes you think that all regulatory systems are "natural"? Many are not.

    For example, few organisms on Earth actually have self-regulatory control of their own temperatures. They need to either live in places that suit them, adapt their behaviour if the temperature changes, or resort to methods to keep their bodies at the right temperature. If not, they die.

    Just asserting something is so does not make it a fact, or "natural".

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