Natrum Mur for weight loss

Natrum Mur for weight loss in Homeopathy:

Natrum Mur or Natrum Muriaticum is a Homeopathic remedy made from common salt. It is a polycrest remedy in Homeopathy. That means useful for the treatment of a number of diseases. Natrum Muriaticum also benefits in the treatment of weight loss. Even though many other medicines available in Homeopathy, Natrum Mur for weight loss has its importance.

Natrum Mur for weight loss

Weight loss indications of Natrum Muriaticum:

  • This Homeopathic medicine highly benefits in weight loss in those who gain weight after loss of loved once.
  • Grief or sadness from overweight is another indication of Natrum Muriaticum.
  • Obese persons feeling shy of mingling with people need this Homeopathic Medicine for weight loss. For that reason, these people will have aversion to the company.
  • The hysterical tendency when emotions cannot control anymore especially indicates Natrum Mur for weight loss.
  • Depression, even suicidal, Sad but cannot weep is another key point in Natrum Muriaticum patients with obesity.
  • Children Mature beyond their age is an indication of Natrum Muriaticum for weight loss in little boys and girls.
  • The point often overlooked Weight gain after treatment for malaria benefit from Natrum Muriaticum.
  • Salt, fish, sour (lemon), bitter, and beer are the tastes, in general, these Natrum Muriaticum persons with obesity desire.
  • On the contrary, Natrum Mur constitutions do not like fat, slimy food, chicken, fish, and bread.
  • Natrum Mur especially helps for weight loss in those who gain weight due to loss of blood. As a result of anemia, women feel overweight. In reality, the excess weight is the result of the accumulation of water in the body. In other words, it is called edema.
  • Weight gain during pregnancy also gets benefits from Natrum Muriaticum.

Dosage of Natrum Muriaticum for weight loss:

This Homeopathic medicine highly benefits in 200ch potency. However, Natrum Mur 30c is highly recommended for people with severe health problems. 1m potency also benefits in young boys and girls for weight loss. A single dose of Natrum Mur 200ch for weight loss works for 90 days. Just two pills of 200ch are enough to cure. You will observe a little change or complete cure within 90 days. As the potency selection is a complex subject, you need to consult your Homeopathic health professional to know your best dosage and potency.


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