mensesprofuse My mother:-she wants to die, unstoppable periods menses.
– Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
Dear dr,
mother age – 51 , colour – wheatish brownish,you had prescribed aurum mettalicum 200c single dose and wait for 20 days for
following problem of my mother:-she wants to die, unstoppable periods
menses.”she gets exhausted.recent usg sonography:- ill defined
,small,hypo-echoic area(1.4*1.4) seen in prosterior wall of uterus-? small
fibroid.both ovaries are adherent to uterus. left ovary is mild bulky and
partly cystic. unstoppable menses, pain in uterus.
after taking your medicine she felt good for 2 days then on 3rd day heavy
menses continued with pain exhaustion so took allopathic medicine to stop
it.then after 20 days i informed you about her health then you suggested to
wait for more 10 days.
then now in next month she again started getting very heaving menses with pain,
it was paining so badly that she was murmering help(afternoon) ,so i gave her
aurum mettalicum 200c one dose ,as soon as i gave the medicine she became calm
and she slept quietly for 3 hrs,and she woke refreshingly , i felt she is
alright but again next day she started getting menses but the pain was reduced
to great extent, then again gave her allopathic medicine to stop periods.
then again this month march she got same problem of heavy periods menses with
clots then again i gave her aurum mettaliccum 200c, but it didnt show any effect
then again gave her allopathic medicine.and we did new recent sonography on
14/3/2013 usg pelvis report says following :- the retroverted uterus is bulky
in size(8.2*4.9*4.7). there is fibroid solid hypoechoic mass in wall of body of
uterus.myometrium is inhomogenous and course.multiple tiny cystic areas are
seen within myometrial tissue. on colour doppler- blood vessels are seen
traversing through myometrium. the endometrial- myometrial differentiation is
lost endometrial thickness is 7mm. bulky uterus with diffuse adenomyosis
her present mind syptom- she will suicide for small reasons also,she warns that
she will suicide.prays to god hindu gods so much 1 hour to 2 hours, she thinks
negatively , curses,at night suddenly gets feeling that someone is at door.
other things – she is restless, food stucks in esophagus while swallowing
everyday from past 5 yeras,she needs little tobacco everyday.piles, she has
double vision reading .
her old mind syptom:- before getting this problem when she was healthy:- she
will never compromise with people who have troubled her, revenge.she is angry
type person. but very earlier when there were no problems in life she was a
very very quiet person. we are non vegeterian but she eats less.
allopathic doctor says to remove uterus .but i know homeopathy cures anything.
so doctor please help. thanking you

I appreciate your case presentation.
I suggest you to give her a dose of CALCAREA CARB 200c – 4 pills and report the
problem after 10 days.
Also I suggest you to give CALCAREA FLOUR 6X – morning 2 tabs and evening 2
tabs for 10 days.

hi dr,
as you had suggested cal carb 200c one dosse and wait for 10 days. the result
is as follows :-
15/3/13- gave single dose cal carb 200c
16/3/13- at night she talks about to die etc,curses for misfortune in life,
talks about problems faced in life.says she didnt normal life like other
17/3/13 – on this day there was a change i mind syptoms- usually at afternoon
she curses all as well as herself, but on this day she started singing a
religious(god) song which she use to sing 4 years ago when she use to be happy
and calm.she was very calm and happy enjoying mood on this day. she didnt curse
or talk about suicide on this day.
18,19,20,21/3/13- again same cursing, shouting , suicide etc.
22/3/13- again in morning calm singing those religious songs when she use sing
4 yrs back when she was in good health.on this day she got fever,
cold,sneezing,running nose,mild chest pain due to cough.she started feeling
cold even in summers,taking blankets in afternoon.she says give me medicine for
fever. she is feeling tired,boding ache ,limbs pain tired.
23,24/3/13 – at morning calm but as evening comes she again
starts cursing , behaving negatively.
physical symptoms-says 30% pain has reduced but says lower
back pains,radiating to front side below stomach, both legs pain tired.
sometime also says head paining.
more info- 4 yeras back when she was in good health she was healthy fat chubby
but slowly she started becoming thin and she has become thin as compared
dr can you please suggest some medicine.
thanking you.
wish you happy holi.

Dear Mr…….., Thanks and happy Holi,and also thanks for writing testimonial
on my blog.
I appreciate your presentation.
I suggest you to give just 4 pills, single dose of BELLADONA 200c, and write to
me after one week.

dear dr,
as per your suggestion i gave her belladona 200c one dose on 27/3/13. following
were observations :-
27/3- after waking up at evening first time she was quiet and calm. usually she
starts cursing especially as soon as she get up.
28/29- morning- running nose. was calm quiet almost whole day. but she everyday
get food stuck in throat while eating food then i massage her back and slghtly
pat her back then food goes down.
30/3 – on this day she behaved worst,shouting, yelling, cursing, throwing books
on others etc. i needed to hold her hands, she beating my sister,when i
politely told her to behave in good way she did it more.she was very restless
on this day.her eyes become big while shouting, thin face.the behaviour on this
day was same as on days before starting your treatment.
1/4/- on this day she was quiet, i just asked her why you did this. she was
little embaraced about wat she do. then she says that because i ate nonnveg on
her religious fasting day thats why she did so.she was calm on this day
2/4 and 3/4-generally normal calm. she feels that her this disease will never
get cured and will continue life long.

present physical symptoms- says 40% to 50% pain reduced, but there is still 50%
to 60% pain only in left side just below the stomach. she says that the region
left side just below stomach has become slightly bulge and hard. there is no
pain right side of stomach. both legs paining, lower back paining,piles,
lecurrohea, backside of head pains generally after having cold water
bath,feeling cold even in summers afternoon,food clogs in esophagus almost
every day, wakes up at midnight 2 times everyday to urinate.she says that just
2 to 3 days before getting periods she feel dizzy.

more info – she use to eat a tablet called rantac ranitidine
from back 6 years almost 1 tab everyday. recently she quit it.she used to eat
it for acidity which causes her dizzines.she gets sour water in throat. and
says slightly pain in chest.
dr can you please suggest further medicine.
thank you dr. for your great help.

Dear Mr……..
I have gone through the current status of your mother.Now I suggest you to give
hrr a dose of HYOSCYMUS 200c – 4 pills and report the problem after 7 days.

Dr.Devendra Kumar Munta MD(Homeo)
International Homeopathic Consultant

Dear Mr……..
I have gone through the current status of your mother.Now I suggest you to give
hrr a dose of HYOSCYMUS 200c – 4 pills and report the problem after 7 days.

Hi Mr…….., quite it is a long time back you visited me. How is the health
problem? Feel free to write for further advice.

hi dr,
how are you, you are so good, sorry for late reply.
observation is as follows:-
4/3 – gave one dose HYOSCYMUS 200C
5/3 – says, yesterday night she got great deep calm sleep after so many days.
6/3, 7/3, – normally calm.
8/3 , 9/3, 10/3,11/3 – says, she gets sudden pain below abdomen area, .suddenly
pain stops.when she works and after passing stools she gets pain below abdomen.
she told me ,she gets white leccourrhea from age of 16, now she gets piles
trouble only if she eats nonveg spicy food.i observed, her mind was stable even
when i or my sister disobeyed her.lower back pains,hands legs pain, eyes pain she mostly dont wake up at night for urination, she no more feel
food clogging while swallowing is persistent, we need to pat her back to let
food go down, but after sometime she swallows normally.
mind symptom- normally calm.prays to god as usual more then needed, but sings
calmly religious gods song which she use to do 4 to 5 yrs back.and just before
your treatment when any house member use to disobey her or oppose her,she use
to explode for small things, but now she becomes quite and crys silently but
soon comes to normal.
thanking you .


Dear Mr……..,I have gone though the status of your mother,No need to repeat
any homeopathic medicine now. Just wait for another 10 days. Go for USG After 2
months of last report.

dear dr,
i regret that i could not connect your blog to facebook because my facebook is
hacked and i cannot open it.
but dr i want to donate money for your blog and your social services . so dr.
please send your address and exact name of person for whom i will send money
sorry for such inconvinience, but as soon as i make a new facebook i will do
thanking you.

hi dr,
you had said to reply after 10 days for my mothers health. Now she says only
30% pain when she does more house chore works, she sometimes behaves angrily
but i think its normal. food clogging in throat slightly reduced.dr please
suggest what to do next or wait till usg report.
thanking you.

Dear Mr……..,I Suggest you to wait for another 10 days.Symptoms will come
down slowly,no need to repeat medicine now.keep update for every 10 days. can
wait upto usg scan.

hello dr,
how are you. now my mother has started getting pain before 2 days in right side
below abdomen, pain was 60% – 70%.
5/5/2013 – on this day she got mild periods menses after 2 months . she said
pain came down to 25%-30% after getting periods
mind syptom- calm,stable, not fighting , not angry. but for some while she had
started her angry behaviour but she controlled it.
other physical syptoms – food clog while eating food. burning of palms and sole
foot.she says that after passing stools it pains badly in right side below
does she need any medicine, can you please suggest medicine.
thanking you.

dear dr,
this information is continuity to below given case. i forgot to mention about
my mother syptom in the below given report that at start of treatment heavy
thick clotting blood but now she is only receiving normal thin mild period.
thank you.

dear dr,
6/5/2013 – she again started getting heavy periods but clots are less this
time, she is also getting isnomnia, she is unable to sleep ,though her mind is
stable, pain below abdomen is slowly increasing , from past 2 to 3 days she is
looking very anxious.she said she is slightly feeling dizzy before and during
can you please suggest some medicine .

thanking you.

dear dr,
6/5/2013 afternoon – sorry to reply you in different partitioned information.
my mother has started getting heavy big jelly like clots and menses. and now
again she is getting unstopable menses, she was asking for medicine so gave her
allopathic medicine and now , allopathic medicine is not showing any effect.
the below given 4 replies are connected to each other for present syptoms.
please help.
can you suggest any medicine.
thanking you.

Dear Mr…….., Let me know the last prescription
“4/3 – gave one dose HYOSCYMUS 200C” is it right?

dear dr,
yes last time you had suggested HYOSCYMUS 200C
on date 3 april 2013.
thanking you

Dear Mr…….., I suggest you to repeat the same medicine HYOSCYMUS 200c – 4
pills once again.

Dear Mr……..,sorry for my late reply.

dear dr,
i saw your reply today but i didnt gave her HYOSCYMUS 200c .

because a new symptom developed in her
7/5/13- new syptom – she said that she feels like her both the legs will get
paralyzed. she says that she feels like her both legs will become crooked
twisted. whole night she didnt sleep because she was controlling her legs to
avoid getting crooked and paralyzed.says nerves of both legs pain .
and she is getting heavy menses with clots.getting insomnia.
so doctor will your suggestion change by this new syptom. so please suggest
some medicine or please reply to take same HYOSCYMUS 200c medicine.
thanking you.

Dear Mr…….. I have gone through the current status of symptoms.Now I
suggest you to give her a dose of VERATRUM ALBUM 200c – 4 pills and report the
problem after 7 days.

dear dr,
i gave her veratrum album 200c on 12/5/13 . and now she is not getting any

thanking you.

Dear Mr……..,
” she feels like her both the legs will get paralyzed.”
Let me know how is this symptom.

dear dr,
on 22/5/13- she got mild period but on on next day automatically it reduced and
stopped without any medicine.

then now directly on 9/6/13- she again started getting medium period at morning
then i gave her belladonna 30c one dose and at evening it stopped.
but at night again period started then at morning 10/6/13 – i gave her
belladonna 30c one dose it didnt show any effect then she took allopathic
medicine, so 50% period reduced.

other syptoms – food clogging, pain legs hands joints, weakness, but sleep
normal, paining piles.
mind syptom – looks sad, not angry exploding like before.says in sad tone”
only problem she has is her periods otherwise she is ok”.

main problem according to me- from back 7 to 8 yrs she eated guthka 5 small
packets a day. i observed that her all syptoms proggesed slowly from food
clogging to now excessive periods. and now govertment banned gutkha,so she
started eating tobacco.
she is getting all this syptoms due gutkha and tobacco. she is so much addicted
that she cannot stop it, first i use to feel that she has tension so she eats
it but now i directly say that she is addicted to it .if i dont give her
tobacco then there is mess & shouting whole day, she gets frustated etc.
we explained her so much tobacco will give you
cancer, but she ignores it. she saw a advertisement about tobbaco kills, she
didnt eat it for a day , then next day again started eating.
4 yrs ago we motivated her to see what happens if she stop eating it for 1
month the she stopped for a month- result her food clogging problem was
naturally cured,she became chubby healthy and happy.but after that month she
again started eating it and now she has become very thin , skin darkened.
i know if she stops eating tobacco she will never fall sick.
please doctor can you suggest anything for her periods and most important for
this tobacco addiction.
thanking you.

Dear Mr…….., I suggest you to give her a dose just 4 pills of TABACUM 200c,
to antidote and reduce the bad effects of tobacco, let me know after 10days.

dear dr,
i gave her tabaccum 200 one dose on 13/6 but it didnt show any effect, her
periods didnt stop.
so now taking allopathic medicine.

behaviour before giving tabaccum and also present mind – quite calm, nervous,
but very understanding .she says she is getting 60 % period(syptom
strenght).there was a change in her behaviour before giving tabaccum 200 that i
had lectured her, so now she has not eaten tobacco from 3 days,.
she is listening to us and i observed that her very old behaviour of being
calm,talking mannerly is developing slowly but sometimes again she behaves like
shouting cursing, talking anything nonsense.two opposite behaviours of being
calm and cursing is mixing up.
now problem is that only she is getting continous periods. back pain, left side
below abdomen pain,her left mid stomach has become hard- slight pain – says its
dr can you suggest something for her periods.
thanking you.

Dear Mr……..,I suggest you to give her a dose of , just 4 pills of
ANACARDIUM 200c and let me know after 7 days.

Hi Mr…….., quite it is a long time back you visited me. How is the health
problem? Feel free to write for further advice.
If you no longer wish to receive remainders, please mark this case as resolved.

hello dr,

my mother has cured totally she is not getting menses and now she has also
reduced eating tobbaco by 98%.

thanks a lot, i keep on praising u always in my mind. i dont think that there
is any doctor like u .u inspire me .
thank u so much.

Dear Mr…….., Thanks for your concern towards my treatment and charity. Nice
to know that your mother is improved slowly.

It is my request if you can share posts on my blog to
your facebook, Its more advantageous to Homeopathy.

dear dr,
she has cured much but she is again getting periods.
syptom – hot flushesh on face , head , fever, says getting itching on palms and
feets [heat in body]. her problems shift with luccorhea, means when she get
leccurhea she dont get other syptoms and its vice versa.

mind – same cursing but intensity not as before
pain- pain in lower abdominal area, in lower back radiating towards lower
chest- chest pain above solar plexus mid clogging.
body pain generally.

can you suggest something for this, she is getting this problem from back 15
days, we are afraid that she must not get those problem again.
thanking you.

dear dr,
i forgot to tell she is getting piles problem at a medium range pain and her
back also pains.

and sure dr i made new face book for you and homeopathy because i know there
are many sick people in this world and you will cure them.
thanking you.

Dear Mr…….., sorry for my late reply, I am too busy in my clinic, Here in
Andra the political issues are not stable because of state bifurcation.
First of all thanks for creating fb for me and Homeopathy.
In this case I suggest you to don’t use any medicine, the problem will subside
by itself, if is unbearable, let me know.

Dr.Devendra Kumar Munt MD(Homeo).

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