– Pierce W.I.


Moschus, the dried preputial secretion from he musk-deer, was first proved by Hahnemann, who directs that it be triturated up to the 3d and from that made into the various potencies. The Am. Hom. Phar. speaks of the tincture of Moschus in the proportion of 1 to 20 of dilute alcohol. While Hahnemann says it is useful “in the smallest highly potentized doses,”and adds that the 30th”is the appropriate homoeopathic dose,” Hughes says, ‘I use the second and third decimal dilutions of the tincture. I believe that the odor of this medicine is of importance to its action”.
Moschus is a remedy adapted “to pointed sensitive natures and hysterical women” (Hering), and a prominent symptom is the tendency to easy and repeated fainting; not one of those summer attacks that occur only when the hero is within reach but the legitimate kind where he faints dead away from the least excitements, or from eating. It is useful in globus hystericus (119), with a sensation of a ball rising up to the throat,or where the spasm is ushered in by contraction of the throat and feeling of suffocation(25). Hughes says that he always carries Moschus in his “pocket case, on account of its great value in two conditions demanding speedy relief. They are the hysterical paroxysm and nervous palpitation. I know nothing which so rapidly dissipates a hysterical attack,even when it has gone as for as unconsciousness, as Moschus.” The headache calling for Moschus is neuralgic or hysterical, better in the open air (92), worse from the warmth of a room (95),and is associated with a feeling of coldness as of cold poultices applied to the head (90). Many of the hysterical symptoms have their origin in some disorder of the female sexual system. There may be violent sexual desire and the menses are apt to be irregular, either “too early and too profuse” (Minton) (135). A large proportion of the cases requiring this remedy are associated with spasmodic constriction of he larynx and chest and a sensation of impending suffocation (25) It is to be though of in laryngismus stridulus, or false croup, with crowing inspiration, especially in nervous women and children,the attacks excited b eating or laughing. it is of great value in spasmodic asthma(21) especially in hysterical people, and in attacks of sudden dyspnoea, with violent cough,the chest filled with large amounts of rattling mucus (45) and with cramp-like suffocative constriction of the chest (27). it is also of value in threatening paralysis of the lungs (30), with great collection of mucus and great difficulty in expectorating it. In whooping cough (48) we would have the extreme suffocation and rattling of mucus. It is of benefit in nervous palpitation (111), with dyspnoea and deathly anxiety. In angina pectoris (107) calling for Moschus, we find extreme tightness of the chest and constant desire to take a long breath (107). I use Moschus 3x.

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