+ (Bowel Nosode)


Pale faced-ratio of 2 to 1 Florid -ratio of 1 to 2 Dark haired; thin

Irritable; quick tempered; impatient, Tense nervous, Restless, weepy, depressed, jealous particular apprehensive. Fears crowds; excitement and company Claustrophobia; nervous breakdown, Bites nails.

#Scalp and Face
Alopecia areata. Scalp painful. Epithelioma forehead. Sudden oedema face. Herpetic eruption left side face Neuralgia left side face.

Blepharitis. Styes. Cysts on lids. Vitreous opacities. Ulcer cornea.

#Ears Boils in ear. Otitis. Mastoiditis. Singing in ears.

Nasal catarrh ++. Post nasal catarrh ++. Dry catarrh-crusts, ulcers in nose. Polypus nose. Red nose. Herpes nose. Epistaxis. Sinus infection.

Bitter taste +. Bad taste Gums inflamed Pyorrhoea. Tongue burning. Pins and needles tongue. Tongue glutty in morning. Dirty tongue. Saliva glutty. Fissures at angles of mouth.

Acid burns throat. Tonsillitis (recurrent) Oedematous uvula.

Fond of sweets ++; Salt +; prefers food hot. Fond of fat, eggs; meat. Averse fat eggs, meat.

Flatulent indigestion, eructation excessive Eructation of bad odour. Sour mouthfuls (Pyrosis) Fulness epigastrium, unrelated to food. Pain in epigastrium after food. Vomiting after food- afternoon or night. History of duodenal ulcer. #Abdomen

Flatulence excessive in bowel. Distended feeling. Distended colon (prevalent). Pain right and left hypochondrium and epigastrium. Pain right and left iliac fossae. pain ileocaecal region. Pain gall bladder cholecystitis. Tenderness gall bladder. Pain right shoulder blade. Pain left shoulder blade.

Constipation more common than looseness ratio of 2 to 1 Sluggish bowel. Looseness urgent. Piles painful, itchy, bleeding. Anal fissure, pruritis ani. Prolapse rectum. Mucus per rectum even if motion is not stiff. Stool hard, dry with mucus.

Frequency micturition. Enuresis. Cystitis Renal Colic Renal stone Nephritis. pyelitis.

Dysmenorrhoea. Irritable before menstrual period. Warty condition of nipples. Pruritis vulvae. Leucorrhoea- heavy brown, bad odour, corrosive.

Pectoral pain. Tightness chest to left arm. Pleurodynia. Intercostal neuralgia. Chesty colds. #Respiration

Asthma. Shortness breath.

Ticklish cough night and morning; on waking on lying down.

Discomfort cardiac area. Myocardial enlargement. Palpitation at night which wakens patient better – eructation, better- flatus, better moving about.

Paniculitis chest wall. Fibrositis neck. Rheumatism neck. back.

Rheumatism right shoulder, right arm, right wrist, right deltoid muscles, elbow. Neuritis arms. Rheumatoid arthritis wrist. Fibrous rheumatism wrist. Pain fingers and thumbs. Thumb swollen.

Arthritis of knee joints. Knees stiff and painful Sweaty feet. Right foot warmer than left. Feet too hot at night. #Skin

Psoriasis elbow, knees and ankles, legs or body, even toe nails. Eruption thighs. wrist where metal contact. Herpetic eruption on sole of foot. Eruption vesicles hands. Papulo-pustular eruption face brow scalp. weepy, crusty, scaling and cracked. Urticaria arms-large weals. Warts hands-large. Flat or jagged shingles+

Insomnia (common) Drowsy after food Night terrors, shouts in sleep.

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