– Dosage and potency according to the organon (D. Little)

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Human beings have always been subject to the stresses of birth, life and death. Such conditions are universal in their proportions. Nevertheless, our modern times present the homeopath with tremendous challenges. We live in a world of environmental degradation and endangered species, nuclear radiation, chemical and toxic waste, universal immunization and drug use, rapid urbanization, psychological complexities and spiritual crisis. This is accompanied by the rapid mutation of acute and chronic miasms into new drug resistant strains and the appearance of new miasmatic diseases that lead to auto immune diseases and immuno-deficiency disorders.
 Today’s homeopath sees mixtures of inherited predispositions, inherited and acquired miasms, multiple immunizations (iatrogenic miasms), along with chemical exposures, drug suppression and psychological and physical traumas. This makes it all that much more important that the entire legacy of Samuel Hahnemann be put into practice in the field. Many cases that were incurable with the method of the 4th edition of the Organon were cured by the methods of the 5th and 6th editions of the Organon. Hahnemann’s claim that the new posology could speed the cure to 1/2 or 1/4 the time of the method of the 4th edition of the Organon must be put to the test by experienced classical homeopaths.
 Much of this new material has been misrepresented because it has been misunderstood. The posology methods of the 5th and 6th editions of the Organon are placed on top of the strong foundation of the 4th edition Organon. The “wait and watch method” is the basis on which the careful repetition of remedies to speed the cure is placed. Many people think that the LM potencies can be given in some mechanical manner daily or every other day as if they are some low potency. This is a great mistake as the repetition of the LM potency when it is not needed will either slow down the cure or cause aggravations. LM potencies will aggravate cases the same as the centesimals if they are given when they are not needed to speed the cure.
 The first dose of any homeopathic remedy should be a single unit test dose (C or LM) which is left to act for a reasonable period of time. When there is a striking response to the first dose there is nothing else to do for the moment. If there is only a slight or slow improvement the remedy may be repeated to speed the cure if the four cardinal rules are followed. These are that the remedy is perfectly homeopathic, that the remedy is given in medicinal solution, that this solution is succussed before each dose to change the potency slightly, and that the remedy is repeated at suitable intervals to speed the cure without causing aggravations. 

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