MIND; AILMENTS from; alcoholism, dipsomania
 MIND; ALCOHOLISM, dipsomania
 MIND; DELUSIONS, imaginations; doomed, being; drunkards, in
 MIND; DULLNESS, sluggishness, difficulty of thinking and comprehending; alcohol, from
 MIND; DREAMS; clairvoyant; drunkenness, during
 MIND; INSANITY, madness; drunkards, in
 MIND; JEALOUSY; drunkenness, during
 MIND; LOQUACITY; drunkenness, during
 MIND; MEMORY; weakness, loss of; drunkards, in
 MIND; MOROSE, sulky, cross, fretful, ill-humor, peevish; drunkenness, during
 MIND; SENTIMENTAL; drunkenness, weeping or being sentimental during
 MIND; WEEPING, tearful mood; drunkenness, being sentimental during
 HEAD; CONGESTION, hyperemia etc.; alcoholic drinks agg.
 NOSE; DISCOLORATION; redness; drunkards, in
 NOSE; DISCOLORATION; redness; tip; drunkards
 NOSE; EPISTAXIS; alcoholics, in
 NOSE; EPISTAXIS; drunkards, in
 NOSE; INFLAMMATION; drunkards, in
 FACE; ERUPTIONS; acne; drunkards, in
 STOMACH; INDIGESTION; alcoholics, in
 STOMACH; INFLAMMATION; alcohol abuse, from
 STOMACH; PAIN; General; drunkards, in
 STOMACH; PAIN; cramping, griping, constricting; alcoholics and gluttons, of
 STOMACH; VOMITING; General; drunkards, of
 ABDOMEN; ENLARGED; Liver; drunkards
 RECTUM; DIARRHEA; alcoholic drinks, after
 RECTUM; DIARRHEA; drunkards, in old
 RECTUM; DIARRHEA; wine, from
 RECTUM; HEMORRHOIDS; drunkards, in
 BLADDER; URINATION; dysuria; alcoholic drinks, from
 URINE; ALBUMINOUS; alcohol, after abuse of
 COUGH; ALCOHOLIC drinks, from
 CHEST; EDEMA, pulmonary; drunkards, in
 SLEEP; SLEEPLESSNESS; drunkards, in
 SKIN; ERUPTIONS; pimples; drunkards, in
 SKIN; ITCHING; drunkards
 GENERALITIES; BRIGHT’s disease, albuminous nephritis; alcohol abuse, from
 GENERALITIES; PARALYSIS; alcohol, after abuse of
 GENERALITIES; TREMBLING; alcoholism, with
 GENERALITIES; VEINS; varicose, distended, engorged, plethoric; alcoholism, from
 MIND; DELUSIONS, imaginations; injury; injured, is being; surroundings, by his
 NOSE; CORYZA; annual, hay fever
 NOSE; CORYZA; annual, hay fever; asthmatic respiration, with
 NOSE; CORYZA; annual, hay fever; August, in
 NOSE; CORYZA; annual, hay fever; Spring, in
 NOSE; SNEEZING; hay asthma, with
 LARYNX and TRACHEA; DRYNESS; Larynx; hay fever, in
 Arrested development
 MIND; DEVELOPMENT, mental; arrested
 MIND; TALK, talking, talks; slow learning to
 HEAD PAIN; GENERAL; clothing; neck, around, agg.
 STOMACH; PAIN; sore, bruised, beaten, tenderness; clothing agg.
 ABDOMEN; CLOTHING; sensitive to*:. 85
 ABDOMEN; PAIN; general; clothing agg.
 ABDOMEN; PAIN; general; Hypochondria; pressure; clothing, of, agg.
 ABDOMEN; PAIN; sore, bruised, tenderness; clothing agg.
 FEMALE; PAIN; sore, tenderness; uterus; clothing agg.
 CHEST; OPPRESSION; clothing agg.
 CHEST; PAIN; General; clothing, agg.
 CHEST; PAIN; General; pressure; agg.; clothing, of
 GENERALITIES; CLOTHING; loosening, amel.
 GENERALITIES; CLOTHING; pressure of; agg.
 Country of Origin
 The country of origin of various snakes may prove useful as the following quotations indicate:
 Sankaran: The specific quality of each species of snake seems to come in part from the country it is indigenous to e.g.  Lachesis which comes from South America where people are extroverted, expressive, communicative and have a strong ego – Lachesis has these qualities, whereas Naja comes from India where people are subdued, suppressed and wronged but yet are known to be spiritual, responsible and duty conscious.
 Becker: It seems as if Vipera would be the specifically European and Christian way of “beating dead” the sexual instincts as well as the chaotic female power, which is threatening our cultural order.
 There are no snakes in Ireland at all; St Patrick is credited for getting rid of them all, according to the Catholic Church.
 Mehrlens: The symbolic use of the snake was quite popular and widespread, and the Timber rattlesnake came quite close to becoming the symbol of the United States, rather than the Bald eagle.
 Interestingly the eagle is one of the few mortal enemies of the snake; apart from humans of course.
 Encarta Encyclopaedia: As relations with Great Britain became more strained, the colonists designed a large number of flags expressive of their political sentiments and ideals. A favourite emblematic device in the flags of the southern colonies was a rattlesnake, usually depicted as coiled and ready to strike and having 13 segments to the rattle (representing the 13 colonies). In South Carolina it was emblazoned on a yellow flag and was accompanied by the inscription “Don’t Tread on Me.” Another South Carolina colonial flag consisted of 13 horizontal stripes, 7 red alternating with 6 blue; extending diagonally across the flag toward the upper corner near the staff was a rattlesnake depicted with its forked tongue projecting.
 Bedayn: “Don’t Tread on Me” is very much a part of the American psyche as “we” have continued on in our national pastime of acting as big brother in the global jungle. Missiles with nuclear warheads are very snake-like. They approach their prey with the lightening accuracy of a pit viper’s midnight attack, both using laser-guided mechanisms to aim their deadly payload. The epitome of malice coupled with an amazing mechanism of destruction.
 Grimes: This idea of threatening to attack, while curled in a peaceful circle seems particularly American to me. We have the expression here, “Shoot first and ask questions later”. This is an attitude we expect from our rural relations. If you trespass in a remote area, you might get shot. This seems to me very like the snake, resting, but ready to attack for the slightest intrusion.
 So we can consider that Crotalus horridus expresses some qualities of the United States; we speak of the United States wielding a big stick. Nuclear missiles are similar to snake venoms in the sense that they are the ultimate weapon, and that they are used for defence supposedly by threatening attack!; they are capable of creating death and destruction on a large scale when released; some snake venoms will kill a human in a short period of time (the world record is credited to an Australian snake; a man died 19 minutes after being bitten) so what chance does a small animal have? None.
 However this does present some questions. In many ways Bothrops atrox is the more typical South American snake than Lachesis muta; Bothrops atrox is responsible for one-third of the 2,000 annual deaths from snake bites in South America. It follows that we need to have snake venoms proved from each continent.
 Klein: Elaps corallinus is the main remedy that would encompass the American political scene. A very, small, colourful but deadly snake that I have observed in people who are the most manipulative and political creatures behind the scenes.
 Klein: Crotalus horridus is a good representative of the South-West United States mentality and is the main remedy for what I term the alcoholic miasm; along with the remedy Alcoholus and other snake venoms.
 Masci and Kendall: For at least 40,000 years, Australia has been inhabited by Aborigines who have a profound knowledge of the natural world. To the Aborigines, reptiles not only provided a food source, but figured largely in their myths, religion and totemic beliefs. They are depicted in early cave drawings, recorded on rock paintings and engraved into ceremonial objects such as boomerangs, woomeras and didgeridoos….The natives hold the Taipan in great dread, and it appears to have been responsible for many deaths among them’. Later, in the 1950s, newspaper reports indicated that these Aborigines would not collect specimens even when large rewards were offered by museums and institutions. …In Aboriginal myths, ‘Rainbow Snake’ is the name given to a gigantic serpent whose body arches across the sky as the rainbow. This mythical ‘snake’ is known as Taipan among the Wikmunkan people and this name was later given to a living snake. In their mythology, Rainbow Snake is associated with the gift of blood to humankind, controlling its circulation as well as the menstrual cycle of women. Looked upon as great healer, Taipan demands that his sexual laws and customs be followed. If any of these laws are broken his anger is expressed by thunder and lightning. Medicine men and rainmakers invoke the Taipan by using quartz crystal and seashells in their rituals. Called ‘Julunggul’ among the people of eastern Arnhem Land, the Rainbow Snake is believed to swallow young boys and later vomit them up. This is symbolic of their rebirth, or transition from youth to manhood. Known as ‘Kunmanggur’ in a myth told by the Murinbata of the Northern Territory to W Stanner, the Rainbow Snake is either bisexual or a women. Sometimes it is described as a male but is portrayed with female breasts. …For many generations, Aboriginal tribal elders have told stories from the Dreamtime, a period in Aboriginal history when the Earth was not as it is now but when it was like a vast plain stretching to the horizon. This was a creative period when great spirit heroes rose from the plain where they had been sleeping, taking the form of animals as they moved across the land. When this period ended, some of these spirit heroes went into the sky while others returned to the earth, leaving behind them signs of their previous existence in the form of caves, rocks, hills, holes and other natural land formations. In many stories told of this timeless period, Taipan was often the central figure.
 Doctrine of Signatures
 Homeopathic Links 2/93, p. 39
 Yürgen Becker: He observed that the mothers blouse had a design of snake’s skin. In the dream there was rain. Naja (cobra) has fear of rain and hides during rainy season. She dreams of the hood of a snake. Naja is the only snake which has a hood. Naja bites only when provoked. After a Naja bite, there is paralysis of central nervous system and respiratory system. The child had both the symptoms during the attack, paralysis of the limbs and also choking of respiratory system as if bitten by a snake.
 Homeopathic Links 3/94, p. 11
 Guido Mortelmans: Hahnemann himself was against the doctrine of signatures. He wrote: “I shall spare the ordinary medical school the humiliation of reminding it of the folly of those ancient physicians who, determining the medical powers of crude drugs from their signature, that is, from their colour and form, gave the testicle -shaped Orchis root in order to restore mainly vigour…” Recently homoeopaths again begin to use the signature theory, in the sense that remedy symptoms can be deducted from the qualities or form of the original substance.
 In 1986 I was part of a group who made a study of the venom remedies. My job was to investigate if the characteristics of the snakes are also found in the homoeopathic snake remedies. Or can we use the ‘doctrine of signatures’ in some way? In Lachesis some of the characteristics were confirmed: aggravation from heat, high sexual drive, sensitive neck. Greg Bedayn who met Harry Greene, a world authority on the Lachesis snake, also confirmed these characteristics, including the left sidedness of Lachesis: all the creature’s organs are found to the left side of the body. But concerning Lachesis some other characteristics of the remedy were not confirmed at all. The Lachesis snake is shy and wants to run away when approached. She is not aggressive at all . One author even speaks of the ‘pacifist’ Lachesis! This is certainly not the typical picture we know of the Lachesis person.
 On Falling Asleep
 MIND; ANXIETY; sleep; falling asleep, on
 MIND; STARTING, startled; evening; sleep; falling asleep, on
 MIND; STARTING, startled; sleep; falling asleep, on
 MIND; TALK, talking, talks; sleep; falling asleep, on
 VERTIGO; SLEEP; falling asleep, on
 FACE; PAIN; General, aching, prosopalgia; sleep; falling asleep, on
 THROAT; CHOKING, constricting; sleep, falling asleep, on
 LARYNX and TRACHEA; CONSTRICTION; Larynx; sleep; falling asleep, on
 RESPIRATION; DIFFICULT; sleep; falling asleep, on
 COUGH; CHOKING; sleep, as soon as one falls into a sound
 COUGH; CONSTRICTION of; Larynx, from; sleep, on falling asleep
 CHEST; CONSTRICTION, tension, tightness; sleep, on falling asleep
 CHEST; PALPITATION heart; sleep; falling asleep, on
 BACK; PAIN; General; sleep; sound, after falling into
 EXTREMITY PAIN; STITCHING; Leg; sleep, on falling asleep
 SLEEP; WAKING; suffocation, from; sleep, on falling to
 GENERALITIES; HEAT; flushes of; sleep; falls asleep
 GENERALITIES; SIDE; left; right, then
 GENERALITIES; SIDE; right; left, then
 GENERALITIES; SIDE; crosswise; left upper and right lower
 GENERALITIES; SIDE; crosswise; left lower and right upper
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