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Fear of a known cause, fear of anything; shyness, timidity Fear of death is acute diseases, of impending fatal diseases; fear of cancer and so on.

We will find in Aspen that the fear requiring that remedy arises without any reason. It comes upon the individual and he is unable to describe it; if you ask him what are you afraid of? he cannot particularize it. He only tells: I am afraid, but I am unable to say what it is. As if I would die. This passes off after some time.

But, for Mimulus fear there is always a cause and if that cause is removed the fear would also disappear. It is about a particular know thing that he is afraid, the fear may be unwarranted.

Some example of Mimulus fear are:

Fear of undergoing an operation

Fear of an injection; we call such persons nervous types.

Fear of high places, fear of the boss in office.

Fear of robbers, accidents, examinations

Fear of electric current and so is nervous to handle electrically-operated appliances.

Fear of darkness (But, if this is ameliorated in company, then CHICORY is the remedy.)

Fear of using the razor, of dogs or oxen, when he has to go out and meet a big person he is nervous.

To a lady in whose house there were plenty of cockroaches of which she was afraid, Mimulus was given four times a day and after taking it she remarked: I am not afraid of cockroaches now, but I only dislike them intensely.

Some children are afraid of the schoolmaster; some are afraid of strangers or a fat person with long moustache. Fear of father who is always strict and who beats his children.

Fear of going alone in the dark. May be it is the thought of ghosts or robbers which gives rise to fear. But, if the person says that in the company of someone he can go without fear in darkness, then CHICORY is the remedy for him and not Mimulus. Wherever fear is ameliorated in the company of someone and aggravated while alone, CHICORY is to be considered.

I cannot sleep alone in a house. But, if there is one or more persons–even a small child – then I can sleep even in a bungalow haunted by ghosts. CHICORY is the remedy for this state and no amount of Mimulus will help.

Whenever a patient tells you of his trouble: I am afraid it may be cancer or will it spread? or Will it terminate in an fatal or incurable disease? then, irrespective of the ailment he is referring to, you can give Mimulus to them. It not only removes the fear from the mind of such persons but also cures the disease about which he refers to with fear. Fear of impending disease fear of aggravation in homoeopathy Fear of the disease getting worse or terminating fatally all need Mimulus. Sometimes we find this symptom in case of difficult breathing, chest pain, etc. (For anxiety during chest congestion, Sepia is the remedy in homoeopathy.

I had pain in my chest last night. Will it turn into heart attack or will it be connection with the beginning of any serious heart troubles? (In homoeopathy, the remedy for this state is Lilium Tigrinum etc.)

A lady had a slight hard swelling in a part of her body. She asks the doctor; Are these symptoms the beginning of cancer? I am very much afraid it may be. Mimulus, if given to such patients, not only removes the fear but also cures the swelling. For curing any physical complaint the practitioner has to simply listen as to how the patient thinks of it or reacts to it or refers to it.

Nervousness is caused by two things, viz., fear and excitement. If the nervousness is due to fear, Mimulus is the remedy. If it is due to excitement, WHITE CHESTNUT Is to thought of. (Ignatia in homoeopathy.) To learn the difference between Mimulus and WHITE CHESTNUT, it is good to keep the following in your mind.

1 Mimulus: Fear of anything is before it happens and also when it is happening. E.g. while thinking of appearing in a court as a witness for the first time and also at the time of actually appearing.

2 In the case of WHITE CHESTNUT, nervousness develops only in the course of the action. The phrases mind becomes blank in the examination hall, does not get the right words while making a speech would be apt to describe WHITE CHESTNUT state.

HORNBEAM case is not fear, though a beginner is Bach Remedies many times confuses it with Mimulus. It is only before the action. Once the action begins things go all-right. It is only an anxious foreboding that things may not go alright – he may not be able to carry the action through. Hornbeam case is a feeling of anxiety due to fear of lack of strength. Examples are undertaking a journey, settling in a new town etc. If it is for the first time that he is setting on a long journey Mimulus may help and Hornbeam equally comes in. But in the instance of a person who foreboding every time he undertakes then HORNBEAM is only remedy for this state.

During an acute disease fear of death (Aconite, Ars. Alb. in homoeopathy) fear of limbs getting paralysed fear of getting hydrophobia.

Many people die of snake bites – not because of the poison but many times it is out of fear only. Mimulus (and equally ROCK ROSE) will save such cases. (In homoeopathy, the remedy Echinacea in mother tincture both externally and internally, the remedy fifteen drops in little water every half-an-hour is almost a specific in snake bites. Persons dealing with snakes carry invariably a bottle containing Echinacea mother tincture and they had reported that this had never failed in their hands.)

We came across the case of an office clerk who was keeping a pin in his mouth while talking over the phone., After finishing the conversation he realised that the pin was not in his mouth. He could not make out whether he had inadvertently swallowed it or it had fallen down on the floor as there was carpet on the floor he could not search for the pin well.

He was afraid of internal bleeding etc. In case the pin was swallowed by him. he went in for medical tests and the doctors did not find any foreign body for the x-ray reports But still he could not be convinced. He was given Mimulus four times a day for a week after which he said If the pin is inside may body, I will have some trouble. In that case I will go in for surgical treatment of which also I am not afraid now.

If he had been constantly thinking of it, then WHITE CHESTNUT would be the remedy for his state.

There are occasions when the inexperienced Bach practitioner would prescribe Mimulus wrongly for some states, which would actually need Hornbeam.

A lady trips and falls down and the ankle gets sprained Here, the routinist prescribes RESCUE REMEDY and if it falls even after repeated doses and external applications of the same over the injured place, he decries the effectiveness of flower medicines or starts doubting the genuineness of the remedy he had bought. In the case of this lady suppose she expresses fear that a bone might have got fractured then Mimulus or ROCK ROSE is the remedy and not rescue remedy though the latter also may give some relief for the reason that it contains a fear remedy viz., ROCK ROSE. On the other hand, suppose she hesitates to use the limb for fear of the pain getting aggravated by walking again Mimulus is the remedy But if she blames someone for having put the stone on the road then she must be given the remedy WILLOW which would relieve her of the pain. Irrespective of the type of pain or suffering or name of disease we have simply to listen to the very words coming from the mouth of the patient to learn how he reacts to her sufferings.

If the said lady thinks of that days work or the next days work and wonders she will be able to do it with the injured and painful limb, then HORNBEAM, of course, is the remedy. (we must remember that flower remedies never fail and if correctly prescribed we will have the desired effects even from the very first dose. One has to individualise the patient by listening to the words uttered by him. We are not herbalists or apothecaries to dispense a remedy for injuries in a routine way, but we are practitioners whose job is to treat the patient (indicted by his moods and disposition.) Let us now compare the HORNBEAM type of patients with that of Mimulus.

If a music student, after completing his course, appears in public for the first time, then Mimulus or Rescue Remedy is to be given. But if he is not afraid of it before hand, but becomes excited while actually he is on the stage, then this state points to WHITE CHESTNUT. The state of WHITE CHESTNUT may appear not only during the first performance but also in subsequent concerts. On the other hand, let us take the case of a professional musician who has already given several performances over a number of years. One evening an important function is arranged where he has to give a grand performance for which the Governor of the state or a big person is to attend it. (This musician had done such performance in the past.) Suddenly, in the previous evening, a doubt assails him whether he will do well. This is not fear, for on account of experience he has overcome the state fright. he only feels supposing the accompanist do not co-operate, or my voice fails me, what shall I do? This is not a case of fear but only a feeling whether everything would go alright. HORNBEAM is the remedy for this state. A thing which he had done several times without any trouble now appears to be a big thing for him – as if it is for the first time that he is doing it.

The foregoing would have given the reader a fair comparison among Mimulus, HORNBEAM and WHITE CHESTNUT.

Mimulus is before and sometimes both before and during the act; WHITE CHESTNUT is only during the act, and HORNBEAM case is before only. HONEYSUCKLE case is only after the performance; in this case he feels after the performance that he should have done better than what he had done regretting over the missed opportunity.

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