– Muzumdar K P.

Cysts of Giardia (+).

‘s methodology was followed with a slight modification

In order to obtain a cross section of the populace of the country-two units were selected, one in West Bengal and another in Mysore. This gave us the opportunity to study the variations effecting, in any, due to constitutional, temperamental and climatic differences and also due to changes in food habits and other environmental factors.

In all forty provers and twenty controls were selected from both the sexes of different age groups ranging between seventeen years and fifty years.

This selection was done after medically examining the provers. Routine blood, stool, urine, blood, chemistry was done to understand their state of health. A complete history sheet for each prover was maintained. Only those who mere found in apparent good health were taken up for proving the drug.

The Project officer of these units were asked to send the names of the finally selected provers to the Central Drug Proving Cell, New Delhi Double blind technique was employed.

One of the authors (VTA) gave the code numbers to the provers and sent the drugs with the code numbers marked on the bottles along with the instructions to the Project Officer for conducting the proving.

The following norms were adopted in the selection of provers conduct of proving, maintenance of day books and compilation of data.

Selection of Provers

Minimum 30 provers were selected which included adult makes and females in each of the two units. The students community from II and III year classes were preferred since the units were attached to the Homeopathic medical colleges.

Apparently healthy provers were selected as far as possible. A careful record of the conditions and present state of health (including symptoms if any) of the selected provers were maintained. Their various laboratory investigation reports such as of blood, urine, faeces and radiological findings etc. were also properly recorded in the respective medical record books. The preliminary examinations of all the provers were done thoroughly in accordance with the proforma supplied Appendix I.

Procedure of Proving

Medical record books in respect of each prover were distributed amount the consulting staff. This was done with view to keep the uniformity for for ascertaining the medical record of each prover. This was thought to be necessary at the final stage of compilation.

Each prover was provided with suitable blank sheets in the file. They recorded all the symptoms (subjective and objective) which they experienced during the course of proving in the blank sheet. They deposited the same with the technical officers on their next visit.

Reliable preparations of A. augusta folia were obtained from Messers Hahnemann Publishing Co., 165, Bipin Behary Ganguly Street, Calcutta in the Mother tincture (O), 6th, 30th and 200th potencies.

The mother tincture was prepared as follows: Moist magma of leaves of A. augusta containing solids 100 g. and moisture content 400 m. 500 g.

Purified Water 157 ml.

Strong alcohol 478 ml.

To make one thousand milliliter of the mother tincture.

The further potencies were made in accordance with the instructions contained in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India, First Edition (H.P.I.)

Coded drugs made from these potencies were sent from the Central Drug Proving Cell of the Central Council for Research in Indian Medicine and Homeopathy, New Delhi. The instructions and direction for administration of drugs were given with every supply of drug substance, 4 to 6 globules of the coded drug or 4 to 5 drops of the coded mother tincture were given to each prover thrice daily on bare tongue or by dissolving in a little quantity of water.

The proving was conducted in descending order that is, starting with 200th potency and gradually reducing through 30th and 6th to Mother tincture. After a sufficient period of rest the provers were once again given the drugs in ascending order: that is, mother tincture through 6th, 30th and 200th potency. At all stages the Central Drug Proving Cell had maintained a strict control.

Administration of the coded drug was stopped immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms was reported.

It was seen to, that the provers did not make any changes in their daily routine during the course of proving such as sleep,. exercise, bathing eating and drinking etc. Watch was also kept on their personal habits to see that no excesses were done in respect of their routine habits. In case the provers were found to be addicted either to tobacco or to any other stimulants including coffee and tea they were not allowed to use them in excess beyond their average quantity of is daily requirements. Special care was taken to see that the provers did not use any extra medicaments and that they did not use camphor or seasoned food. Watch was also kept on their sleep, digestive function, mental state, fatigue etc. during., during the course of proving.

The results of the interrogation of the provers at each visit were recorded properly in the provided record sheets, i.e. each prover was considered as a fresh patient and accordingly various conditions and circumstances were noted with special case to their sequence of appearance, concomitants and modalities etc. Weather conditions, temperature percentage of humidity etc., were also recorded daily prior to the interrogation of the provers.

Each prover was summoned to the unit daily during the course of proving and his record sheet was collected. Further information with respect to details of his recorded symptoms such as location, sensation, modalities, concomitants, extension and duration etc. of each sign and symptoms were recorded in proving master’s sheet. Intensity of each symptom and sequence of their appearance and their repetitions were also noted. The number of provers who brought out the identical symptoms were also noted. Clinical, pathological, serological and biochemical investigations were also done whenever the symptoms indicated their necessity and data were recorded on the explanatory sheet just below the recorded symptoms. This was done with a view to determine their true character and relation.

As and when the consultancy service was found necessary the provers were got examined by the consultants in their respective disciplines and the data of their investigations were incorporated in their day books.

The Units collected the data after intelligent questioning of the provers with regards to location, sensation, modalities, concomitants, duration, extension along with laboratory investigations (as and when found necessary) of each sign and symptoms and submitted the same in the following proforma already circulated to them.

Code Date of Time of Time of appearance Symptom Location

No. intake of intake of symptoms and sign drug disappearance of symptoms

1 2 3 4 5 6

Sensation Modality Concomitant Any investigation Remarks

7 8 9 10 11

Data Compilation The total number of symptoms thus collected were thoroughly screened by one of the authors (KT).

The symptoms produced by the controls were discarded.

Identical symptoms experienced during the same period of proving both by the provers and by the provers constantly and at the time of the proving.

On shifting the symptoms they were arranged in the4 schematic form as mentioned in the Kent’s Repertory.



Feeling of joy.

Restlessness with dislike for everything.


Anxiety, vacantness and sadness of mind.

Vertigo and giddiness with headache, agg. lying down.

Aching and throbbing of whole head.

Burning sensation, amel application of cold water.

Tingling pain agg. sitting, amel. during sleep.


Heaviness in forehead, amel. walking in open air.

Dull pressing pain in forehead, amel. by pressure.

Stitching pain in forehead, amel. by pressure.

Aching pain in forehead, amel. open air, during rest.

Bursting pain in forehead with tickling cough and constipation, amel. cold application.

Sensation as if being pressed with a blunt object over the supraorbital region with aching eyes, amel. cold application.

Throbbing in forehead, amel. by pressure, cold bathing.


Throbbing pain with vertigo, agg. after sleep and from moving about, amel. by rest.


Throbbing pain in temples with fever, agg. evening, amel. by pressure.


Heaviness, aching dull pain, amel. washing with cold water Sensation of warmth.


Redness of eyes without pain or discharge, amel. cold application.

Itching inside the right eye with redness, amel. by rubbing the eyes.

Sensation as if foreign body i8s lodged in the eyes with slight lachrymation, amel. by closing the eyes.

Watery exudation with redness of left eye ball, agg. from cold water, amel. during the day.

Swelling of the right eye ball with little thick exudation and red conjunctiva.

Burning in eye balls with vertigo.

Sore pain in the inner angles of both eyes, agg, sunlight, amel. closing the eyes.


Heaviness of eyelids particularly upper eyelids with heaviness of head, agg. morning, amel. day time.

Aching pain in right eyelids, agg, sunlight, amel. closing the eyes, cold application

Agglutination of eyelids without pain and redness of conjunctiva with slight mucoid exudation.

Redness and swelling of eyelids, agg. night, amel. day time.


Blurred vision with aching pain in lids, agg. sunlight and bright light, warmth, amel. closing the eyes.


Pain and soreness with stitching sensation inside the right ear, agg, evening, amel. during the day.


Sneezing with feeling of weakness.

Burning in the nose with fever and coryza.

Coryza profuse, thin, watery, bland discharge with sneezing and sensation of obstruction of nostrils at night, agg. morning.

Thick yellow mucopurulent discharge with weakness.


Sore pain due to the ulceration of the corners of the mouth.

Bitter taste.


Stitching pain in gums of right side with tenderness and swelling of gums, agg. chewing, amel. cold application.

Griping pain in the abdomen which brings on suffocative attack with soreness near right hypochondrium.

Flatulent distension of upper abdomen with moderate urging before stool.


Stinging pain in tongue, agg agg midnight, warm application.

Heaviness and soreness of tongue.


Aching pain with swelling of the gum. agg. when eating or any attempt to move the jaw.


Hoarseness of voice.

Soreness with tickling sensation and dry cough, agg. at night, during deglutition, amel. warmth.

Stinging pain in the left side of throat with headache, agg. at midnight, amel. warm application.

Stitching pain on right side of the throat with sore pain, agg. external pressure, with coryza, agg. during inspiration.

Burning in throat with tickling cough agg. in the evening.


Loss of appetite particularly for starchy food.

Dislike for food with heaviness of abdomen, agg. during the day, amel. at night.

Voracious appetite with desire for sweets.

Eructations, amel. passing flatus.

Heaviness in epigastrium with disgust for food and headache, agg. day, amel. night, passing flatus, belching.

Stitching pain on right side of the throat with sore pain, agg. external pressure, with coryza, agg. during inspiration.

Burning in throat with tickling cough. agg. in the evening.


Loss of appetite particularly for starchy food.

Dislike for food with heaviness of abdomen, agg. during the day. amel. at night.

Voracious appetite with desire for sweets.

Eructations, amel. passing flatus.

Heaviness in epigastrium with disgust for food and headache, agg. day, amel. night, passing flatus, belching.

Stitching pain in epigastrium with right sided discomfort as headache, toothache and aching pain in foot, amel. pressure, bending backwards.

Colicky pain in the epigastrium with fullness of stomach, agg. 2- 6 p.m.

Feeling of warmth in upper abdomen intermittently.

Thirst increased with dryness of mouth for large quantity of cold water.


Nausea while taking food with watery stool, agg while eating, belching of ages. 4-00 p.m.. to 6-00.


Fullness in epigastrium with loss of appetite.


Heaviness in whole abdomen with loss of appetite.

Constipation and headache. agg. in afternoon half an hour after meal, amel. after passing stool.

Distension of while abdomen with loss of appetite and constipation.

Rumbling inside abdomen with ineffectual desire for stool, agg. at night, before and after stool, amel. during stool. day time.


Colicky pain of intermittent nature, agg. after eating.

Stitching pain with headache, amel. by pressure.


Griping pain with coryza and chill, agg. evening, amel. after stool.

Cutting pain across abdomen at the level of umbilicus with painless watery stool, agg. in afternoon, last part of night, amel. after stool.

Sensation of small ball pushing from inside, felt intermittenly in the umbilical and right hypochondrium region.

Colicky pain with sensation of cutting inside the middle of abdomen with semisolid stools mixed with mucus, amel. after stool.


Stinging pain with sensation as if something would protrude through left lower abdomen, agg. pressure,exertion, lower abdomen heaviness with no urge to pass stool. agg. in morning afternoon, Rumbling in lower abdomen with unsatisfactory evacuation of bowels, agg. in the morning.

Aching pain in the lower abdomen with no desire for stools. agg. afternoon.

Sensation as of something would protrude out through the left side of lower abdomen with stinging pain in the left iliac fossa.


Ineffectual desire for stool and rumbling inside abdomen.

No desire for stool with pain in abdomen.

Unfinished sensation after each stool.


Hard nodular stool.

Semisolid stool. liquid stool.

Cysts of E. histolytica (++), Cysts of Giardia (+).

Vegetative cells fibres (+++).

Semisolid stool mixed with mucus, much flatus but no pain during stool.


Frequent and high coloured urine.

Urine contains albumin (+), Pus cells (6 per field), RBC (+) Albuminuria.


MALE Lack of sexual desire in males.


Pain in the lower abdomen with delayed and scanty menstrual flow with dark coloured clots.

Leucorrhoea yellowish white-offensive with pain in the back and lower abdomen.

(Five female provers were relieved of their menstrual colic and heavy bleeding).

Dry cough, dry and barking cough, must support the chest during cough with sensation as if the respiratory tract would be torn out; Suffocative cough.

Cough with expectoration, whitish or yellowish, white salty, mucoid sticky. thin or thick, lumpy sputum resembling boiled starch which could be easily hawked, agg. at night.


Shortness of breath with sense of suffocation with fever, agg. during inspiration, lying down on left side.

Eosinophilic percentages on higher side with fall in lymphocytic count Total W.B.C. count 6,800/cm.


Stitching pain in left infraclavicular region with catching of breath, amel. after slow massaging over the chest.

Stinging pain in left side of the chest below left clavicle, amel. after sleep.

Aching pain in the left intercostal muscles in. the 4th/6th (3) rib with palpitation.

Catching pain in the right lower chest with weakness and tiredness, agg. movement.

Stitching sensation in left side of chest lasting for few seconds and appearing intermittenly.

Aching pain in the whole chest.

Burning in chest with empty eructation, agg. after taking water, amel. after belching.

Heart, palpitation with undesirable feeling of distress inside the chest and BP 100 mm/Hg., amel. lying quiet.


Tingling in the nape of the neck, amel. after sleep.

Pressure and constriction in the nape of neck, agg.7 a.m. to 9 a.m., amel. cold.

Aching in the right side of nape of the neck radiating up to the right eyebrow, intermittent in nature with pain in right forearm.

Aching, lameness and stitching pain in lumbar region, pain comes and goes suddenly, agg. evening, amel. warm application, in the morning.

Bubbling sensation in left lumbar region.

Bruised sensation in lumbar region with feeling as if legs would be detached from the body, agg. after getting up from sleep, amel. after movement.


Aching in the extremities with weakness.

UPPER EXTREMITIES Aching pain in shoulder joints with pain in forehead, amel. during sleep.

Aching and sore pain in right hand, below wrist joint, agg. on extending the fingers.

Tenderness in flexor, pronator group of muscles of forearm, agg. movement, amel. pressure. Trembling of left hand particularly fingers with soreness of half of the body.

Burning pain in left hand, amel cold application.


Aching pain in the lower extremities, agg. pressure, movement, amel. covering.

Paresis, numbness and tingling in right lower extremity with anxiety insomnia and restlessness, agg. during sleep, amel. moving about for sometime.

Sharp lancinating pain with cracking sound in left hip joint during movement with pain in nape of the neck and body, agg. last part of the night, movement, cold, amel. rest, warm application, pressure.

Tiredness in thighs, agg. exertion, amel. rest.

Aching pain in the knee joints, amel. during sleep.

Lameness and stitching pain in right knee joint, amel. by walking.

Drawing pain in calf muscles, agg. movement, amel. rest.

Aching pain in both legs from knee to heel, agg. movement, walking amel. pressure and cold.


Intense itching, itching with eruption.

Itching on right forearm above right wrist joint with urticarial swelling.

Intense itching associated with pimple like eruption on the right side of umbilicus and right gluteal region.

Intense itching with dry small vesicular and papular eruptions (resembling prickly heat) with black discoloration on different parts of the body with angular stomatitis, agg. sun heat.

Itching with eruptions, itching without eruptions on the whole body particularly thighs, agg. during undressing, night, amel. open air.

Itching all over the body.




Sleep disturbed at night.

Sleep in catnaps-Restless tossing in bed with sensation of warmth, amel. hard fanning.

Vivid dreams about accident, dacoits and dreadful incidents, agg. towards last part of night.

Dreams of extreme thirst and as if somebody is calling him, by his name.


Heat all over the body at night with constant chilliness, bodyache and sweat, agg. at night.

Temperature ranges between 99* to 100*F. Thirst at night with fever.

Tingling and numbness, feeling of warmth and burning, trembling, lethargy, weakness, uneasiness, drowsiness and heaviness and heaviness in the whole body.

Bodyache particularly in joints, agg,. by rest, during movement.

Malaise with feverishness with cough.

Emaciation and loss of weight with general debility.

Oedema and puffiness in the whole body first appeared in face and eyes with eruption, agg. heat, motion, amel. cold, rest.

General debility.

Feeling of weakness after stool.

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