– Gladstone Clarke.

Symptoms :

Acute destructive inflammations
 (phagedenic tendencies) of any part.

1. Invaluable in violent, acute destructive inflammations (phagedenic tendencies) of any part. esp. of mucous membranes; catarrhal, scrofulous, gonorrhoeal syphilitic. 2. Typical dysentery; scanty stools of pure mucus tinged or streaked with blood, colicky pains extreme, persistent tenesmus and burning; often accompanied by tenesmus of bladder; no (>) stool. 3. Acute inflammatory conditions of eyes and lids with swelling, intense pain, photophobia and acrid lachrymation. 4. Violent inflammation of serous membranes esp. peritoneum; peritonitis, appendicitis, etc., when abscess is about to form. 5. Acute or chronic interstitial nephritis with violent cystic symptoms; also gonorrhoea with thick, greenish discharge. Note. General symptoms and modalities as Merc. Viv.

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