– J. Winston

My first meeting with Dr. Kent was in early September, 1902. I had journeyed from California with the sole purpose of availing myself of the great master’s teachings and concept of Homoeopatic philosophy and materia medica. Through the acquaintance and friendship of Dr. J. E. Hoffman of Healdsburg and later of Santa Rosa,California, an admirer and post-graduate student of Kent’s, I was familiar with his outstanding achievements and splendid teaching ability.
 That I might be privileged to receive instruction from such a fountain of inspired knowledge I made great sacrifices to obtain it, a common occurrence in those days, for many others went through similar experiences for the purpose of better preparations for their chosen life work. If one decided to be a comforter and healer of the sick, the best preparation regardless of cost was not too much.
 I was received formally but kindly by the good doctor and given instructions regarding the location of the college and the necessary arrangements I would have to make for my stay in Chicago.
 As time went on and I progressed in my work, I was privileged to watch the doctor at his office occasionally and discuss Homoeopathic principles together with the necessary studies needed by good Homoeopathic prescribers.
 By the time I reached my junior year, I had made such headway in materia medica, case taking, repertory study and philosophy that the doctor appointed me his quiz master, a place held during the rest of my college course. Kent’s lectures were given to both juniors and seniors, and my quiz work was accepted in a rather unusual way, much to my gratification and surprise. At this time Dr. Kent was in failing health; he had taken a severe toll from his life energy in the building of the repertory, teaching and carrying on an extensive practice at the same time.
 His quiz work and part of his lectures together with a large Saturday afternoon clinic in the Hahnemann College of Chicago were turned over to me to do the best I could with it, a real job and a supreme test for a junior student to undertake. The job was done to the satisfaction of Dr. Kent, the college faculty, and the student body.
 About this time my relations with Dr. Kent grew in great friendliness and mutual satisfaction and sympathy, and I frequently visited him and his gracious wife at their home. The Kent’s were charming hosts who lived without show or fanfare in comfortable and orderly surroundings, and those who were fortunate enough to be invited to their circles enjoyed a feast of knowledge and all the niceties of a refined social time.
 They dearly loved to gather a few of those students who dedicated themselves to the cause of Homoeopathy with all-out enthusiasm. At these gatherings Dr. Kent was at his best with interesting accounts of noticeable and unusual cures with the indicated remedy illustrating the cardinal symptoms that revealed the needed remedy.
 After my graduation I continued to teach and lecture in college while starting to practice Homoeopathic medicine. My second year out, I occupied offices in the same suite with Dr. Kent. This closer association with the great doctor was most beneficial and enjoyable. How to study remedies in their relationship with human illness, to learn to observe the nature and pace of action of remedies and of diseased states and fit one to the other was a revelation that spelled successful prescribing over the many years of Homoeopathic practice. But my association and friendship with Dr. Kent gave me more than proficiency in the art o f Homoeopathic prescribing; it introduced me to the writings and philosophy of Emanuel Swedenborg, which changed my views of life from that of doubting agnostic to the more appealing aspects of hope and faith opening up vistas of beauty and use to better meet all the realities of life.
 Dr. Kent revered the work and character of Hahnemann with almost a religious f e r v o r. He had little patience with those who deviated from the law, regardless of pretext or excuse. With all his great knowledge and experience -in medicine, and having been a practician in all the medical schools -allopathic, eclectic and homoeopathic -he had little patience with those who fell back on allopathic methods to treat their patients when they were unable to find the needed Homoeopathic remedy. As physician, writer, teacher, and medical philosopher, Dr. Kent will always rank among the foremost. His wonderful repertory is increasingly more used by Homoeopathic physicians to render their work of mercy more efficacious, and his treatise of Homoeopathic Philosophy is the most potent force in the spread of Homoeopathic practice and healing ever given in the world.
 Hahnemann, Hering, and Kent are names synonymous with Homoeopathic healing. these names are inscribed on the scrolls of time among the benefactors of the race. When the names of the pseudo-scientists of our time are lost and forgotten with the myths and the half-truths they sponsored, Homoeopathy and its votaries will grow and live in an ever expanding service to the world of suffering.
 -By Dr. A. H. Grimmer (published source unknown -an old photo-copy was found in a stack at Hahnemann College Library). 

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