– The sixty-fifth annual meeting of he American Institute of Homoeopathy,
–  W. A. Dewey.

For the lingering effect of blows, concussions, falls and accidents generally, give Arnica 6th or 30th internally.
 Dribbling of urine in old or elderly patients, try Ferrum phosphoricum 6x.
 Pain where a bone has been broken may be relieved by Symphylum 3, internally, and the application of the Tincture of Symphylum diluted about one-half with water.
 A harmless yet efficient method of moving the bowels and bladder is said to be: “Dissolve three teaspoonfuls of pure sugar of milk, in hot water, and take before a meal, preferably breakfast.”
 Threatened phthisis, profuse nightsweats, loss of flesh, tickling cough, paroxysmal and exhausting, with loss of strength, a deep brown pigmentation of the skin – Kali carbonicum 6, followed by Tuberculinum 200 and Lycopodium cured.
 Persons annoyed by being always compelled to hurry to stool after eating may find relief in a few doses of Aloes 6.
 Probably the best prescription for diarrhoea (in absence of marked guiding symptoms) is Chininum arsenicum 3x tablets, about three every two hours.
 Regardless of what else is done Succus calenduloe is the best external dressing for cancer, running sores, blood injuries, etc.
 Rheumatic pains that come on with cool, damp weather require Rhus toxicodendron.
 The average case of toothache in decayed teeth requires a dose of Mercurius vivus.
 Diarrhoea caused by fruit, China.
 Olive oil is one of the best general antidotes to poisoning.
 For quick relief in piles – haemorrhoids – insert a Hamamelis and AEsculus suppository. They have a really wonderful action in many cases.
 For neuralgia-like pain in rectum Ignatia may be the remedy. – W. A. Dewey. 

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