– Jan Scholten

Manganum sulphuricum is briefly described in Clarke and Boericke.


Manganum Sulphuricum

Learning Love

Fine tuning Marriage Partner

Practising Egotism

Helpful Jealousy

Compliments Joy

Criticised Harmony

Making room Clothes



Group analysis

Being helpful to your lover.

Learning about love.

Learning to love everything.

Their teacher or therapist is their lover.

Helping leads to jealousy.

Making room for parties.

Learning to create and see harmony.

Criticised for their looks.

Picture of Manganum sulphuricum

Essence: learning about love.

Learning about love

They consider their relationship to be a sort of learning process. They want to learn to love everything, to see the beauty in everything, to see the good and helpful side in every human being. They want to learn from others and make contact on a really deep level.

Being helpful to your lover

They like to help their partner in whatever way they can, both in his or her career and on a more personal level. They often marry a teacher, therapist, doctor etc. By helping their partner they feel they are helping other people too.

Helping leads to jealousy

Because they tend to give their partner all the help they need and all the space they need, things might get a bit out of hand.

They may find that the partner has taken advantage of all this freedom and started a relationship with someone else. Then they feel jealous, but even on this level they feel there is a lesson to be learned from this and the situation is there to be endured.

Learning to see and to create harmony

They like to learn to see the beauty in everything not only for their own pleasure but also for their partner. They do their best to bring joy and happiness to their partner, and thereby to the whole world. Giving parties and creating a harmonious and beautiful atmosphere is their way of being of service to the community.

Criticised for their looks

If others tell them how they can make themselves look even more beautiful they will gladly accept this advice. They want to be liked, so they will do their best to treat this advice seriously.

But if the criticism becomes too harsh they feel useless and ugly.


Fears: failure, criticism, opposition, observed, anticipation, fantasies, accidents, insanity, death, that something will happen, agonising, heights, poverty, ugliness, dirt.

Dreams: futile efforts, paralysis, soldiers, being shot, studying for exams, accidents, doctors, humiliation, danger, pursued, abandoned, marriage; nightmares (

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