[See also malignant/terminal cancer]
 Prof. V. Krishnamurthy, 
[Homoeopathy versus allopathy: Regarding comparison of homoeopathy with allopathy, when we consulted I-Ching, the ancient book of wisdom of China , we got the following answer:
“What is easy for allopathy is difficult for homoeopathy; What is difficult for allopathy is easy for homoeopathy.”
The aspiring homoeopath must note that Homoeopathy is Advanced Allopathy.
Therefore, you must concentrate more in treating chronic diseases, those who are not cured by the best doctors of other medical systems and, more particularly, those patients with diseases for which allopathy has no cure and patient is condemned to death.  If you do so, you not only get good success but also you would be making the best use of homoeopathy; also you get good name and soon gain popularity among patients.
In homoeopathy literature you may not find the terms ‘renal failure’ ‘terminal cancer’ etc. whenever you get a patient with unfavourable prognosis i. e., ending up in death, this chapter would be of excellent help.
If you completely cure malignant diseases, particular terminal cancer etc. that is the best job you would be doing in medical practice.
Thus and therefore, in this Chapter we give you remedies for malignant diseases; at the end, you would also see a list of remedies for malignant cancer. 
A teacher is he who makes difficult things easy.  We teach all ‘practical’ aspects only so that you may cure more patients.]
                Malignant = A term applied to any disease of a virulent and fatal nature.
                Virulent = extremely severe or harmful in its effects.
                Malignant pustule = Anthrax
                Malignant endocarditis.
                Malignant exopthaolmos = a condition seen in thyrotoxicosis where there is raised intraocular pressure causing pain and the threat of damage to the optic nerve.
                Malignant growth or tumour = a tumour which has the properties of anaplasia, invasion and metastasization.
                Malignant hypertension.
Ailings of teething children. – complementary in malignant diseases: ars.; phos.; sulph.
In malignant diseases after Kreosotum, Ars., Phos., Sul. follow as complementary remedies.
(Jaundice) – malignant jaundice: Acon., ars., ars-i., chin., chin-mur., chel, Crot-h., elaps., dig., lach., pic-ac, vip.
Powerful adjuvants in treatment of malignant disease – compare: anti-vaccinal remedies – Vaccininum: Variolin; Malandrinum; Thuja.
(Pancreatitis) – malignant or epidemic form: calc. ars., rhus-t.,
Suppuration, malignant: 1, asa., chin., hep., merc., phos., pyrogen., sil.; 2, ars., calc., carb. v., caust., kreos., nitr. ac., rhus, sulph., sulph. ac.
(Tumors) Semi-malignant Fibroid: Bry., Con., Led., Sil.; enchondroma: Sil.; epulis: Sil.; lupus: Ars., Ars. iod., Sil.; epithelioma: Acet. ac., Aur., Carb. an., Con., Hydrast., Kreos., Sil.; lymphoma: Ars., Phos.
        —malignant scirrhus: acet. ac., arn., ars. iod., brom., carb. an., carbol. ac., con., gal., hydrast., lap. alb., merc. aur., mur. ac., nitr. ac., sil. encephaloma: ars., ars. iod., bell., calc., carbol. ac., croc., gal., hydrast., kali hydr., lach., nitr. ac., phos., sil., thuj;
        —melanosis: phos., sang.;
        —colloid: hydrast., carbol. ac., phos.;
        —fungus haematodes: ars., phos., sil., staph., sep., carb. v., nitr. ac., thuj.;
        —medullary fungus: carb. an., nitr. ac., phos., sil., thuj.
Remedies for malignant states:
Ailanthus – symptoms remarkably alike to malignant scarlatina.
Ammonium carb. – malignant scarlatina, with somnolence, swollen glands, dark red sore throat, faintly developed eruption.
Anthracinum – this nosode has proven a great remedy in epidemic spleen diseases of domestic animals, and in septic inflammation, carbuncles and malignant ulcers. In boils and boil-like eruptions, acne.
[For full list see our book Advanced Homoeo Practice (876 pages).]
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