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discprolapse Lumbar Disc Prolapse and Herniation

Female 37 House wife suffering from
disc prolapse and on MRI there is disc herniation. Back pain is related with
sweating profuse. Patient has fear of Surgery.  She is having great weakness along with
perspiration. In the first visit itself  selected 
Kali Carb 200c for this patient. 
You can’t imagine the action of kalicarb in this case. Its amazing, the
back pain relieved more than 40% in patient words in the first 15 days. The
patient is very much happy because she is suffering from the same complaint
since one year. This is case of Kali carb. There are many remedies for disc prolapse
like Lachesis,Calcarea Carb, Phytolacca etc. But the action of Kali carb is
wonderful in case of disc prolapse cases. 
Kali carb is tested in some other case which yielded good result.
Blindly try one dose of Kali Carb if there is disc prolapsed and back pain associated
with left sided sciatica.
Work Sheet:

27th august 2012
disc prolapse, herniation,
kc 200c
cp 6x,
30th august 2012
pain relieved slight,
nv 200c given
4th sep 2012
pain reld slight
sl 200c
11th sep 2012
nv 200c
25th sep 2012
relieved, pain shoulder left
4th oct 2012
pain back, chest pain,
cv 200c
13th oct 2012
pain reld slight. Gas
sl 200c
29th oct 2012
gas little,
sl 200c
17th nov 2012
sl 200c
10th dec 2012
not relieved complete
sl 200c
16th jan 2013
pain slight
sl 200c
1st feb 2013
pain left limb
nv 200c
2nd march 2013
gas, cramps,
cv 200c
19th march 2013
lyco 200c
1st april 2013
sl 200c
25th april 2013
relieved slight
sl 200c
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