A PRECIOUS remedy for most distressing conditions: well proved and of every definite and distinguishing symptoms ,and yet not enough realized and understood, is Lilium tigrinum. Tiger lily is a powerful poison, and therefore medicine. We read that a child put an anther of one of these lilies into her right nostril,and inspite of brandy,etc., given four hours later, she died after fifty-six hours. Lilium is unknown to Old School practice:and perhaps it is just as well. It is a drug of such vehement action as to be only sage and useful in the hands of those who have learnt from Hahnemann how to prepare and prescribe such remedies Hahnemann directed that drugs should be proved by females as well as males in order to discover what effect they produced in regard to sex. And besides the symptoms produced on men, Tiger lily (proved for Carroll Dunham by a number of women doctors) manifested most terrific effects on women. No one who has read Dunham’s Lecture on LILIUM will ever forget the startling features of that remedy., Some of the provings were made with a tincture of the pollen alone; others with a tincture of the fresh stalks, leaves and flowers. The drug was proved in the O and in the Ist. 3rd, 5th and 30th and 500th potencies. Lilium has many symptoms strikingly in common with Sepia. as we shall see. But it has very definite symptoms that distinguish it from Sepia. No one should have any difficulty in choosing between the two. The mental and physical symptoms of Lilium are alike startling and intense: and except for the deep mental depression,and the intense physical :”bearing-down” common to both drugs,they differ totally from those of Sepia. Listen to Lilium!. This is the answer of the drug, when pure science puts the question as to what it can cause and cure. DEPRESSION. Constant inclination to weep, with fearfulness, and apprehension of suffering from some terrible internal disease. Wild feeling in the head. Indescribable crazy feeling. Crazy feeling,her mind being in such a state that she could not even record her symptoms. Fear of insanity. Thoughts of suicide Despair of salvation. Can’t read. Can’t think. Keeps walking fast. Feels hurried: doesn’t know why. Everything unreal. Makes,.mistakes in speaking. Dreads saying anything, lest she should say something wrong: yet wants to talk. Sexual excitement, alternating with apprehension of moral obliquity: these alternating for months after the proving had ended. Aversion to being alone. Constant hurried feeling,as of imperative duties and utter inability to perform them, during sexual excitement. A sensation in the pelvis as though everything was coming into the world through the vagina. The dragging downwards towards the pelvis is felt as high as stomach-even shoulders. Worse standing,though not relieved by lying. Wants to place hand on hypogastrium and press upwards,to relieve the dragging sensation. (Sanic). Wants to draw long breaths, in order to raise,the abdominal contents. Bearing down, with sensation of heavy weight and pressure in the region of the womb,as if the whole contents would press out through the vagina. A feeling,when on the feet,as if the whole pelvic contents would issue through the vagina, if not prevented by upward pressure of the hand on the vulva, or by sitting down. Burning and sharp ovarian pains. Unable to move, fearing her womb would drop from her. Even this is not all! Severe pressure in rectum and at anus, and a constant desire to go to stool. Diarrhoea,especially morning diarrhoea,with griping and smarting. Even the bladder does not escape! Pressure on the bladder. She could pass water every quarter of an hour. Continual pressure on the bladder. wants to urinate all the time. Passing little, with smarting and straining. And then, the HEART. Sharp. quick pain, with fluttering of heart. Pressive pain in the heart,as if the heart were violently grasped,the grasp gradually relaxing. Palpitation. Every intermission followed buy a violent throb. Craving appetite for dinner. Increased desire for meat. Aversion to bread-coffee-to the usual cigar. The above are the most important and characteristic symptoms of the drug;in black type, most of them, which means that they have been again and again produced in provings, and been cured, again and again,by Lilium. During the provings, actual displacements of the uterus were said to have occurred. In one prover, the sufferings we such, that an end had to be put to the proving. Platina 200, in repeated doses,put matters right. (Platina was most like to her mental symptoms-her “superiority complex”) Now, to contrast Lilium with Sepia. LILIUM. SEPIA Bearing down. Bearing down. Everything forcing down, as if Pressure from back to abdomen. contents of pelvis were push- ing down through a funnel,the outlet being the vagina. Must support vulva with hand, Must cross legs to prevent or cross legs. protrusion of parts. Feels the heat more Feels the cold more. Intolerant of sympathy. Intolerant of sympathy. Hurried and worried (Arg, Nit) INDIFFERENT. by imperative duties she is unable to perform. SHE CRAVES MEAT. Aversion to meat. The terrible diarrhoea and are absent with sepia. straining (of Merc. cor and Lil) Lilium is so very acute and intense. Her bearing-down is not the passive weight and distress of Sepia. Lilium feels she is being forcibly eviscerated. Dunham says,the Sepia condition is more chronic. There are a few poor creature,s like the writer, who can better grasp and remember things when rhymed. For such we append a Tiger-lily rhyme. Conscious superiority is warned to skip the following: TIGER LILY hurries about, Feels her inside’s being all dragged out: Frequent urging to micturition, Almost approaching the Cantharis condition: Rectal distress (Merc.cor): a band. Constricting the heart (just like Cactus grand.) Pulsatilla-like tears: her salvation’s a worry: With Silver nitrate, she’s “duties”, and “hurry” One has seen the beautiful action of Lilium tigr. in rapidly wiping out the distress after miscarriages. Also a very striking case of the cure of “ulcerative colitis” of ten years ‘standing, and much treatment by “the heads of the profession”. In the early days of her illness she might have as many as thirty stools in a night. Even now,she was as white as a sheet of paper-a transparent whiteness. The distress, the straining and the number of stools in the morning made it impossible for her to appear till later on in the day: and she was ill enough to have a nurse with her. She presented a few peculiar and characteristic symptoms- characteristic of herself, not of the disease labelled “colitis”. She had a big appetite: was hungry for the mid-day meal. She craved meat. And she had, not annoy the urging and bearing down at the anus, but also of the uterus. She got Lilium tigr. in high potency,responded promptly and was presently a healthy young woman with good colour,playing tennis and enjoying life: and later on,she got married. The power to deal gently,quickly and successfully with such conditions (denied to those who despise the teachings of Hahnemann ) is a thing to bring joy-and thankfulness! Kent says, “Lilium tigrinum has cured the most inveterate protruding piles,with burning.” There are quite a number of other drugs that have produced “bearing-down” sensations, and which are useful, each in its place, for such conditions: but there are none of such intensity as Lilium and Sepia. Two among them,but with quite different “modalities”, or conditions, are Pulsatilla and Belladonna. It will be remembered that Lilium and Sepia cannot stand: must sit down, or cross the legs,or support the parts , in order to prevent protrusion: that is the sensation. But the Belladonna bearing-down is better standing: while the Pulsatilla bearing- down is worse lying. These things are strange and unexpected,therefore important. One remembers a poor woman, one of our “out-patients”, who came to hospital after a miscarriage, ill and with a disquieting temperature,who complained of distressing bearing-down sensations, worse sitting and flying,and only relieved when standing. She refused admission: was given Pulsatilla (evidently her remedy) and told to report next day: when the temperature was normal, and the distress gone. The “modalities:” or conditions accompanying such symptoms are enormously helpful for correct prescribing-without which, the beautiful results of Homoeopathy are not seen. Such modalities help to diagnose between like remedies. One may just mention here a little-used remedy, which comes down from antiquity, and which has produced and cured bearing-down pains, and even uterine prolapse-as one has seen. This is Arctium Lappa, or Lappa Major-Burdock. It is one of the unusual remedies with which the late Dr.Compton Burnett made such play. Its “:virtues: have earned it the name of the “uterine magnet”.
Tormented about her salvation. Uterine complaints. Depression of spirits; profound; can hardly keep from crying; DISPOSITION to weep,with nausea and pain in back; averse to food; weeps much and is very timid: indifferent about anything being done for her. Dragging down of whole ABDOMINAL contents,extending even to organs of chest; must support abdomen; as if whole contents were pushing down in to a funnel; is compelled to cross her legs for fear everything would be pressed out. Bearing down sensation in pelvis as though everything was coming into world through vagina. Pressure in rectum, with almost constant desire to got to stool. Continuous pressure in region of BLADDER, constant desire to urinate, with scanty discharge, smarting in urethra and tenesmus. Frequent urination through day: with dull headache moving from sinciput to occiput,finally settling in left temple. If desire is not attended to, feeling of congestion of chest. Sharp pain in OVARIAN region; burning stinging cutting; grasping pain extends across hypogastrium to groin, down leg; bearing down when standing; sensitive to pressure; Ovary swollen to nearly size of a childs head. Severe neuralgic pains in UTERUS, could not bear touch, not even weight of bed clothes or slightest jar; anteversion. Anteversion and retroversion of uterus; patients nearly all have constipation. Sensation as if HEART was grasped or squeezed in a vice; as if blood had all gone to heart, producing a feeling as if he must bend double ; inability to walk straight.

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