Homeopathic Remedies for Lichen Planus Permanent cure:

Dr. Sunitha Devi Vannemreddy M.D(Hom), drsunithavannemreddy@gmail.com, Homeopathic remedies for lichen planus are most effective in permanent cure.

Lichen planus is a cell-mediated immune response of unknown origin. It is fairly common skin rash that thought to be triggered by autoimmune system. There may be several contributing factors and each case is different. Main causes include

Homeopathic Remedies for lichen infection

viral infection, allergen or stress, and genetics. Homeopathic Remedies for Lichen planus can cure it permanently as well prevent the recurrence.

Lichen may be found with other diseases with altered immunity such as ulcerative colitis, alopecia areata, vitiligo, dermatophytes, morphea, lichen sclerosis and myasthenia gravis.

Lichen planus has been found to be associated with Hepatitis C virus infection, chronic active hepatitis and primary biliary cirrhosis:

Many people get lichen planus. This disease can develop on one or several parts of the body. As a matter of fact, It appears on skin or on the oral cavity. In addition, Lichen planus can change the way of person’s fingernail and toenails look. It can also appear on genitals and on the scalp too.

It may be uncomfortable but in most of the cases, lichen planus is not a serious problem. Lichen planus is not contagious. You cannot get this disease from someone else and you cannot give it to anyone. Lichen planus is not a type of cancer.   As I have noted Lichen planus can occur in anyone at any age, skin form of lichen planus occurs in men and women equally but the oral form of LP develops twice more in women.

It is very rare for young and elderly people and most commonly occurs in middle-aged people. Moreover, Other risk factors include having another family member with lichen planus, viral diseases like hepatitis c, or being exposed to chemical or allergens like certain antibiotics, arsenic, gold, iodide compounds, diuretics and certain kinds of dyes.

Signs and symptoms of Lichen planus: 

Common symptoms of lichen planus include:

  • Purplish colored lesions or bumps with flat tops mostly found on the wrist, inner forearm, and ankles.
  • Blisters, which become scabby after bursting.
  • Thin white lines over the rash (Wickham’s striae).
  • Itching at the site of the rash. Description of lichen planus well known as “6ps” includes Planar (flat-topped), purple, polygonal, pruritic, papules and plaques.
  • This rash after regressing likely to leave an area of hyperpigmentation that slowly fades. Lesions initially developing on flexural surfaces of the limbs, with generalized eruption developing after a week or more and maximal spreading within 2-16 weeks.
  • Pruritus of varying severity, depending on the type of lesion and extent of involvement.
  • Oral lesions may be asymptomatic, burning or even painful. Moreover, Ulcer formation with intense burning and painful. In addition, Won’t allow talking and chewing anything and burning on taking food. Sometimes bleeding in nature.
  • In cutaneous lesions, lesions typically resolve within months to 18 months; the chronic disease is more likely oral lichen planus or with large, annular, hypertrophic lesions and mucous membrane involvement.


Structures involved in Lichen planus:

  1. Mucous membranes like affecting the lining of gastrointestinal tracts like mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, and anus, larynx and other mucosal membranes. ·
  2. Cutaneous type involves extremities, face, and nape of the neck. Sometimes occurs in palms and soles (intertriginous area); that is called as “ inverse lichen planus”
  3. Genitalia; causes lesions on glans penis or skin of the scrotum in males. Vulva or vagina in females. Symptoms include lower urinary tract infection associated with stenosis of the urethra, painful sexual intercourse, and itching.
  4. Nails characterized by irregular longitudinal grooving and ridging of the nail plate, in addition, thinning of the nail plate, pterygium formation, shedding of the nail plate with atrophy formation. At this point, a sandpapered appearance is present in individuals with nail lichen planus.
  5. Scalp; which is also known as planopilaris and peripilaris. Moreover, characterized by violaceous, scaly, pruritic papules. It also causes scarring alopecia if not treated.

Occasionally, lichen planus is known to occur with other conditions like,

  1. Lupus erythematosus: lesions are usually large, hypopigmented, atrophic and red to blue colored with minimal scarring. Additionally, Telangiectasia may be present.
  2. · Lichen sclerosus: lichen planus overlaps on lichen sclerosis by sharing both symptoms more or less equally.

Clinical presentation of Lichen planus is:

  • Hypertrophic LP
  • Atrophic LP: mostly present as atrophic oral lichen planus may also manifest as desquamative gingivitis.
  • Erosive or ulcerative LP: it is the second most common oral lichen planus. It is characterized by oral ulcers with persistent, irregular areas of redness, ulcerations, and erosions covered with yellow slough. Gums also involved described as desquamative gingivitis.
  • Follicular LP
  • Annular LP
  • Linear LP
  • Reticular LP: the most common presentation of oral LP. It is characterized by net-like or spider web like the appearance of lacy white lines called “Wickham’s striae”
  • Vesicular and bullous LP appears as fluid-filled vesicles which project from the surface.
  • Actinic LP
  • Lichen planus pigmentosus · Lichen planus pemphigoids: characterized by the development of tense blisters atop lesions of lichen planus or the development of vesicles de novo on the uninvolved skin.
  • Keratosis lichenoideschronica: it is a rare form of dermatosis characterized by violaceous popular and nodular lesions, often arranged in a linear or reticular pattern on dorsal and, feet, extremities, and buttocks.
  • Lichenoid keratosis: also known as benign lichenoid keratoses, a cutaneous condition characterized by brown to red scaling maculopapules, found on the sun-exposed skin of extremities.

Diagnosis of Lichen Planus :

Lichen planus lesions are diagnosed clinically by “lichen” like appearance. A biopsy can be used to rule out conditions that may resemble lichen planus. Direct immunofluorescence study reveals globular deposits of immunoglobulin M (IgM) and compliment mixed with apoptotic keratinocytes.

Management of Lichen Planus:

Lichen planus homeopathy

Lichen Planus is a self-limiting disease that usually resolves within 8-12 months. Mild cases treated with topical steroids and severe cases especially those involve scalp, nails and mucous membranes need intensive therapy.   In Allopathy, the first line of treatment is corticosteroids, vitamin D3 analogs, and antibiotics. Cosmetic treatments include laser surgery, cryotherapy, and phototherapy.   Patients with widespread Lichen planus will be responds with, Narrowband or broadband UV-B therapy and Psoralen- ultraviolet –A (PUVA therapy) treatment.  

Lichen planus and Homeopathic treatment:

  Homeopathy is the deep acting constitutional treatment which helps in stabilizing the person in the emotional, mental and physical plane. Inheritance is the condition in which some diseases run in the family. Homeopathy helps in the limiting the progression of the disease by acting on the miasmatic level which lessens the impact of the disease.   Autoimmune conditions are self-acting conditions against its own immunity. So with the homeopathic treatment, these autoimmune conditions are somewhat limited in its progression and symptomatic relief by strengthening the person’s immunity.

Homeopathy helps in relieving the symptoms and reducing the impact of the condition and also helps in reducing the recurrence of the disease.   Homeopathic treatment also helps in relieving the side effects of corticosteroids and other allopathic medications used for the treatment of lichen planus. Lichen planus caused by allergens like gold, chemicals, and medications are effectively treated with homeopathic medication.   So homeopathic medication helps in the effective treatment of lichen planus, by relieving from the symptoms, reduces the recurrence of the disease. It also helps in the lightening of the pigmentation left by the disease.

Homeopathic Rubrics useful in the treatment of Lichen planus:

  • Skin, Lichen planus
  • Skin, discoloration, purple
  • The Skin, eruptions, purple.
  • Skin, eruptions, papules
  • Skin, eruptions, blisters
  • The Skin, eruptions, blisters, scalding of skin from
  • Skin, eruptions, itching
  • Skin, eruptions, chronic
  • Extremities, eruptions, forearm
  • The Extremities, eruptions, wrist
  • Extremities, eruptions, ankles
  • Skin, eruptions, dark
  • Skin, eruptions, desquamating
  • The Skin, eruptions, crusty
  • Mouth, ulcers
  • Mouth, abscess
  • The Mouth, ulcers, irregular
  • Mouth, ulcers, painful
  • Mouth, ulcers, painful, burning
  • The Mouth, ulcers, painful, sore and starting
  • Mouth, ulcers, painful, biting
  • Mouth, ulcers, painful, touch to
  • The Mouth, ulcers, gums, discharging of blood

Some of the indicated Homeopathic  remedies for lichen planus:

  Antimonium crudum, Anthrakokali, Arsenicum album, Arsenicum iodum, Borax, Juglans cinerea, Kali bichromium, Merc sol, Plantago, Sulphur, Sulp.iodatum, chininum arsenicosum, thallium metallicum, and Thuja.

Antimonium crudum: One of the best homeopathic remedy for both oral and cutaneous lichen planus:

Cracks in the inner corner of the mouth with canker sores in the mouth. No thirst with slimy mucus. In addition, The tongue is white coated or whitewashed. Moreover, The best remedy for thick, hard and honey-colored scabs. Papules with burning and itching aggravated by cold bathing and night.

Anthrakokali: Best remedy for the treatment of lichen planus if eruptions on hands and feet:

It shows the effect on popular eruptions, especially on hands and legs. In addition, it helps in the treatment of papules on scrotum in males. It is the best remedy for the lichen planus over the skin of tibia.

Arsenicum: It is one of the best remedies for the treatment of lichen planus associated with great exhaustion and anxiety:

Most important, Great anguish and restlessness associated with skin complaints. Fear of death prominent in this drug. Popular eruptions which are dry and scaly, worse by cold weather and scratching. Ulceration of mouth with dryness and heat sensation in the mouth.

Borax: Best remedy for oral lichen planus with rashes inside cheeks and on the tongue:

Aphthae, white fungus-like growths in the mouth. Painful gum boils. Ulcers bleed on touch and eating. Mouth is tender and hot with the bitter taste in the mouth.

Juglans regia: It is the best remedy for lichen planus which affects the scalp:

The scalp is red with violent itchy eruptions. Chanker like ulcers and with more itching in the night.Moreover,  Associated with enlarged axillary glands which suppurate.

Kali bichromicum: it has more affinity towards mucous membranes like the oral cavity:

The mapped tongue which is red, shining and dry. As has been seen, a sensation of hair on the tongue. Also useful in skin ulcer with punched out edges. Moreover, Associated with prostration and burning pain.

Merc sol: Best remedy for oral lichen planus.  Especially effective in the treatment of lichen planus where gums are involved:

Gums spongy, recede and bleed easily. Moreover, Sore pain on touch and on chewing. The furrow in the upper surface of the tongue. In fact, The tongue moist, coated yellow with teeth indented, feels as if burnt, with ulcers. Complaints worst at night with great thirst.  

Plantago: Best remedy if whole oral cavity affected by lichen planus:

A toothache with soreness and sensitive to touch. In addition, Swollen cheeks. Profuse saliva. In fact, Complaints are worse by touch and cold air and relieved by pressure. As has been noted, External application of Plantago mother tincture relieves the pain.    

Sulphur Best the remedy for Lichen planus with papules and extreme skin dryness:

Eruptions are dry, scaly and unhealthy. Every little injury suppurates. Complaints of skin eruptions after local medication. In addition, Papular eruptions with hand nails. Excoriation in folds of skin. Complaints are with itching and burning and worse by scratching and washing.

Sulp.iodatum: Best remedy for lichen planus on face and arms:

Popular eruptions on the face. Moreover, Itching at nose and ears. Arms covered with itching eruptions.

Chininum Arsenicum: It is indicated in oral lichen planus after affections of
malaria and neuralgia:

The tongue thickly furred, yellow and slimy coated with the bitter taste. In fact, complaints associated with profound prostration and loss of appetite after malaria.

Thuja: Best homeopathic remedy for lichen planus of pigmented variety:

Eruptions only on covered parts with profound itching, worse after scratching. Very sensitive to touch. In addition, Brown spots on hands and arms. Nails crippled, brittle and soft. With these some indicated remedies for the treatment of lichen planus.

Thuja Occidentalis

In conclusion, Constitutional treatment with homeopathy not only relieves the complaints of lichen planus, additionally, it also helps in reducing the recurrences.

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