–  Anne Vervarcke, ‘Homeopathy Strange Rare and Peculiar,’ 

(AV= Anne Vervarcke   AvdM= An van de Moortel)

AV: Sankaran’s scheme has Level 1 and Level 2 (Name and Facts) pointing to the bodily experience, and Level 3 (Emotion) and Level 4 (Delusion) pointing to the mind. His Level 5 is Sensation level, Level 6 is the level of Energy or Substance or Source and then there is a Level 7, but I don’t really understand what this means. In the Vital Approach, Level 1 and 2 are different from Sankaran, I don’t use Level 6 or 7 in my Vital Approach but my Level 5 is similar to Sankaran’s.

In the first level in my diagram, namely the Physical Body of an organism, the experience is of an individualized physical pathology. One cannot have someone else’s pathology, so I don’t see the need for splitting this level. The second level I call the Energetic Level. This level doesn’t exist in Sankaran’s scheme but I think it is a level of great importance.

AvdM: You already mentioned previously that the Energy or Etheric Level (Level 2) resonates with the second dimension.

AV: Yes. Remember that the first level is the iron crystal in the core of the earth and the source of magnetism. The second level is the realm between this and the surface, which is our third dimension. This third dimension we know as our playground. We also know the fourth dimension (collective thought forms) and fifth dimension (love), the sixth dimension (geometric patterns) and the seventh dimension (light), but somehow the second dimension (energy) is overlooked. That is why I pay special attention to it: it plays a major role in our daily life, it is the source of our vitality, wealth and health and yet nobody seems to realize this!

AvdM: I understood it is the realm of the ores, the stones, the elements, the crystals and the primitive organisms.

AV: Yes, and in that way it is the laboratory of life. We tend to think of the world under our feet as ‘inanimate’. We think rocks and stones and mountains don’t live, but everything that exists is held together by the same glue; the creative thought, called the morphogenetic field –although I think this is rather a product than an originator of formsor a Platonic Idea.

AvdM: The idea comes first, then the form?

AV: Probably yes, the form being the manifestation of the idea. We don’t have to discuss the creative power of thought, do we?

AvdM: In the sense that any creation starts with an idea?

AV: That is one possibility, but thought is even more powerful. In the bestseller of Lynn Mc Taggart: ‘The Field” we read how thought even influences computers. You might have had the experience of how something you accepted as reality with your mind came into manifestation. This is the basic premise of movies like “The Secret” or of positive thinking.

AvdM: I can see that the only reason positive thinking ‘works’ is when you know “it is”, not when you hope or wish it would be.

AV: I fully agree. Our socalled inanimate world has another pace than ours and the second dimension is much denser than the third. As you go up the dimensions, the density lessens.

AvdM: So in your understanding, do you think dimensions and levels correspond?

AV: Not really. We are multidimensional but materialize in the third dimension; this is our playground for a period of time where we use abilities from all our dimensions to act, create and evolve by experiences in the third dimension.

AvdM: Can you tell us a bit more about this second dimension?

AV: It is a fascinating world, not just rocks and stones. We tend to limit our interest to the riches and then pull out as many materials as we can; precious metals, diamonds, ores, semiprecious stones, crystals, petrol, uranium, gas and coal… our wealth comes from these. That in itself is remarkable, isn’t it? After all, we live on the surface and yet our riches aren’t the product of our dimension.

AvdM: I never looked at it like that…

AV: We have the idea it is all dead matter, we think we can dig it up as much as we want. But if you consider our planet as a living being, this is obviously not the case. By taking without giving the balance is disturbed and the organism tries to restore health or it will die, just like in a human organism. Everything that exists is alive, it has a material and an etheric aspect, the one being visible, the other invisible. You can call it the Energy of the Phenomenon, if you want.

AvdM: Like in having the raw material gold and the gold energy?

AV: Very much like that, yes. With a Lecher antenna29 you can measure the frequency of elements of ‘dead stones’ like limestone or quartz and you can even feel these materials in buildings where they were used. In previous times this knowledge was used ingeniously in churches or cathedrals. Quartz was used in the entry hall because there you would feel cold and so you would not hang out but move away from that space. The naves of the church, separate for men and women, were built with different kinds of stone depending on the resonance with the male and female organs. The area in front of the altar was built in quartz because it had to function as a buffer zone. The priest would stand on a stone that would stimulate his mental capacities and allow his physical functioning to move in the background…

AvdM: Fascinating. All this knowledge seems to be lost somehow?

AV: But I think people are rediscovering this! These days, you find many books on telluric forces, magnetic forces, Ley lines and the use of geomancy… Throughout time, people around the world have had the awareness and knowledge of the earth’s powers. They would build their houses on healthy places, with enough (clean) water, where they wouldn’t be stricken by lightning, where they could conserve their food and could gather in sacred places. My point is that when one is ignorant about this source of energy, one gets deprived of it and becomes weary, depleted and ill. Many of the socalled modern diseases, insofar as they are not the result of weakening the system from vaccination and medication, are a consequence of a lack of contact with this second dimension.

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