– Letter from the president of NASH (Miranda Castro FSHom, RSHom(NA), CCH)
 NASH has worked hard over this last year and through our many activities continues to go from strength to strength. There is growing acknowledgement, not just from within this organization, that NASH is one of the most dynamic homeopathic groups in North America.

 We who are NASH are an interesting and dedicated group of individuals. We bring a tremendous diversity of experiences, skills, backgrounds and opinions to this organization and to our work. We are still such a small organization that any one person can, has and does make a big difference. We are building substance and good will with the larger homeopathic community as well. This year, doors, which were formerly shut, are now opening. The AIH has invited NASH to participate at their Centennial conference in June of 2000.
 Most importantly of all, we who are NASH are building community. We are getting to know each other as people. It is a sad geographical reality that most of us can only meet in person at an extra special event such the conference in Vancouver where finally we get to break bread, laugh and dance together but in between times we keep in touch by phone and increasingly, by email.
 Diversity and Collaboration was the theme of last year’s conference and it was and we did! A great diversity of participants with a shared passion for homeopathy collaborated to make our Annual Conference in Vancouver in August of 1999 a huge success. The conference evaluations positively glowed with appreciations.
 Our conferences bring together top homeopaths from North America and around the world for two dynamic days of community building and presentations from the cutting edge of homeopathy. The highly acclaimed workshop format has allowed homeopaths who might not present in front of a large audience to share their expertise and experience in a more intimate setting. Transcriptions of the Conference Workshops will be available this summer.
 This year our conference will be in New York (on the 9th and 10th of September) and promises to be a weekend packed with good, solid homeopathy É and lots of fun. Our keynote speakers are Jeremy Sherr from the UK and Andre Saine from Canada. On the Friday evening Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg will be our after dinner speakers. Jeremy Sherr will be teaching a two-day seminar after the conference (11th and 12th of September) sharing his unique blend of homeopathy, philosophy, wisdom and humor. Come and meet us in New York in September, we’d love to see you there.
 NASH is now a 501(c) (6) organization and we have formed a tax-exempt arm we have called The NASH Foundation which has recently been granted its 501(c) (3) tax-exempt status. This will allow us to raise more funds and this will be a major focus of our energies in the coming years as we move our work to higher levels. We have many ideas for projects that need to be carried out to advance homeopathy in North America, now we need the funds to make these visions a reality.
 NASH is prioritizing legal and political issues this year and we are busy researching options for the way ahead for the professional homeopath, as it is time to secure our future. We are also actively encouraging and supporting the development of state associations as well as supporting the formation of Natural Health Coalitions along the lines of the Minnesota initiative.
 We are developing a program and network of supervision and mentorship, connecting experienced homeopaths with students and newly graduated homeopaths who are looking for general support as well as supervision with cases.
 We are expanding our marketing and PR activities to increase our visibility: by writing public information leaflets; by expanding our website and putting together a press kit and by developing various specialty items like t-shirts to sell at conferences and seminars.
 As you can see from this issue of our journal, The America Homeopath continues to be one of the best homeopathic journals in the world. The quality of submissions has been consistently high and a dedicated editorial team brings you an excellent and attractive publication. Our excellent quarterly newsletter keeps our members informed about events both within NASH and in the larger homeopathic communities.
 I am proud to be President of such a vibrant organization: we have created a home for the professional homeopath in North America-a community of like-minded folk with a common vision-thanks to all the many contributions of members who are helping NASH flourish.
 NASH is working to help homeopathy thrive in North America, to further homeopathy as a distinct profession in the US and Canada, a profession with its own high standards of education and practice, with legal acceptance and a standing in the medical communities. This is only possible with all your help, we cannot do it alone so if you are not already a member, please consider joining NASH today (see Application form on page 85). And if you are a homeopathic practitioner, practicing in the US or Canada, we would like to take this opportunity to urge you to become a NASH Registered Member.
 We are always looking at ways to expand our activities and to involve more of our members in this exciting time of our growth and development. All are welcome to contribute their ideas and opinions. If you are interested in participating in any of our activities please contact us, we’d love to hear from you. 

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