Materia medica
Homeotherapy, Vol. 4, No. 1, 1978
Roger A Schmidt, Mental Symptoms of Lachesis: A Study, p. 1-2, Homeotherapy, Vol. 4, No. 1, 1978
Vermeulen’s Synoptic I
Better: OPEN AIR. FREE SECRETIONS. Hard pressure. Bathing part. COLD DRINKS.
SHARP-TONGUED, WITTY, bright, censorious, jesting, satirical (very entertaining but tiring). Fascinating and charismatic, or ruthless, remorseless, tactless directness. OVERACTIVE MIND. Great command of language. Learns foreign languages easily. OR: LOQUACITY (wants to talk all the time; jumps from one idea to another; one word often leads into another story), bombastic, exaggerating, loud, rambling.
Strong-minded, opinionated. HAUGHTY. FANATISM (especially about religious issues).
INTENSE, passionate. Goes to EXTREMES.
VIVID imagination. Prophetic. Quick comprehension.
Moralistic, puritan or militant on sexual or religious issues.
Strong SEX DRIVE, or high sexual standards (puritan, fanatic disapproval).
LEFT-SIDED ailments; or left extending to right.
Worse During and after SLEEP. Worse Morning on waking. Worse LONG sleep.
Worse WARM WET WEATHER, sultry weather (Spring and Autumn).
Worse DISCHARGES, especially menses (as soon as flow starts). Worse BEFORE menses.
Worse Menopause (cessation of menses). “Never well since menopause.”
Circulatory disturbances. PURPLE, bluish DISCOLORATIONS.
Left-sided quinsy, extending to right side; worse warm drinks, better cold drinks.
Choking from clothing around neck, from slight pressure or touch.
Paroxysms of sneezing in hay fever, especially worse after sleeping.
1. Overactivity of mind. Loquacity. Vivid imagination; passionate and intense.
2. } Discharges, especially menses.
3. Left-sided complaints.
4. Warm-blooded. Purple.
5. Worse During and after sleep.
6. Worse Oppressive weather.
Vermeulen’s Concordat
Like all snake poisons, Lach. decomposes the blood, rendering it more fluid; hence a hemorrhagic tendency is marked. Purpura, septic states, diphtheria, and other low forms of disease, when the system is thoroughly poisoned and the prostration is profound. The modalities are most important in guiding to the remedy. Delirium tremens and much trembling and confusion. Very important during the climacteric and for patients of a melancholic disposition. Ill effects of suppressed discharges. Diphtheritic paralysis (Botul.). Diphtheria carriers. Sensation of tension in various parts. Cannot bear anything tight anywhere; obliged to wear clothes loose. NERVES become very sensitive, esp. CUTANEOUS and VASO-MOTOR. Symptoms appear on LEFT SIDE; then go to right; THROAT, OVARIES. GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Intensively rapid onset of the disease and great prostration. Malignant or septic states; gangrene, diabetic; traumatic; senile; carbuncle, erysipelas. HAEMORRHAGES; blood thin, containing dark particles like charred straw; vicarious, nosebleed, bloody urine, etc. Small wounds bleed much. Blueness; of the affected parts; of hands. Discharges; acrid; OFFENSIVE. ASCENDING SENSATIONS; in throat; chills. FLUSHES OF HEAT; rushes of blood. Sensation of a LUMP, in throat, abdomen, liver, rectum, etc., rolls about in bladder. EXCESSIVE PAINFULNESS; if throat; ulcers; spots on body. Sensation of constriction; in throat; on head, as of a skull-cap; of anus; drawing; vertex to jaws; in rectum, etc. Great physical and mental weakness; in morning. Trembling; of the whole body; of hands, tongue, etc. Hard throbbing, or hammering pains. Neuralgic pains change locality, and palpitation. Epilepsy; comes on during sleep; from jealousy; onanism; loss of fluids. Left-sided paralysis; after apoplexy; or cerebral exhaustion. Fainting; from pain in heart, nausea, and pale face, vertigo. Chorea, from piercing ears. Awkward gait; left side weak. Dropsy; from liver and spleen diseases; after scarlatina. Cellulitis and burning and blue colour of skin. Bubonic plague. Cancer. Symptoms develop in sleep and the patient wakes up from symptoms; at any time day and night. Hysteria. Catalepsy. As of thread drawing the part or spreading over. Convulsive attacks, seeming to begin in lower extremities. Swelling, esp. of upper part of body; head and throat. Weakness of whole body in morning on rising. Sudden jerking of whole body while sitting. Restless tossing about and moaning, in children with sore throat. Great inclination to lie down, esp. after eating. Feels bruised in the morning on waking. Bad effects of poison wounds. Extremes of heat and cold = great debility. CHILD MUST BE HELD TO RELIEVE HEAD AND CHEST AND PREVENT SHAKING; FEELS BETTER IF HELD OR PRESSED DOWN. Fainting in a warm bath (Apis and Op. have convulsions). Sunstroke, esp. after the use of alcohol.
Great loquacity; rambling; frequently jumping from one subject to another ( and mocking, jealousy, satire, ridiculous ideas, frightful images), then sadness or repeats the same thing; ONE WORD OFTEN LEADS INTO ANOTHER STORY. Amative. Sad ( and anxious on waking) in the morning; no desire to mix with the world. Restless and uneasy; doesn’t wish to attend to business; wants to be off somewhere all the time. Jealousy (Hyos.). Mental labour best performed at night; mania for overstudy. Euthanasia; thinks she is nearly dead, and wishes someone would help her off. Suspicious; nightly delusion of fire. Religious insanity (Stram.; Verat.); continually moaning that she was lost. Derangement of the time sense. Compelling delusions; thinks herself under superhuman control; thinks she is dead and preparations are being made for her funeral; thinks herself pursued, hated and despised. Persistent erotic ideas, and inability. Malicious. Mischievous. Delirium; tremens; from overwatching; over-fatigue; loss of fluids; overstudy. Feels full of poison. Fears; going to sleep; lying down; or that heart will stop. Aversion of women to marriage. Talks, sings, whistles; makes odd motions. Mocks. Crawls on the floor; spits often; hides, laughs or is angry; during spasms. Weak memory. Mistakes in writing and speaking. Mind aggravated after sleep. Predicts the future correctly. Proud and lazy. Hateful. Mental confusion or alienation; tries to escape, and loquacity. Necessity to do everything rapidly. Loquacious in the evening. Great mental activity, ideas crowd rapidly. ECSTASY, and ALMOST PROPHETIC PERCEPTIONS, OR WITH A VIVID IMAGINATION. Fear of being poisoned; refuses the medicine. Fright from seeing snakes. Aversion to company, desires solitude to indulge her fancy. Aversion to company during pregnancy. Hurry at night. Industrious in the evening. Jealousy, as foolish as it is irresistible. Memory active from suppressing sexual desire. Stupefaction } when feet become warm. Persistent thoughts of evil. Weeping from anecdotes. Delusions; floating in the air; pleasant images; is under superhuman control. Egotism. Forsaken feeling in the morning; on waking. Haughty. Hurry while eating. HYSTERIA after suppression of discharges. CLEARNESS OF MIND IN THE EVENING. LOQUACITY; IN THE EVENING; makes speeches; during menses. Love-sick with one of her own sex. Desires to be magnetised. Quarrelsome from jealousy. RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS; in children. Sadness in girls before puberty. Sadness } during menses. Desire to travel. Feels as if he had two wills. Witty. Aversion to women. Desire for mental work in the evening.
Vertigo; aggravated turning to right; closing eyes; looking at one and the same object; from walking in open air. Vertigo in morning on waking.
Pain through head on waking. Waves of pain; aggravated after moving. Sun headaches. Headache and flickering, dim vision, very pale face. Headache } onset of a discharge (menses or nasal catarrh). Headache; heavy, bursting, k nose; right side feels cut off. Migraine ( right side), pain k neck and shoulders; and tension of muscles. Falling of hair, esp. during pregnancy. Perforating tumour of the skull. Numbness, crawling (L). Doesn’t want hair touched. Bursting or throbbing pain in temples, and heat, aggravated motion. Biting pain on vertex, and weight and pressure, aggravated sun. Leaden heaviness in occiput in morning on waking; can hardly raise the head, and vertigo. General } warm applications, aggravated morning on rising. Pressive headache, and nausea. Headache over the eyes and in occiput, every morning on rising. Headache and stiff neck and paralysis of tongue. Pressing, bursting pain in temples, } lying down. Sensitiveness of scalp in left temple from vertex down, and left side of face on touch or moving muscles, as sensation as if sunburnt. Numbness and crawling on left side of head, when touched or on moving the muscles in the evening and morning and crawling. Rush of blood to the head; after alcohol; from mental emotions; during suppressed or irregular menses or at climaxis. Headache begins in vertex and spreads over the head. HEADACHE DURING THE CLIMAXIS.
Defective vision after diphtheria, extrinsic muscles too weak to maintain focus. Sensation as if eyes were drawn together by cords which were tied in a knot at root of nose. Eyes feel small. Blindness and lung or heart affections. Eyes watery; lachrymation from pain. Fistula lachrymalis, and eruption on face. Intraocular hemorrhages. Feels as if eyes were forced out on pressing the throat. Dim sight; and black flickering; often makes reading difficult. Unsteady look, eyes roll vacantly. Sticking, drawing pain ( in and above eyes), k vertex. Flickering, and congestion of head. Blue ring about the light, with fiery rays. Cellulitis of orbit. Asthenopia from paralysis of accommodation. Zigzag figures. Photophobia; always { in the morning, after sleeping. Conjunctiva yellow or orange-coloured.
Ear wax hard, dry. Hardness of hearing, and want of wax. Earache ( aggravated left) and sore throat. Pulsations in ears. Ear wax like chewed paper. Stricture of Eustachian tube. Septic mumps. Whizzing, as from insects in the ear. Roaring and singing in ears, } putting finger in ear and shaking it. Dryness of the ears. Whitish wax (Puls. black, Con. red).
Pain at root of nose. Nosebleed, nostrils sensitive. Coryza, preceded by headache ( and stiffness of nape). Hay asthma; paroxysms of sneezing (Sabad.; Sil.); esp. aggravated after sleeping. Stopped coryza. Discharge, with every cough. Nosebleed, and amenorrhoea; on blowing the nose. Blood and pus from nose. Red pimples on nose (rum blossom); of drunkards. Cannot bear anything before nose. Catarrh and sore throat. Nosebleed; blood thick, black. Coryza; watery discharge ( aggravated left side), and red, sore nostrils; scabs in nose. Many symptoms end with catarrh.
Tearing pain from zygoma into ear; also and sore throat. Pale. Trifacial neuralgia, left side, heat running up into head (Phos.); heat rises to the face. Tearing pain in jaw-bones (Amph.; Phos.). Purple, mottled, puffed; looks swollen, bloated, jaundiced, chlorotic. Face dusky during heat. Netted veinlets on face. Flushes of heat. Enormous swelling of lips. Feeling of stiffness of the malar bone, coming from the cervical glands. Itching of the face.
Gums swollen, spongy, bleed; bluish. Tongue swollen, burns; trembles (when protruded); red, dry and cracked at tip; catches on teeth. Aphthous and denuded spots and burning and rawness; and dryness. Nauseous taste. Teeth ache, pain k ears. Bad odour from mouth. Much thick, pasty saliva. Thick blundering speech; cannot open mouth wide. Taste; peppery; sour. Cannot bear anything before mouth. Chattering of teeth. Teeth feel too long; when biting ( them together). Sudden forcible protrusion and retraction of tongue. Blisters on tip of tongue. Toothache; periodic; after waking; after eating; from warm and cold drinks.
Sore, { left side, { swallowing liquids. Quinsy. Dry, intensely swollen, externally and internally. Diphtheria; membrane dusky, blackish; pain { hot drinks. Chronic sore throat, and much hawking (of foul pellets); mucus sticks, and cannot be forced up or down. Very painful; { slightest pressure, touch is even more annoying. In diphtheria, etc., the trouble began on the left side. Tonsils purplish. Purple, livid colour of throat. Feeling as if something was swollen which must be swallowed; { swallowing saliva or liquids. Pain k ear. Collar and neck-band must be very loose. As of a hot lump or soft body or crumb of bread, in throat. Choking. SWALLOWING; painful; the wrong way; liquids regurgitate through nose; aggravated empty swallowing, less from liquids and } solids. Throat pit feels swollen, or sore spot back of pit. Constriction } eating. Can’t swallow sweet or acrid things. Hawking of mucus, and rawness in throat. Dryness in throat at night on waking, without thirst. External throat very sensitive to touch (not painful, but an uneasy sensation); in evening on lying down, and suffocative sensation; even to touch of linen. Sensation of a lump in the left side of the throat, which seems to go down when swallowing, but returns again. Cannot bear bedclothes or nightdress to touch the throat or abdomen, not because sore or tender, as in Apis or Bell., but because clothes cause an uneasiness, make her nervous.
Craving for alcohol, oysters; coffee (which agrees); farinaceous food; pickles; sour. Any food = distress. Pit of stomach painful to touch. Hungry, cannot wait for food; or loss of appetite, alternately. Gnawing pressure } eating, but returning in a few hours (cancer). Perceptible trembling movement in the epigastric region. Thirsty, but fears to drink. Soreness or cramps in epigastrium. Vomiting during menses, and headache. Eructations; before epilepsy; at menses. Nausea, comes on after going to bed; after drinking ice water. Can bear nothing tight over the stomach; must loosen clothes. Sticking pains, k chest. Pressure after eating and general weakness; and weakness in knees. Thirst, and dry tongue and skin. Eructations, which ameliorates; amounting to vomiting.
Liver region sensitive, cannot bear anything around waist. Esp. suitable to liver affections of drunkards. Abdomen tympanites, sensitive, painful (Bell.). Sore, festering, throbbing deep in liver. Inflammation of liver and abscess. Septic gall bladder. Cutting pains in right side of abdomen = fainting. Swelling in caecal region, must lie on back with knees drawn up; appendicitis ( typhlitis). Abdomen hot, sensitive, painfully stiff from loin down thighs; peritonitis, pus formed. As of a ball, rolling when turning over Distension and soreness; cannot bear the weight of the clothes, or of the hand. Empty sensation in abdomen.
Constipation, offensive stool. Anus feels tight as if nothing could go through it. Pain darting up the rectum every time he sneezes or coughs. Hemorrhage from bowels like charred straw, black particles. Hemorrhoids protrude, become constricted, purplish. Stitches in them on sneezing or coughing. Constant urging in rectum, not for stool. Constipation of pregnancy. Beating in anus as from hammers; during menses. Diarrhoea from fruits and acids. Diarrhoea in hot weather. Drawing from anus to umbilicus. Burning in anus during and after stools. Stool lies close to anus without passing and without urging. Spasmodic pain in anus before and after stool. Diarrhoea during the climaxis.
As of a ball rolling in bladder when turning over. Bloody urine. Urine; frequent, foamy, dark; strong odour. Small tumour in urethra = retention. No urine, no stool. Pressure in bladder, and frequent urging. Inefficient urging. Urging to urinate after lying down at night, or during the day.
Intense excitement of sexual organs. Strong sexual desire, and inability. During coition the emission is tardy or doesn’t occur at all. Lascivious ideas without erection. Prepuce thickened. Semen with pungent odour. Ill-effects of masturbation. Cheerful after nightly emission.
Climacteric troubles, palpitation, flashes of heat, hemorrhages, headache in vertex, fainting spells; aggravated pressure of clothes. Menses too short, too feeble; pains all } onset of the flow (Eupi.). Left ovary very painful and swollen, indurated; must lift covers (covers cause uneasiness in abdomen). Mammae inflamed, bluish. Acts esp. well at beginning and close of menstruation. Menses; black, scanty; lumpy; acrid; vicarious from nose. Nipples swollen, erect, painful to touch. Milk; thin, blue. Leucorrhoea; copious, smarting, staining and stiffening the linen greenish. Nymphomania. The less the flow, the more the pain. Ovarian tumours. Dysmenorrhoea ( with pain shooting upward in left ovary) on first day. Desire to go into open air and run about, before menses. Menses irregular. Labour-like pains during menses. Left ovary swollen, and tensive pressing, stitching pains; inability to lie on the right side, on account of a sensation as if something were rolling over to that side.
Upper part of windpipe very sensitive to touch. Sensation of suffocation and strangulation on lying down, particularly when anything is around throat; compels patient to spring from bed and rush for open window. Spasm of glottis; feels as if something ran from neck to larynx. Larynx painful to touch; or on bending head backward. As of skin hanging in or a valve in larynx. Loss of voice; from paralysis of vocal cords, or from oedema. Pain from larynx to left ear, on coughing.
Feels he must take a deep breath; constantly obliged to take a deep breath, aggravated sitting. Cough; dry, suffocative fits, tickling. Little secretion and much sensitiveness; aggravated pressure on larynx, after sleep, open air. Breathing almost stops on falling asleep.(Grin.). Sensation as of a plug (Anac.) which moves up and down, and a short cough. Tickling, choking cough aggravated touching neck or auditory canal; } retching out a little expectoration. Cough during sleep without being conscious of it. Expectoration; frothy, purulent, difficult, bloody, and excessive perspiration. Cough as if some fluid has gone the wrong way; most during day. Cough from smoking. Cough { after sleep; caused by pressure on larynx; dry and hacking; caused by touching the throat; from tickling in the throat; from crawling in ulcers in throat; from contact with open air. WANTS TO BE FANNED, BUT SLOWLY AND AT A DISTANCE. DIFFICULT RESPIRATION } SITTING BENT FORWARD.
Last stage of pneumonia. Abscess of lungs. Swelling of axillary glands. Garlic odour of sweat in axillae. Pain in left side of chest, k upward. Pain in sternum at night, and burning in chest; under left side of heart.
Palpitation, and fainting spells, esp. during climacteric. Constricted feeling causing palpitation, and anxiety. Cyanosis; neonatorum. Irregular beats. Cramp-like distress in praecordial region. Heart; as if turning over, or too big, or as if hanging by a thread. Pulse weak, intermittent; slow; irregular. Carditis; metastatic. Senile arteriosclerosis. Intolerance of pressure over heart (pain and numbness of left arm). Feels beating of the heart, and great weakness. PALPITATION { WARM ROOM; MORNING ON WAKING.
Neuralgia of coccyx and sacrum ( k legs), { rising from sitting posture; must sit perfectly still; feels as if sitting on something sharp. Pain in cervical region. Sensation of threads stretched from back to arms, legs, eyes, etc. Neck sensitive to least pressure. Neck stiff; moves jaws with great difficulty. Drawing in small of back, k hips or up back.
Sciatica, right side, } lying down. Pain in tibia (may follow sore throat). Shortening of tendons. Numbness of left arm; of fingertips. Trembling of hands (in drunkards). Felon, bluish swelling. Tingling; pricking in left hand. Cracks in skin at the corners of nails. Knees cold; or as if hot air is going through. Foot sweat, foul or cold. Sciatica; must lie still; aggravated least motion. Toes feel broken. Cramps in calves, from fear. Phlegmasia alba dolens. Weakness of arms, can scarcely raise them. Weakness in knees after eating. Ulcers on lower extremities. Red, bluish, painful swellings of legs and feet. Spreads the fingers, cannot bear fingers to touch each other.
Patient sleeps into an aggravation. Sudden starting when falling asleep. Sleepiness, yet cannot sleep (Bell.; Op.). Wide awake ( and lively) in evening. Sleeplessness; from cerebral irritation; of drunkards. Frightful dreams; of snakes. Children toss about moaning in sleep. Restless sleep, and many dreams and frequent waking. Waking in fright at a trifle. Amorous dreams. Dreams with meditation. Sleeplessness from burning soles.
Chilliness in back ( begins in small of back). Feet icy cold; and oppression of chest. Hot flushes and hot perspiration. Paroxysm returns after acids. Intermittent fever every spring; or after suppression in the previous fall, by quinine. Chill aggravated drinking; and sweat. HEAT; on vertex; IN FLUSHES; on waking; on falling to sleep. Sweat; about neck; during sleep; in axillae; bloody, staining blackish, yellow; garlicky odour. Coldness in evening, and chattering of teeth. Shivering during the heat. Chill runs up the back; on alternate days. Heat as from orgasm of blood, mostly at night. Heat particularly in hands and feet, evenings; burning in palms and soles.
Hot perspiration, bluish, purplish appearance. Boils, carbuncles, ulcers, and bluish, purple surroundings. Dark blisters. Bedsores, and black edges. Blue-black swellings. Pyaemia; dissecting wounds. Purpura, and intense prostration. Senile erysipelas. Wens. Cellulitis. Varicose ulcers. Mottled or livid; dark spots. Fungoid ulcers. Cicatrices; redden; hurt, break open and bleed. Capillaries dilated. Small wounds bleed much. Sore places become gangrenous. Pustular eruptions become black. General tendency to sub-cutaneous decomposition.
Worse: SLEEP; AFTER SLEEP. MORNING. HEAT; OF SUMMER; SPRING; of room; OF SUN. SWALLOWING; EMPTY; LIQUIDS. SLIGHT TOUCH or PRESSURE. PRESSURE OF CLOTHES; around neck; waist. RETARDED DISCHARGES. Start and close of menses. CLIMAXIS. ALCOHOL. Cloudy weather. Standing or stooping. Motion. Closing eyes. HOT DRINKS. Acids. Extremes of temperature. Better: OPEN AIR. FREE DISCHARGES. Eructation. Hard pressure. COLD DRINKS. Bathing affected part. Sitting bent. Eating; esp. fruits. Warm applications. Loosening clothes.
External warmth } (wants head closely wrapped up); hot drinks aggravated thirst; = toothache and bleeding of gums. Lying down } pain in head; aggravated vertigo, throat, cough, breathing. Lying right side } earache in right ear; } palpitation. Throat symptoms aggravated hot drinks.
Often useful in women during climacteric period. In persons of a phlegmatic constitution, with disposition to melancholia and indolence. Persons with dark hair and dark complexion. Better adapted to thin and emaciated than to fleshy persons. To those who have been changed, both mentally and physically, by their illness. Generally called for in women who have not recovered from the change of life, “have never felt well since that time”. Children and old people. Persons who cannot stand the sun and who are aggravated in summer weather. Choleric women with freckles and red hair.
Compare: Agar., Cimic., Meph., Par. and Stram. (loquacity); Alum., Arn., Hyos., Lyc., Op. and Rhus-t. (typhoid); Am-c. (blueness; somnolence; engorgement of neck; but Am-c. right-sided and without sensitiveness); Anac. (sensation of plug in rectum; two wills; thinks he is under superhuman control); Anthr. (carbuncles; boils); Ant-t. (threatened paralysis of lungs); Apis (jealousy); Apis, Arg-m., Graph., Lyc., Murx., Pall. and Plat. (ovarian and uterine diseases); Apis, Ars. and Kali-c. (oedema of face); Apis, Both., Crot-h., Helo., Lyc., Naja and Sulph. (aphasia); Apis, Colch., Crot-h., Dig., Hell. and Ter. (affections of bladder and rectum, and hematuria); Apis, Euph. and Rhus-t. (erysipelas, herpes); Arn. (sensitiveness of chest; Lach. of peripheral nerves, Arn. soreness of overfull blood vessels); Arn., Crot-h. and Phos. (retinal apoplexy); Ars., Asaf., Hep., Lyc., Mur-ac., Sil. and Sul-ac. (ulceration); Ars., Dig., Hydr-ac., Laur. and Verat. (fainting from cardiac weakness); Arum-t. (diphtheria); Bapt. (offensive discharges; typhoid); Bell. (head symptoms; throat; scarlatina); Bell., Camph., Glon., Nat-c. and Ther. ( aggravated heat of sun); Bell., Caust., Cocc., Ign., Kali-bi., Mez., Nit-ac., Op. and Plb. (constriction of anus; tenesmus; dysentery); Bell., Dulc. and Sol-n. (paralysis of lungs); Bry. (headache from suppressed coryza); Bry., Chin.,

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