Scanty, grayish like potter’s; Hard like sheep-dung; Hard and difficult; Frequent and hard; Hard, scanty, insufficient; Offensive.
 Before stool 
 Ineffectual urging; Constant and very painful pressure in the rectum, without stool; Constriction in the rectum or sensation of a plug in the anus.
 During stool 
 Great effort; Pain as if the sphincter was torn with the effort; Tearing pains in the rectum from below upward and backward, to the point of producing eructations; Faeces remain at the anus; Aggravation of pains, so that it is necessary to cease all efforts.
 After stool 
 Haemorrhoids protrude, with constriction of the sphincter; Beating in the anus as from hammers; Rectum prolapsed and tumefied.
 Lassitude, anxiety and symptoms of mental alienation. Cephalalgia. Tearing pains and burning in the eyes, especially in the upper lids; pains in the eyes from reading by artificial light. Coryza. Appetite good. Violent pain in the stomach. Weight and pressure in the stomach and distress from flatulency. Ineffectual effort at eructations. Incarcerated flatulency and oppression of the stomach. Abdomen hard and bloated. Insensibility of the rectum. Pains in the back in the lumbar region, above the left hip, and a dull pain in the vesical region. Burning urination. Cold feet; icy coldness of the soles of the feet or on the outer side of the left leg. Scanty menses.
 Obstinate constipation. Alteration of constipation and diarrhoea. Constipation in healthy persons without any other symptom. Absence of stool in persons suffering from hydro-thorax. For sedentary persons, and for women at the climacteric. Constipation with black tongue and lips in scarlatina.
 M. Teste says that the pathogenesis of Lachesis presents many symptoms similar to Belladonna, but with some difference in the chronological order of their manifestations, and with a persistent character, which might lead to the supposition that Lachesis corresponds to the chronic diseases of which Belladonna offers us, in a certain degree, the acute form. 

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