– Gladstone Clarke.

Must hold breast firmly when
going up or down stairs.

 1. Nervous, restless, highly sensitive temperament. 2. Patient forgetful, absent-minded; drops letters and words in writing; cannot concentrate; intense despondency-a chronic “blue” condition; attacks of rage; fears solitude, death, insanity, falling down stairs, etc. 3. Symptoms erratic; change from side to side every few hours or days; apt to being and end with M.P. 4. Throat complaints; sensitive to touch externally (Lach.); pains extend to the ears; (<) empty swallowing. 5. Shining, glazed appearance of lesions; e.g. diphtheritic deposit, ulcers, etc. 6. Sinking feeling at epigastrium; usually not (>) eating. 7. Female disorders. Periods premature, profuse, flow bright, viscid, stringy, in gushes. Breasts painful, inflamed, (<) towards evening and from least jar must hold them firmly when going up or down stairs. Useful when necessary to dry up the milk. 8. Hyperaesthesia of the sexual organs. 9. Intense backache across supra-sacral region extending to right natis and down right sciatic nerve; spine very sensitive to touch and pressure. 10. Modalities; (<) at M.P.; often (<) lying left side. Note. Acts best in single dose.

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