Hard, dry, knotty, difficult. In one mass, of excessive hardness; Pale, clay-colored.
 During stool 
 Difficult expulsion with painful retraction of the anus.
 After stool 
 Burning in the anus (knotty and dry stools); Falling of the rectum.
 Headache; Coated tongue, loss of appetite; Cutting pains in the lower intestines, and rumbling of gas in the upper. Colic pains. Sensation of a plug in the rectum with soreness. Pains across the loins with coldness of the extremities. Debility. During an emission of wind per anum, sweat all over the body, but especially on the face, from which it runs in streams. During the menses very hard stools, and when they delay there is painful retraction of the anus. Tough secretions from all of the mucous membranes.
 Tendency to constipation, and especially when there exists an aggravation of general symptoms in consequence of its presence.
 Constipation which returns every three months.
 Case 22 
 N. A., aged 30 years, consulted me for the following symptoms : Want of appetite; fullness at the chest; a great deal of flatulence; taste of rotten eggs, with constant nausea; great dislike of fat meat; tongue reddish and rough; headache; sharp, shooting, stabbing pains extending all over the head, pains worse in the afternoon and evening; bowels obstinately constipated. The patient was getting very weak, since she could take but little nourishment. She complained of great heat of the body on walking about. Her eyes felt weak and there was a great deal of pain in the eyeballs. Great drowsiness and languor in the daytime, with sleeplessness at night. Sharp, shooting, aching pain, frequently existed in the sides and back. Kali bichrom. 3, taken fur times a day, soon cured the patient. – Dr. A. E. Hawkes in Hempel and Arndt. 

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6 years ago

Se puede escrbir en español ??.
El Kalium bichromicum, se lo podria suministrar a mi hija, autista de diez años, con enormes problemas, còmo los que he podido entender en tu escrito, sin las nauseas/ vómitos.
Ella sigue desde hace poco, la dieta de hidratos de carbono específicos, sin gluten / caseina /soja / azúcares / germinados. Con todo, sigue con los mismos problemas, ayudada con sales de magnesio, bicarbonato de magnesio, etc etc.
Gracias y saludos.