– Gladstone Clarke.


Sleep walking is very prominent in
Kali brom.

1. Large, fleshy people, particularly children and young persons. Patients suffering from brain fag with numb feeling in head as if would lose reason; loss of memory, forgets how to talk; fits of uncontrollable weeping and profound melancholic delusions, even mania. 2. Nervous restlessness, must keep busy; fidgety hands (feet- Zinc.); restless and sleeplessness at night. from worry, etc.; somnambulism. 3. Spasms-inco-ordination of muscles-paralysis; stammering speech; staggering gait; epileptiform convulsions, etc. 4. Anaesthesia of various parts or of entire body; esp. of fauces from alcoholism. 5. Acne-like eruptions esp. on face, chest and shoulders (Eugenia J.).

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