Homeopathic Treatment and Remedies for Jealousy Mental symptom by BOUKO LEVY M., Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory

 No one  is ever cured of  jealousy.
 This mental cancer pushes the individual into anger, insomnia, depression, etc.
 Homeopathic care will help these patients, especially children, to become better adapted life.
 When this symptom is obvious, it has an important value in the individuals diagnosis because all of the patient’s economy is focused on it.
 One must avoid the trap of only listening to the common symptoms of jealousy which are completely stereotyped.

jealousy Jealousy Homeopathic treatment for Mental Cancer

Homeopathic Medicines for Jealousy First remedies

 So deep that it drives them to foolish behaviour, hysteria or even catalepsy  —  very suspicious and quarrelsome; obscene character, anger and incoherent talk :
 • one dose, as needed : HYOSCYAMUS 15C
 —  domineering, pushes the patient to foolish behaviour they cannot control or even realize what they are doing; great loquacity agg. in the evening; weeping in the morning :
 • one dose, as needed : LACHESIS 15C

  Homeopathy Medicines for Jealousy Other main remedies 

 —  rage after jealousy, fright, vexation or grief; whining; fever :
 • one dose, as needed : APIS 15C
 —  very touchy; hatred for those who do not think like them; fearful; anger:
 • one dose, as needed : CALCAREA SULFURICA 15C
 —  increased sexual desire with ineffectual attempts to control; menopause :
 • one dose, as needed : CENCHRIS CONTORTRIX 15C
 —  violent; desire to kill; disposed to reproach others; oversensitive :
 • one dose, as needed : NUX VOMICA 15C
 —  deep feeling of being abandoned; needs attention; changeable mood :
 • one dose, as needed : PULSATILLA 15C

Homeopathic Remedies for Jealousy Secondary remedies

 Love ailments from disappointed love affair  —  adolescent; intense sexual desire; lovesick with one of his (her)
 own sex :
 • one dose, as needed : CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA 15C
 —  silent grief; melancholic depression; weeping and fainting :
 • one dose, as needed : IGNATIA 15C
 —  silent grief; depression; intense sexual desire or complete indifference :
 • one dose, as needed : PHOSPHORIC ACID 15C
 —  sexual frustrations; impossible love; socioprofessional conflicts :
 • one dose, as needed : STAPHYSAGRIA 15C

  Homeopathy Medicine for Jealousy With desire to kill, painless delirium 

 —  wants to be left in peace; anxious and dazzed; ailments from fright :
 • one dose, as needed : OPIUM 15C
 —  delusions; rapid change from joy to sadness; amel. by bright light; company :
 • one dose, as needed : STRAMONIUM 15C
 See : anger, anorexia, anxiety, appetite, aversion, bulimia, capricious, delusions, depression, desire, dreams, emotional, excitement, faintness, fears, insomnia, nervousness, noises, odors, restlessness, sadness, sexual desire, sighing, since, somnambulism, tetany, trauma, weeping, yawning. 

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