This form of constipation is often the consequence of sub-acute or chronic inflammatory diseases of the intestines. It sometimes follows typhoid fever, catarrhal and rheumatic fevers. The abuse of purgatives, too much animal food, the abuse of alcohol and spices seem to singularly favor its evolution.
 The best treatment for this form is Bryonia and Nux vomica alternated, together with an intercurrent dose of Sulphur, Bryonia is especially useful in summer, in acute cases, during an attack of rheumatism or disease of the liver, when gastric symptoms are present, congestion of blood to the head and chest with dyspnoea and chilliness, principally in choleraic subjects or those of sedentary habits.
  Belladonna, Opium and Plumbum may be of service in acute cases. Mercurius and Podophyllum are sometimes called for in special cases. 

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