Irisversicolor Iris versicolor in case of Constipation

Dr. Claude, of Paris, says Iris vers. possesses a very marked alterative effect which not only appears in connection with a certain dilution independent of the constitution of the patient, but the other pathogenetic symptoms due to the lower dilutions persist under this dilution as well as in others still more elevated. In Hale’s New Remedies diarrhoea is constantly indicated with signs which relate to an action at once pathogenetic and curative. Constipation is noted without any additional symptoms, and only once; like Hale, Ruddock and Hughes, who give among the clinical indications “diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera-infantum, migraine, sea-sickness, salivation”, do not mention the constipation in which Iris has rendered me great service, but in dilutions above the 6th.
 It is very remarkable that, if the intestinal phenomena of this medicine changes with the dilutions, they do not alter its action upon the salivary glands, facial neuralgia and migraine.
 The following observation is very characteristic :
 Case 21 
 Mrs. E. -, 43 years of age, by birth Irish, small in stature, black hair, blue eyes, active disposition, slight icteric taint. This patient lived almost exclusively on tea and coffee which she took very strong. She suffers from haemorrhoids and obstinate constipation. Her periods are irregular and accompanied by colic and sick headache; the latter affecting the forehead and eyes and aggravated by noise and light. I visited this lady one day when her son-in-law, and old-school physician, told me she was not able to see me, on account of her condition. He added, that for many years, he had tried different modes of treatment but all in vain, and he would be glad to see homoeopathy make an attempt. I gave vers. 30, and in a short time there was a copious and semi-liquid stool of yellow substance. She slept for an hour an was then able to raise herself. The son-in-law made a note of the remedy and promised to try it on the first opportunity. At the following period she was again attacked and she was given some of the Tincture of Iris. No result. The doctor came to my office and reproached me for deceiving him. I gave him a vial of the 30th dilution. He reported in the evening and begged pardon for his accusation; the remedy had acted. The patient still continues to use the 30th dilution of Iris with great benefit. (We ought however to say that, according to Dr. Willmar Schwabe, Iris ver., in the 2nd dilution, is urged by the American physicians as a very certain means against constipation.) – Dr. Claude.
 The constipation which is the province of iris vers. according to Dr. Claude, does not demand a special temperament like Nux vom., a constitutional alteration like Sulphur; it does not present any marked preference for a season like Bryonia, or for sex Pulsatilla or Sepia. It has rather something of the inertia of Opium, and when it yields it does so after a resistance which is not very prolonged. Very often, but not always, it is accompanied by a migraine not aggravated by light, noise and motion (motion may even ameliorate) and is often ushered in by the following premonitory phenomenon : “spots before the eyes, veil before the eyes.”
 [We may briefly summarize this remedy as follows : Constant nausea and bitter vomiting; bitter eructations; intense burning distress throughout the whole epigastrium; constant colic with cutting pains, migraine; nervousness; constipation succeeded by thin, watery diarrhoea.] 

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