Iodium 200 or Iodum for Hypothyroidism:

The terms Iodium 200 or Iodum 200 are the same. The real term is Iodium; some people type it as Iodum by mistake. Iodium 200 for Hypothyroidism or Iodum 200 for hypothyroidism has a similar action on the thyroid gland.

Iodium 200 for HypothyroidismGoitre is a swelling of Neck or Larynx due to Thyroid gland enlargement. Thyroid enlargement may be due to the underlying disease. It may be Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism. There is Iodine deficiency in 90% of Goitre cases worldwide. Iodine used in thyroid gland for the production of thyroid hormone.

What is Iodium?

Iodine is a chemical element with the symbol I and atomic number 53. The heaviest of the stable halogens, it exists as a lustrous, purple-black metallic solid. The Homeopathic Medicine especially prepared from Iodine is called Iodium. The most useful potencies available are Iodium 3x, Iodium 6x, Iodium 12x, Iodium 30, Iodium 200, Iodium 1M and Iodium CM.

For example, if Iodine is insufficient, the Thyroid gland works excess that leads to the enlargement of the gland which is called as Goitre.

If Goitre is due to Hyperthyroidism, the symptoms, in any case, are increased metabolism, palpitation of the heart, intolerance to heat and trembling hands etc.

Maybe, Goitre is due to Hypothyroidism, the symptoms at this instant are quite opposite to hyperthyroid. As has been noted, the expressions are the slow heartbeat, lethargy, decreased metabolism, and intolerance to cold etc.

Homeopathic treatment, at any rate, is not sufficient to cure the goiter. Many time it needs to supply or reduce the thyroid hormone by external hormone or antagonist supplements.However, there is a strategy to follow in the chronic disease.

Homeopathic Remedies for Hypothyroidism: By Buko Levy

— alternate every other day, three granules:


— One dose, weekly:

  • Thin subject: BARYTA IODATA 9C
  • Heavy subject: CALCAREA CARBONICA 9C

— alternate every other week, one dose:


— To regulate the thyroid function:

  • Trace elements:

Alternate one dose, every other day: IODINE, or SULFUR

  • Organotherapy:

20 to 40 drops, 1 to 3 times a day: THYROIDINUM 4C

One dose, every week: THYROIDINUM 7C

Iodium Materia Medica:

  • Rapid metabolism, as a result, associated with loss of flesh and the great appetite. Iodium personality feels hungry with much thirst. Iodium constitutions are better after eating. These are some important indications mentioned from Iodium materia medica.
  • Great debility, the slightest effort induces perspiration, here Iodium 3x is useful. Iodium personality is exceedingly thin, dark complexioned, with enlarged lymphatic glands.
  • Iodium 200 for Hypothyroidism arouses the defensive apparatus of the system by assembling the mononuclear leucocytes.
  • Iodum constitutions, for the most part, crave cold air. Acute exacerbation of chronic inflammation as a whole is well marked in Iodium Materia medica.
  • Iodium 30 acts prominently on connective tissue. Abnormal Vaso-constriction, capillary congestion followed by edema, ecchymosis, hemorrhages, and nutritive disturbances are the pathological conditions where Iodium 200 acts markedly.
  • Action on Adenoid vegetations is some other indication of Iodium 30.
  • Use of Iodium tincture internally and locally for the purpose of swollen glands and rattlesnake bites explained in Iodium Materia Medica.

Iodium 200 for Hypothyroidism or Iodum 200 for hypothyroidism:

Iodium 200 for Hypothyroidism is also a best Homeopathic remedy for goiter from clinical experience. Although this might be true, Iodum in Homeopathic potency form can improve the absorption of Iodine atoms into thyroid tissue. At first, it helps in the formation of Thyroid hormones naturally. As a result without external hormone supplements, it is possible to manage the case. Thereby Iodium 200 for Hypothyroidism prevent the enlargement of thyroid gland or Goitre.

Thyroidinum 200 equally important, is useful in Goitre cases as the Homeopathic remedy when Iodium 200c did not work properly. Thyroidinum, as a matter of fact, stimulates the thyroid gland to function itself naturally. A single dose is enough to enhance the function of thyroid gland. The Regular constitutional remedies like Iodium 200 for thyroid gland work properly after a dose of Thyroidinum 200.

Apart from Iodium 30, Calcarea carb 200 on the other hand is also a good Homeopathic goiter remedy when the patient is suffering from sweat, which is cold and wet all the body. These patients are lethargic and fatty in nature.

Iodium 3x Uses and Iodium CM uses:

Iodium 3x and Iodium CM uses are same. The basic difference is Iodium 3x useful at the tissue level and pathological states. Whereas Iodium CM useful in deeper constitutional states. The uses are similar as mentioned in Iodium materia medica above.

Iodium CM doses:

Iodium doses vary with potency. 200c Potency of Iodium can give at least in two months gap. That means single dose, two pills of Iodium 200 or Iodium 1M at least acts for sixty days. Iodium CM dose does not repeat frequently. If indicated a single dose of Iodium CM is enough to complete the cure. The second dose may not be required.

Resources :

References: BOUKO LEVY M., Homeopathic, and Drainage Repertory,

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2 years ago

It is originally called Iodum from the “Homeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory”‘ Iodium is not even in there. Need to get your facts straight if you are going to present yourself as an Expert.

4 years ago

Hypothyroid with multinodular goiter

I was diagnosed hypothyroid with multi-nodular goiter on right side only, low body temp around 96, always cold, 6' tall-225lb, I am 64 yrs old, blood work- normal, biopsy normal, multi-nodular goiter since 1982 with 2nd pregnancy, no energy, hard to lose weight, doesn't affect speech or breathing even though goiter is quite large, both mother, maternal grandmother had same symptoms along with both my daughters ages 32, 27. Sons do not have condition.Tired of taking synthroid medication 1.75mcg. Would rather treat homeopathic. Any suggestions?

Drdevendra Kumar MD Homeo
Reply to  Bryant

CALCAREA CARB can be the best Homeopathic remedy for goitre in your case.