Homeopathy is the most admired system of medicine after the conventional system of medicine in the world, due to lack of substantiation in the present day scientific world it is not getting reputation, to a great extent it has to get.

In the present study it was attempted to show the verifiable data to the action of Homeopathic medicines.

This work is not a complete work; this is only my observation, which I am presenting in front of considerate intelligence. I hope that it will certainly provoke a thought in an enthusiastic mind.

This work shows the way through which one can substantiate the action of Homeopathic medicine.

This work presents an experimental study to identify the Homeopathic Medicines without label and to select accurate Homeopathic Medicine to a patient at a given time.

The method of selection of Homeopathic Medicine based on symptoms, given by Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, in the 18th century is used in the present century. This is useful but obtaining same set of symptoms at a given time by any given two expert Homeopaths in the field is controversial, ultimately the two physicians will select two medicines for a single patient at the same time based on their knowledge.

But in the present study, there is no scope for second opinion. According to this method of selection of medicine, the indicated medicine will be same at a given time wherever around the globe. The method is based on the natural phenomenon, which is related to biorhythms.

Present day what happens u see there is only one medicine to be indicated to a patient according to symptoms but old method of selection leading to selection of 10 medicines by 10 experts, it is difficult to select medicine.

Observation of effect of homeopathic potencies on the living subjects leading to the present method of selection and identification of homeopathic medicines. Using this method it enabled to Identify Homeopathic Medicine without label, by giving a single dose of Homeopathic Potency to a person.

This method also makes possible to write a computer program, which can monitor the indicated medicine to a patient with in 10 mits or less. This work leading into the Revolution in the field of medicine by showing the material evidence to the immaterial Homeopathic Potencies.

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13 years ago

Hey just joining, glad to be here! I'm Yael and I'm inspired by my husband, I enjoy operating and currently being balanced 🙂

I've been involved in some other forums and have found this place to have a lot better material, so it can make sense to ultimately publish!

BTW, what can I do to change the little picture thingy like some people have, I like it but can't figure it out haha

14 years ago

You seem very sure of yourself that you can correctly identify homeopathic remedies using your method. Is that correct?