– Benson A.R.

Intestinal parasites

The intestinal canal of children is very frequently infected with parasites. They are usually pin worms, round worms or tape worms. We can only be certain of their presence when they are seen in the stool. The general symptoms indicating worms are grinding of the teeth at night, picking the nose and lips, flushing of the face, especially at night, with fever, and difficulties of digestion usually with constipation. Bed wetting is common and milky colored urine is sometimes seen. There is often intense itching of the region around the anus. These symptoms, however, may arise from other causes and should not be attributed to the presence of worms unless they are seen in the stools.
Treatment : As pin worms exist mostly in the large intestine, they can usually be relieved by the use of enemas. Warm salt enemas (a teaspoonful of salt to a pint of water) may be used at night before going to bed. These enemas cause discomfort to some children, and in their place may be used 1 or 2 ounces of olive oil which is retained about 5 minutes, in the rectum, and then followed by a warm soap suds enema. Where there is itching and much discomfort, vaseline may be used about the anus, or in extreme cases, sweet oil may be injected in small quantities (1/2 to 1 ounce) once or twice a day.
Round worms which resemble common earth worms, and tape worms which appear in flat white sections from 1/4 of an inch to 11/2 inches in length are more difficult to remove, and require the attention of a physician.

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