The indications of the presence of this disease, are pain in the region of the kidneys, hip, and downwards to the leg; the limb can neither be stretched out, or drawn upwards without pain; in walking there is hobbling in the gait, with the body inclined forward; turning in bed, or lifting aggravates the pain. Sometimes there is external swelling. A psoas abscess is not usually dangerous, unless it discharges itself into the cavity of the abdomen, or produces caries. More frequently the abscess discharges in the groin, through the anus, perinaeum, or thighs.

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The remedies employed the most successfully, are Aconite, Belladonna, Colocynth, Hepar sulph., Silicea, and Staphysagria.
Aconitum napellus
is indicated when there is considerable degree of fever present in the commencement of the difficulty. This remedy should be followed by Belladonna.
DOSE and Administration. – Dissolve one drop, or six globules, in half a tumbler of water, of either remedy, and give a teaspoonful every three hours. three hours. If after using the Aconite two days, and there is no amelioration, commence with the use of Belladonna in the same way, until it becomes necessary to resort to another remedy, or change.

is indicated when there is a sense of contraction in the psoas muscles when walking, and the disease is more of a chronic nature.
DOSE. – One drop, or four globules, dissolved in a spoonful of water, repeated every six hours until amelioration, or change
Hepar sulphur
is indicated when there are rigors, followed by throbbing and increase of pain in the affected part, and we are led to believe that suppuration is about taking place. It is well to precede the use of this remedy with a dose or two of Staphisagria.
DOSE. – Dissolve, of Staphisagria, one drop, or six globules, in half a tumbler of water, and give a teaspoonful every six hours, for three days, and then Hepar sulph. in the same way, until suppuration takes place.
Silicea terra
is indicated when the bones become affected from the abscess, or when an abscess has arisen from diseased vertebrae.
DOSE. – One drop, or six globules, every night and morning. Staphisagria may follow this remedy when an offensive sanies is discharged.
Hip disease
Under the head of sciatic rheumatism, when treating of rheumatic fevers, we gave some of the characteristics of hip affections. There are, however, two other difficulties which sometimes affect the hip, more malignant and painful than sciatica, which we regard worthy of attentive consideration under the head of hip disease.

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