“I need to take the leap of faith” : a case of helium (J. Sherr) 

 “I am 36 years old. I have had homeopathy for four years with little improvement. I am very anxious about being here. I couldn’t sleep last night. I had a dream that you gave me “Starry night” remedy.
 I am having a tough time with my husband for the past two years. We have not been sexual for two years. I don’t feel dead sexually, I am not attracted to him.

 I am passionate and emotional and confused. Depending on the time of day I have a very different answer. It is a dilemma, how to do what is right for me and not hurt him. The dilemma is also, how will it affect my son?
 I live in a perfect place. I have a vision of a backyard, wooded and beautiful. Then, everything becomes distorted, a cut. And through the cut came unconditional love of God. I want unconditional love and how hard it is to accept it. I need to fall into faith but I have a lot of fear. I am financially dependent on my husband, how will I live and feel supported? I have a yearning for a total shift in perspective, towards joy and away from fear. I’m all cerebral now, but I want to move from my head to my heart. I want to feel comfortable in my body. (Observation: hand moves from head to heart) I landed in my body and at times I leave it. I want to be totally in it.
 I started belly dancing, a sensual experience. I love dancing and music. I feel stagnant and when I move I feel better. Internally I am cold, freezing most of the time.
 I want to be inspired to reach to the depths of my soul. I feel tired and I’ve lost inspiration. I am not thirsty, I struggle to drink. I crave sweets.
 When I am sad, I shut down completely. It perpetuates isolation. I don’t participate in superficial relationships. I like a relationship to be deep. I isolate myself for self-preservation.
 In my dream I was sitting with you and I take the remedy “Starry night.” Then opportunities would open up and blossom. I’d like to see things for what they are, but I look at life through a filter. I see great potential in my husband. I’m at a loss. How to tell my husband, get to my vision. I want to feel safe. My husband has hit me. He is explosive. He is like a baby; he throws things and is petty.
 I have a vision where I’m standing on top of the mountain wearing a white gown. My arms are out. If I just lean forward, I would be OK, but I am too afraid to lean into it. I’m too scared to fall into faith. I need to take the fall, to lean forward to follow my dream.
 My dream is to be understood and to have a relationship with someone mature. I stand on the mountain, lean forward and fall into the mist on earth. I have so much to take care of on earth. I need to speak my total truth without fear. My basic fear is not being understood by my husband. My husband is a baby, but he says that I am selfish, consider myself first and don’t nurture him.
 My parents were divorced when I was six. My mother had severe depression and stayed in bed. I had the consistent feeling of not being understood. Others didn’t understand me. People who live in their bodies view life as a journey, they look deeper.
 I was poor as a child and thought I would be OK when I had money and it wasn’t. I have been taking off the jewelry. I can’t wear gold, diamonds, they don’t mean anything. I was wearing jewelry to know who I was. I want to be myself. In the past I was being like everyone else. At times I can be out there and be alone.
 I have many dreams, vivid ones. I moved to a new place, there was beautiful furniture, a tortoise-shell chair that cost about $10,000. A woman, a part of me, was doing homey things. There was danger, a dangerous man. It was all a facade with violence underneath. I was trying to make it OK. The tortoise shell was beautiful, maybe I’ll stay.
 I had recurring dreams as a child: I am running away from danger and couldn’t get anywhere. I am falling, never landing; going quickly down from a high place, from a four story building on a unicycle. I fall on a unicycle and never land.
 I have a fear of the dark. I can’t see, horror film stuff. Ghosts. I don’t want to see spirits, it scares me. I feel spirits, that’s OK.
 During my mother’s pregnancy, her relationship with my father was not good. Her labor was very easy. I flew out of her body.
 I have lower back pain when I am standing; I like to sit. My neck goes out a lot. I love having it cracked and adjusted.
 I feel ovulation pains. I have headaches premenstrually. I hold my breath a lot. It is a conscious effort to take a full body breath.
 My hair is gray, I have bags under my eyes. I see my body is aging a lot, it is strange.
 A huge thing is I don’t lie and I don’t like people who lie. No truth could ever be as ugly as a lie unrevealed. Intention is everything.”
 Rx: Helium 1M 
 Follow up 2 months later 
 “The remedy was working as soon as I left the office. I was standing on the mountain and I knew I needed to take the leap of faith. I even realized that I had seen God already and needed to see the ground under my feet.
 Helium was in all the cells of my body. I had realizations about everything, including my relationship with time. I had always been in a battle before; now I don’t run out of time. I feel very present.
 For the first couple of weeks, I felt a gentle weight on the top of my head, keeping me down. It was comforting and I was present in my body. For the first time I was able to defend myself with my husband and speak up for myself.
 I don’t have to leave my body. What it so great about leaving my body anyway? I leave my body unattended and open for violation, unless I have a specific intention to leave, and safety around it. I am so grateful to be in my body. We are going on vacation and I specified to my husband that anywhere is OK as long as it is at sea level.
 I have a fear about digging in the ground and putting my hand in the ground. I realize that being close to the earth is hard.
 My relationship to my body has been of total discomfort. But going out was leaving it for violation. Now when I wake up I desire to feel my feet on the ground.
 Five days ago I got my period and didn’t know it was coming-no pms. It was a gorgeous, flowing and red period. I enjoyed it, I was feeling alive.
 I am very mindful of doing the laundry, sweeping the floor and being present. The sound of the broom on the floor is pleasurable.
 I feel communion and community (said with great feeling) I am a part of the community and to be with people is great. In fact I am not having enough alone time.
 I am more comfortable in the dark. I slept alone this week, with just my son, my husband was away and I felt really comfortable.
 My neck and back pain are very good, very good.
 I didn’t tell you-my husband proposed to me in a hot-air balloon! What other way to propose to a helium, than when her feet are off the ground!
 Helium has touched me in my whole being since I was conceived. Am I or aren’t I here-do I belong? That is why I needed to be affirmed all the time, to know that I belong. It is nice to have new information now and to be finding a place on earth.”
 Follow-up 3 months later
 Improvement continues.

Themes of helium 

 The main theme in this case which corresponds to the Helium proving is a soul that does not come completely into the body and is unable to manifest itself fully in life. In the proving there were many themes of mountains, in dreams and mental symptoms, with a desire to jump down onto the earth. Correspondingly, there is a feeling of disconnection between head and heart, leaving a vulnerable area in the neck.
 A common idea of the noble gasses is of uprightness without the ability to lean from the vertical. In order for a soul to take the leap from the vertical, and into the diagonal turmoil of life, much faith and courage is needed. Otherwise, the soul will remain forever in a state of static potential, which is not activated and manifested. In opposition to these ideas we see the patient’s too rapid birth.
 The idea of being a baby is also prevalent in Helium. Falling in a unicycle represents the Helium idea of a soul, which is as yet undifferentiated into male and female. Although there is a connection to God’s love, it cannot be manifested in a life of physical action. In the patient’s dream the empty tortoise shell is like a body without a soul.
 The idea of “Starry night” as a remedy corresponds to outer space and the realm of the soul. Because of the inability of the patient to live a life of action, opportunities do not open up and do not blossom. It is the same state of unmanifested potential, as the patient sees in her husband. In this state a person cannot feel understood because she is not connected via the bodily organs and shell.
 Another idea in Helium is the inability to take a full breath, to connect spirit and body. The uprightness of the noble gasses, of which Helium is one, is also represented in a sometimes rigid morality. In this case the patient was unable to lie. Her statement that no truth could be as ugly as a hidden lie, is too noble for life on this earth.
 The idea that intention is everything is possibly the ultimate statement of Helium. Intention may be the source of everything, but without physical action, it is unmanifested. The patient’s connection to spirit further illustrates the idea of disembodiment. We cannot forever stand at the peak of the mountain. There is a time to come down into the valley.
 Jeremy Sherr lives and practices homoeopathy in Malvern, England and travels the world, teaching students, treating patients and spreading love for homoeopathy.
 The main theme in this case which corresponds to the Helium proving is a soul that does not come completely into the body and is unable to manifest itself fully in life. 

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