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hypothyroidismwomen Homeopathy treats Hypothyroidism safely and speedily

Female 58 suffering from hypothyroidism, distension of abdomen, eructation’s, vertigo, weakness has received a dose just 4 pills of  Kali Carb 200c. She is very much comfort after kali carb.  It is observed that kali carb works well in hypothyroidism cases and controls the levels of TSH when associated with symptoms of Gastric irritation or distension, weakness. The weakness in kali carb is always related to deficiency in potassium salts. These people complain profuse sweating and weakness. Obviously it related with back pain. So combination of weakness, profuse sweating and back pain indicated Kali carb. Particularly in hormone imbalance cases, young plethoric  girls suffer with irregular menses, hypothyroidism etc can be cured with this remedy. Kali carb patients are chilly, they can’t tolerate cold air, fear of being alone and fear of darkness.
Other remedies to be though of in hypothyroidism cases are LACHESIS, NATRUM MURIATICUM and MEDORRHINUM. Lachesis works well if the patient is loquacious and desires fanning very much. These Lachesis female patients are tall with robust body frame. High sexual desires, looks attractive and charming. Natrum Mur where as indicates in cases where there is depressions and sadness, oily face, anaemic, black spots on tongue, Iron deficiency cases, desires salt and  pickles.  A dose of Medorrhinum 200c is needed when case not responds to Kali carb, lachesis and Natrum Mur. These hormone imbalance cases run bad effects of suppressed gonococcus in the background, generations together. These remedies are sufficient to cure most cases of hypothyroidism, other remedies to be thought of only when case not responds to above remedies.
In those cases where there is high levels of Thyroid Stimulating Harmone (tsh) it needs to continue Thyroidinum 6x daily for few days.
Work Sheet:

4th jan 2012
gas, erructations, vertigo
31st jan 2012
gas more
17th april 2012
gas relieved, weight reduced
14th may 2012
relieved, vertigo
14th june 2012
vertigo falling forward,
23rd july 2012
vertigo falling bathing agg
Sl 200c
30th august 2012
vertigo, bathing agg,
sl 200c
10th sep 2012
pain injection spots
aa 200c
27th sep 2012
no sleep, vertigo,
bry 200c
10th june 2013
lack of sleep agg
bell 200c
29th august 2013
numbness lw limbs, bathing head agg
aa 200c
11 December 2013
vertigo repeated,bathing
kc 200c
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