– VAN DER ZEE Harry,
• Benevolence
• Delusion things look beautiful
• Delusion he is in the presence of God
• Delusion is in heaven
• Dreams of mother flying around the world
• Overflowing love for humanity
• Unification with higher consciousness

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Hydrogenium: feeling one with the universe. Hydrogen is the lightest gas and the first matter in existence, the first manifestation of the absolute coming into incarnation. In homoeopathy we can use it to help people who psychologically speaking never left the safety of the universal womb. They have not really incarnated, are lacking substance, are spaced out.
Since the first element formed when the absolute started manifesting itself was hydrogen, it also has the sensation of isolation and of being divorced. The one has become two. (prover: ‘I guess the price of going into heaven is a trip to hell’.) The remedy can help people who owing to a sensation of universal consciousness and enlightenment find it difficult to live in the world as it is, or perhaps one should say, who out of fear of entering the world take refuge in a sensation of being one with the universe. This awareness of being one with the whole creation is a desirable state, and not pathological at all. But before aligning your ego with the universe, you first have to create one. It is impossible to return to your father without first leaving him. The journey of man starts by entering the (under)world, and after becoming aware of your own self, and manifesting who you are in the world, a re-union with the source will take place.

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