Homeopathic Treatment for Hydarthrosis,Swelling Joints suggested by BOUKO LEVY M., Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory:

 In hydarthrosis, joint swelling there is an accumulation of effused watery fluid in the joint, caused by arthritis or trauma.
 Despite good orthopedic treatment, some hydarthrosis are recurrent and only a background strategy will be able to help these patients.

  Homeopathic Remedies for Swelling Joints Local treatment, a few drops on a compress 

 —  in case of trauma :
 • ARNICA / CALENDULA / a.a. p. M.T.
 —  in case of arthritis :
 • swollen red, agg. by least movement :  BRYONIA M.T.
 • swollen rose, agg. by heat, after sleep :  APIS M.T.

swellingkneehomeopathy Homeopathic Treatment for Hydarthrosis,Swelling Joints

Acute hydarthrosis 

 —  in case of trauma
 • 3 granules, as needed :  ARNICA / LEDUM / RUTA / a.a. p. 5C
 —  in case of arthritis :
 • at the beginning :
 3 granules, as needed : APIS 5C
 one dose, daily  : BRYONIA 9C, then 12C, then 15C
 • knees, fingers : STICTA PULMONARIA 5C

   Homeopathic Remedies for Swelling Joints -Chronic hydarthrosis 

 3 granules, daily  :
 evening : KALIUM IODATUM 5C
 —  trace elements :
 • alternate every other day, one dose :  FLUORINE, or IODINE
 —  organotherapy :
 • 40 drops, 1 to 3 times a day :  SYNOVIAL TISSUE 4C

Dr.Lilienthal describes following Homeopathic Remedies for Joint diseases:

Natrum-mur for swelling joints:
      Big toe red, with tearing and stinging on walking or standing; tarsal joints feel bruised; veins of feet distended; cracking of your joints which feel stiff on moving them; lame; bruised sensation in small of back as if a portion of the spine were taken out; urine muddy and red; skin tawny. unhealthy looking, (<) at the seaside and in cold weather; . in warm weather; constant sensation of chilliness.
Manganum for Hydrarthrosis:
      Arthritis vaga, shifting from one joint to another or crosswise, with shining redness and swelling of your joints; burning spots about joints, (<) from touch or motion; at night causing the patient to moan and to groan. Toe or other joint dark red in spots; tendo Achillis shortened; chronic arthritis with anemia.
Lycopodium [Lyc]
      Tophi; nocturnal pains, (<) by heat; muscular contractions; gravel; haematuria; drawing, tearing in the limbs at night and on alternate days; (<) at rest; muscles and joints rigid, painful, with numbness; finger joints inflamed; also with arthritic nodes, swelling of the dorsa of the feet;(>) in warmth (Led. (<)); sour eructations; frequent belching without relief; pressure in scrobiculum; fulness in stomach and bowels; tension in liver; abdominal and renal colic; constipation; lithic acid deposit in urine, must rise often at night to pass urine.
Ledum is a very good remedy for swelling joints:
      Low, asthenic cases (maltreated by large doses of Colch); lancinating, tearing pains; (<) by motion than by touch and at midnight, when joints feel so hot that he throws off all covering; OEDEMATOUS SWELLING OF JOINT, WHICH MAY FEEL COLD TO THE TOUCH; affects chiefly left shoulder and right hip-joint, habitual gout in the articulations of hands and feet; ball of great toe swollen and painful; soles very sensitive; tendons stiff; gouty nodosities in joints; fine tearing pains in toes; face bloated; pimples on forehead, after abuse of alcoholic drinks.
Colchicum is also a very effective Homeopathic remedy for Joint swelling:
      GOUT ATTACKING MANY JOINTS; shifting from one to another, with burning and tearing pains, from any external impressions, noise, odor, touch or bright light, The joints becomes inflamed, dark red, hot and intensely painful, patient nearly beside himself with agony; oedema and coldness of legs and feet, with weariness, heaviness and inability to move; urine acid, dark and scanty; even the smell of food nauseates; frequent, ineffectual inclination to sneeze on waking in the morning; uric acid diathesis; GOUT IN PERSONS OF VIGOROUS CONSTITUTION.
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