How does Homeopathic Medicine Work in our Body:

The following research on Homeopathy tries to explain the questions How does Homeopathy Work for me and works in our body.

A scientific proof that Homeopathy works explained how Homeopathic medicine works in our body.

In addition, it reveals the thing Homeopathy fake or fact. Moreover, this scientific proof on Homeopathy gives us an apparatus to select proper Homeopathic Remedy.

Homeopathic Research on Remedies by means of Temperature data logger by Dr.Devendra Kumar MD (Homeo)

How to provide scientific proof that Homeopathy works, by means of the Temperature data logger?

How does Homeopathy Work in our Body

This blog is equipped with some posts regarding the selection of Homeopathic remedy with data logger in various cases. There are many queries on the methods from readers. The query is about ‘How homeopathic medicine works in our body’. Another is How does Homeopathy work for me’. In addition ‘How to select Homeopathic Remedy by using temperature patterns’.

‘How homeopathy works it doesn’t’ explained in the previous posts. All of them are linked together in ‘Research’ tab above.

However, for the convenience of Homeopathic Doctors and Enthusiastic Experimenters, would like to present the entire work in brief here. How does Homeopathy work it doesn’t explained here systematically.

The equipment you to provide for scientific proof that Homeopathy works:

First, How does Homeopathy Work need data logger and water/soil Temperature sensor:

Scientific proof that Homeopathy works

These you can obtain from onset computers online. It is USA based company, supply data logger of good quality for environmental purpose. These loggers not meant for health purpose even though we could adopt them for our Homeopathic purpose of measuring temperature from the skin of Human Subjects. This data logger only answers you regarding ‘How Homeopathy works for me.

The Datalogger supported for ‘scientific proof that Homeopathy works’ includes only software. However, you have to order water/soil temperature sensor separately. The method to obtain readings all the way through data logger and sensor are given in the product manual.

Second, you need to obtain Temperature variability of Homeopathic Remedies:

How Homeopathy works for me

To know How Homeopathic medicine works in our body have to obtain the temperature variability produced by various Homeopathic remedies. This we could achieve because of assigning homeopathic pills made of sugar to a health volunteer.

Give four pills of freshly medicated homeopathic pills made of sugar. Ask him to sit in a chair in a relaxed position and connect the sensor to his forearm by means of cellophane tape. Obtain temperature readings for every one second, like that for 10 minutes. This is all automatic process done by data logger and software.

Save data for next step:

Save the data in a separate file with remedy name. In this manner, you obtain the readings for as many Homeopathic medicines as possible. The data obtained here helpful for ‘scientific proof that Homeopathy works’.

In our Homeopathic Language, we call it as Provings, ‘materia medica’ and other various names. But in our new method, we call this data as Temperature Variability Dataset (TVD). Particularly this dataset used for selection of Homeopathic medicine for patients. To prove ‘How Homeopathy works it doesn’t’ all, as a matter of fact, depend on the accuracy of Temperature Variability Dataset.

Third, use temperature variability data for medicine selection:

How Homeopathy works it doesn't

This is the final step where we could use temperature variability data set obtained above. TVD is helpful for the purpose to reveal ‘ow does Homeopathy work for me’.

In addition, this temperature data is used for the selection of Homeopathic Remedy. Also helpful to reveal whether Homeopathy is fake or fact.

How to know Homeopathic medicine that works for our body:

For this purpose, you acquire temperature variability of the patient for about 10 minutes. and you need to compare this data with standard data (TVD). As that obtained through previous experiments.

For the purpose of comparison, mainly you can use correlation function in MS Excel. You need to install data analysis feature in excel as well which is available in add on’s.

Correlate the TVD with Patient variability Readings. Some examples given in previous posts.

The remedy, especially with high correlation coefficient to patient data, is the Right choice of remedy for the patient at the given time.

Therefore, the above experiment explained the following:

  • Provided a minute scientific proof that homeopathy works.
  • Explain How Homeopathic medicine works in our body.
  • In this experiment, we have used Homeopathic pills made of sugar.
  • The question How does Homeopathy work for me and ‘How Homeopathy works it doesn’t’.
  • In addition, it makes clear the great confliction whether ‘Homeopathy fake or fact’.
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I am a Homeopathic Physician. I am practicing Homeopathy since 20 years. I treat all kinds of Chronic and Acute complaints with Homeopathic Medicines. Even Emergency conditions can be treated with Homeopathy if case is properly managed. know more about me and my research on my blog
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Biplab Chakraborty
5 years ago

Respected Sir (Dr Devendra Kr Munta), Thanks for your appreciated estimation. We have actually focused our work chiefly on the electrical strain produced in the vehicle by any foreign entity, polar or non-polar instead of any particles. Actually, we belief that the electrical strain induced by the foreign entity in the vehicle through successive dilutions though is at nano (10-9), pico(10-12), femto (10-15) or even less electrical current level but is compatible enough with body’s own natural electrical current, at cellular level and help restore body’s normal activity as in Micro current therapy. Any further suggestion/comment in this regard will… Read more »

Biplab Chakraborty
6 years ago

Respected Sir,Thanks for the article !I am working on the mysteries of the homeopathic dilution along with Dr Md Ruhul Amin for more than 10 years. When the use of homeopathic remedies is often debated over on the argument of not having any molecule leading to a conclusion that it cannot provide any curative effect, we found there exist several contradictory explanations even within the Fundamentals of Science. So marking Homeopathic remedies as placebo on the plea of Avogadro's number is not at all acceptable .The inconsistencies in Science are to be specifically highlighted in all spheres for the development… Read more »

Drdevendra Kumar munta

Dear Biplab Chakraborty really I appreciate your great work for the benefits of Homeopathic Community and Patients.

Drdevendra Kumar munta

Yes really Nazar Karukappadath, Historic inventions are difficult to digest for professionals with similar knowledge. Things you have pointed out are right.But if you go through earlier posts, means in archives, beginning posts, there are some comments by great stalwarts who have appreciated this work. Also I am getting Emails with appreciations and acceptance from western world. Without having acceptance from western world our Indian community will not recognize this king of knowledge. This is a great drawback in India. However this work is for my Personal satisfaction first, for the need my family, my patients at last for the… Read more »

Drdevendra Kumar munta

dear alan abraham, this is irrelevant comment you have posted here, if you like to add or promote your content please send me the information text, I can provide you little space on my blog for free. don't post comments which are irrelevant please.

Alan Abraham
7 years ago

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Drdevendra Kumar munta

The method of medicine selection by datalogger works well in emergency cases very well.Hardly it takes 5 minutes for medicine selection.

Nazar Karukappadath
7 years ago

That's the joy of this invention. In the future scenario technicians will find the remedy for a particular patient using the datalogger and the doctor will devote his time entirely in playing with the potencies and managing cases. Error free prescribing! Why is it taking so long for you to universalize it Dr. Munta? Regards, Nazar

Drdevendra Kumar munta

yes really dr.Nazar Karukappadath, dr can devote his time for general management of disease in future, homeopaths can maintain OP, Hospitals, Nursing Homes without any hesitation, They can select accurate remedy even in emergency cases with in short time. 5 minutes is enough. I can conduct a work shop on the current techniques if some of you interested candidates approach.

Nazar Karukappadath
7 years ago

I am not a clinician. Never the less I have more than average interest in Homeopathy as a science, philosophy and as a healing system.
I am surprised that the Homeopathic fraternity are more or less silent on your research, I believe however that most of them are following and watching what Dr. Devendra Kumar Munta is up to. It is probably "lets wait and watch" attitude or It may be professional jealousy, who knows.
I shall be eager to attend your seminar where ever in India you may be having it. Best regards.

Drdevendra Kumar munta

Yes I am planning to frame a training program on working with data logger for homeopathic purpose.

Drdevendra Kumar munta

This research has wide scope for practical implementation in future. It is ready for therapeutic application. Interested candidates are invited to lean the methods.

Nazar Karukappadath
7 years ago

Thank you. Do you have a training plan made out for this doctor?

Nazar Karukappadath
7 years ago

Thanks again Doctor. If I may continue this discussion-
I have seen several reputed Homeopaths proving themselves poor at case management especially in handling chronic cases. Even acutes grow into chronic issues in their hands, being unable to see when to stop medicating. Do you see yourself extending your research further into areas such as this in future?

Drdevendra Kumar munta

Dear Nazar karukappadath,
1. TVDS is obtained with 200c potency, 1M Potency, even though potency differs datalogger show the same remedy.
2. I use 200c potency in practice. medium potency.
3. please question once again?
Further investigation are going on these methods.

Nazar Karukappadath
7 years ago

Dear Dr Devendra Kumar,Thank you for your reply.Your answer to Q No. 1 answers my Q No. 3 as well.Further, suppose if a patient comes to you after long term treatment with Homeo medicines elsewhere without results. In such a case do you think the reading provided by datalogger will still accurately indicate correct remedy?Do you have case examples of datalogger remedy selection and treatment of mental/emotional issues?I wish you have some experience in astro-homeopathy too, to compare remedy selection with datalogger to conclude if the former is accurate or not.I look forward to the days when your research is… Read more »

Drdevendra Kumar munta

Yes even if patients comes after long term treatment from Homeoapathic doctor, using too many homeopathic medicines, still our datalogger system works perfectly and indicate the similar remedy for the present condition.
more over our new methods are ready for use in Homeopathic practice, interested candidates are invited to learn this new method of medicine selection.

Nazar Karukappadath
7 years ago

Dear Dr. Devendrakumar,
This is brilliant. Congratulations. Hope this invention does improve therapeutic results in Homeo practice.
I have a few queries. For the purpose of 'proving':
1. Did you use a particular potency for all the remedies to obtain TVDS? Does choice of potency have any effect on TVD?
2. In practice do you use the same potency for treatment?
3. Can the data logger be further used to zero in on an ideal potency in a particular illness?
Thanks – K.A Abdul Nazar, Aluva, Kerala