Dear friends, good night.
It is a pleasure speaking with you.
I’m a pharmacist homeopath in Brazil.
I am doing a research on the laws of homeopathy in many countries (Europe, Asia, America, etc).
I will present my research in July and would like your help.
Especially on the prescription that arrive in the pharmacy. Here in Brazil, homeopathy is prescribed by doctors, therapists and other professionals.
In fact, homeopathy is accepted as a medical specialty, but remains free in Brazil.
I have news that in some European countries, the role of therapists (non-doctors) is great. Would like information on legislation and also his personal opinion. Here, doctors make a motion seeking exclusivity.
We are in a time of discussion salutary especially in relation to prescribing and dispensing of homeophaticals remedies.
Thank you for listening.
Fraternal embraces.

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