–  Anne Vervarcke, ‘Homeopathy Strange Rare and Peculiar,’ 
(AV= Anne Vervarcke   AvdM= An van de Moortel)

AvdM: I haven’t forgotten that in the beginning of our discussions you promised a surprise at the end!

AV: I did promise. I don’t know how exactly to put it but the evolution of homeopathy will probably take a quantum leap, not a gradual evolution. For the time being we are struggling with the ‘medicine of the future’ in the old paradigms and it just doesn’t fit. People who try to prove homeopathy as genuinely scientific, waste their time and energy, whenever they define science in its contemporary obsolete definition. There is no way back. We shouldn’t
36 Hahnemann called the state provoked by a homeopathic remedy ‚an artificial disease‘.
try to squeeze the new into the smaller and limited concepts of the old. And even homeopathy as it is practiced today is mainly a struggle in the dark. There are so many aspects of our healing art we don’t have clarity about, so many underlying laws and principles we only suppose and apply on the basis of trial and error. Our dynamics aren’t clear yet, our laws not well defined, our outcome not predictable enough, our results haven’t demonstrated the full potential of homeopathy yet.

AvdM: But we do have amazing results and wonderful cases permanently cured of otherwise incurable diseases.

AV: That’s the amazing fact indeed! Regardless of the gaps in our knowledge and the insufficiency in understanding our healing art, regardless of the sometimes haphazard application, the magnificent results are there. The majority of the scientific tests that proved that homeopathy worked were executed in violation of the rules of classical homeopathy. They were either done in laboratories or the fundamental imperative to individualize was disregarded and all patients with, for instance, hay fever were given the same remedy and still the results were demonstrable. In the hands of a skilled homeopath the results are much better, of course. But from my point of view the potency of homeopathy is incredibly bigger!

AvdM: Please, tell me!

AV: I’m afraid it is too premature to tell how, but it suffices to say that in my own practice the full potential of homeopathy is showing itself. And this gives me the conviction we are only at the dawn, at the beginning of the flourishing time of homeopathy.

AvdM: At a time when we experience ferocious attacks on homeopathy, when one after another campaign is being launched to destroy homeopathy, a homeopath’s bread is taken out of his

Surprise: “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

mouth… you think so?

AV: Would you think any major powerful organization would spend its energy on something that is not threatening and powerful? Are foot reflexologists being persecuted? Aroma therapist? Healers? Not that they are not doing effective work, but big companies and institutions don’t consider them a threat.

AvdM: And to them homeopathy is a threat…but can’t we coexist?

AV: Maybe in theory, but look at it this way. When a woman is under homeopathic treatment during her pregnancy, most likely the delivery will be without complications or medical intervention, the baby will be healthy and not needing medication. Vaccination will be refused, the rare childhood diseases will be dealt with by natural measures, the hormonal life will be in balance, chronic disease will be rare. In short, these people hardly ever see a doctor or take toxic medication.

AvdM: I can see the threat. It’s known that pharmaceutical companies aim at making as many people as possible as long as possible sick and depending on their medication…

AV: … but without killing them too quickly because the older they get the more they cash in on them.

AvdM: We are being very cynical now.

AV: Or just telling the truth.

AvdM: The important thing is that your message is positive. With homeopathy as it is today, “we ain’t seen nothing yet!” Can you give a glimpse of this quantum leap?

AV: We will develop more effective ways to get to the similimum in virtually every case and this from the first time. The success rate will go up dramatically in all good homeopathic hands and it will be no longer possible to deny or suppress.

AvdM: Sounds like heaven for a homeopath. Where and how can I get to it?

AV: As soon as I can put it in a solid and reliable format, I’ll surely let you know!

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