Homeopathy works but patient never satisfied

I have selected the right medicine but Patient not satisfied: Homeopathy works

This is the common complaint we often hear from the patients. Even though the remedy is selected based on strict Homeopathic Principles. Most of the time Patients complain repeatedly that symptoms are not relieved. The patient never satisfies even though the Homeopathy medicine works. Let us discuss the possible causes of patient dissatisfaction. Also, let us watch the factors that mask the action of Homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathy works but patient never satisfied

How to guess the prognosis?

The problem from the Physician side:

The first and foremost thing to consider is patient never reveals all of his health statuses at a glance. This is bitter to digest but must accept. Even if you selected is the right remedy. even though there is a slight improvement in his health. Patients may not recognize it as the effect of properly selected Homeopathic medicine. In this case, there might also be chances for changing the remedy frequently. For that reason, we may spoil the good effect of previous medicine.

The problem from Patient side:

The second case is the suppression of the outward expression of internal disorder. This needs little explanation for you to understand. When you have selected proper similar Homeopathic remedy, most of the time there is an outbreak of internal suppressed symptoms. The disease is flow-out from the most important organs to the less important organs. This is the evidence that shows Homeopathy works.

These symptoms express on Skin, mucus membranes, etc. The patient may not reveal this kind of outward expression and consider this as a new symptom. Furthermore, suppress the symptoms with allopathic medicines or some other homemade substances. In this case, the disease will never cure. The symptoms with which the patient approached will never disappear.

The thing is that every Homeopathic medicine works on the patient. The problem is with our observation. In some cases, observation of the third person is always useful.

Mentioned are few factors for the dissatisfaction of the patient even though Homeopathy works.

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