Homeopathy side effects skin

Homeopathy side effects skin:

Homeopathic side effects on skin refer to the basic principle of Homeopathy. A common question is whether Homeopathy side affects skin. Yes is true in one aspect and no in another. To solve this confliction we must know a little regarding the Homeopathic theory. Patients often experience eruptions on the skin in course of their chronic disease treatment. Homeopathy regards various chronic diseases begin after the suppression of the skin disease. While treating these chronic diseases the original form of the disease that is skin disease once again come out on to the surface. People call this as Homeopathy side effects skin.

Homeopathy-side-effects-skin Homeopathy side effects skin Explained

At this junction, also it helps us to know few Homeopathic medicines that act on the skin. Sulphur is king of skin diseases in Homeopathy. Other Homeopathic medicines for skin are Graphites, Natrum Muriaticum, Petroleum, Psorinum, Mercurius solubulis, and Mezerium. These are a small number of remedies to mention that in general but every homeopathic remedy has its action on the skin.

Sulphur – Homeopathy side effects skin:

Sulphur produce following side effects on the skin if used in overdosage.

  • It is a very good homeopathic medicine for dry skin and itching. Additionally, produce dry, scaly, unhealthy skin, every little injury suppurates.
  • Freckles are itching, burning worse scratching and washing.
  • Sulphur is safe homeopathic medicine for itching all over the body. However, Sulphur Homeopathy produces side effects like pimply eruptions, pustules, rhagades, and hangnails.
  • This is very good Homeopathic Medicine for Eczema and Itchy skin. In spite, it produces excoriation, especially in folds.
  • The feeling of a band is present around bones.
  • Sulphur Homeopathy side effects on skin cause pruritus especially from warmth, in evening, often recurs in springtime, in damp weather.

Graphites – Homeopathy side effects skin:

Graphites is a very good Homeopathic Medicine for Eczema and Itchy skin. The overdose of Graphites produces Homeopathy side effects skin. Graphites is also wonderful homeopathic medicine for dry skin and itching.

Graphites is wonderful homeopathic medicine for itching all over the body. Nevertheless, This Homeopathic remedy causes side effects resembling keloid and fibroma, pimples and acne. Eruptions started by Graphites oozing out a sticky exudation. Another side effect is rawness in bends of limbs, groins, neck, behind ears. Unhealthy skin every little injury suppurates.

Graphites is a notable homeopathic medicine for skin rashes. Though cause ulcers particularly discharge a glutinous fluid, thin and sticky. Swelling and induration of glands are in particular gouty nodosities. It is a is a reliable Homeopathic medicine for skin fungal infection. Besides, its overdose produces cracks in nipples, mouth, between toes, anus. Graphites Homeopathic side effects skin also comprise phlegmonous erysipelas of face, burning and stinging pain, swelling of feet, wens.


Psorinum – Homeopathy side effects skin:

Psorinum is also a very good Homeopathic Medicine for Eczema and Itchy skin.  This also acts as excellent homeopathic medicine for dry skin and itching. In fact, using high potencies of Psorinum cause Homeopathy side effects skin.

Psorinum is also a great Homeopathic remedy for skin disease. This remedy acts great when Sulphur fails to work. The overdose of Psorinum side effects on skin consists of the following.

  • It is really great homeopathic medicine for itching all over the body. Although, Psorinum side effects on skin bring into being dirty, dingy look, dry, lusterless, rough hair.
  • Psorinum is a prominent homeopathic medicine for skin rashes. Yet, It builds up Intolerable Itching. Herpetic eruptions, especially on scalp and bends of joints, come into sight with itching, worse, from the warmth of bed.
  • Enlarged glands, sebaceous glands secrete excessively, oily skin.
  • Psorinum is a great Homeopathic medicine for skin fungal infection. However, cause indolent ulcers slow to heal Eczema behind ears. Crusty eruptions come out all over.
  • Urticaria appears after every exertion.
  • Pustules occur near fingernails.

To conclude, Homeopathy side effects skin has its purpose in permanent cure. Every now and then homeopathic overdose and high potencies can cause side effects. Of course, mentioned above are only some. Please search the entire blog for more information on side effects of homeopathic remedies on the skin.

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International Homeopathic Consultant at Ushahomeopathy
I am a Homeopathic Physician. I am practicing Homeopathy since 20 years. I treat all kinds of Chronic and Acute complaints with Homeopathic Medicines. Even Emergency conditions can be treated with Homeopathy if case is properly managed. know more about me and my research on my blog https://www.homeoresearch.com/about-me/
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8 Thoughts to “Homeopathy side effects skin Explained”

  1. AvatarPat

    Dr Kumar. I have rescued dogs in the interior of the country of Panama and the ticks are a pest all year round. We see all types of ticks.
    We were giving them a flea and tick homeopathic remedy made of psorinum and sulphur 200c. We were giving them 3 pillules in 24 hrs and repeated the dosis in 9 days.
    The dogs are having a rush in their body. Their skin is getting red spots and they itch uncontrollably. They are loosing hair.
    Please let me know what I can do.
    One of the dogs has a chronic kidney disease that we maintain in check with a herbal supplement called Kidney Gold Support, and that is why we chose homeopathy against ticks for all the dogs.
    Please advise.

    1. Homeopathy is not the right solution to eradicate ticks from dogs, I think.

  2. AvatarKuladeep Roy

    I am 40yrs old maIe by profession a teacher.I have been suffering from LPRD problem from few years. The problem relates to hoarseness of voice, coughs and mucous in throat always..ENT doctor prescribed me Esomeprazol before meal. I have been in treatment of homoeopathy. Doctor gave me Nat Phos 6x …5 tablets daily 4 times after eating. I have not seen any improvement. Can you advice me for remedy?

    1. Dear K.Roy, pls, write more details to suggest remedy further for gastritis.
      Present Symptoms:
      Past History (Do u have any other diseases?):
      Treatment History (Used any other medicines?):
      How is your Appetite, thirst, bowel movement, sweat, urine etc?:
      What kind of food do you like? sweets, spicy, salt, eggs, chicken, fish, meat, cool drinks etc?:
      Your mentality, anger, easily weeping, jealousy, fear etc?:

  3. AvatarSridhar

    Dear Dr

    You had recommended 2 pills of Dulcamara 200 1 week ago. Though the waiting time was 10 days i felt it right to let you know that there has been no improvement in my skin disease. The skin disease patch is as big and most importantly the itching is as always very bad atleast 2 – 3 times daily i need to scratch.

    Pls let me know what you propose.

    1. dear Sridhar, now take just 2 pills of Sulphur 200 single dose and wait for 15 days. know me the symptoms of skin itching after 15 days.

  4. AvatarSridhar Sampath

    Dear Dr Devendra Garu

    This is Sridhar here from Hyderabad. We were in touch earlier for my son’s problem.

    This time i have a problem that i wanted to bring to your attention. I had skin disease in my childhood days that lasted till i was in college. The disease was mostly in my leg ( ankle region ) and feet ( upper ). There were some spots in my waist region as well. My parents tried all forms of treatment , Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda as well but nothing worked. Then suddenly after 15 years the disease slowly disappeared on its own in my college days .

    However now after nearly 25 years it is coming back.

    The left and right leg around the ankle ( inner side ) is affected and there are some spots coming up in my feet too. This slowly started coming back about 10 months ago and has intensified and spread . It itches a lot two or 3 times a day and i use a key to scratch . I scratch very hard that sometime a little drop of blood oozes out. It is very dry and scaly outside

    1. Dear Sridhar,
      Thanks for your payment.Please take DULCAMARA 200 – just 2 pills and let me know the result after 10 days. no need to take dulcamara daily.

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