Homeopathy really works or a Pseudo Science

Homeopathy really works or a Pseudo-Science?

The topic of Homeopathy and Pseudo science is a Million Dollars question. For the reason, that our Homeopaths cannot show the evidence for the action of Homeopathy. At the same time, Allopathic Physicians will not leave this matter to the belief of the public. Finally, Allopathic doctors mark Homeopathy as pseudo science. Ourselves we feel many times whether Homeopathy really works.

Homeopathy really works or a Pseudo Science

Homeopathy proved its action on Epidemics:

We have to think about whether Homeopathy really works. Allopath compares the action of Homeopathic medicine with Placebo. He says there is no difference between the action of Placebo and Homeopathic medicine. However, in reality there is a difference with and without Homeopathic medicine. In fact, Homeopathy is well proved in epidemic diseases. It is a good preventive for Encephalitis, cholera, swine flu, and Acute Respiratory Syndrome and Corona, etc.

Where is the Problem?

Homeopathy clinically well proved its action. However, Homeopathic Physicians and Researchers are unable to prove the materialistic action of Homeopathic Medicine. Whether Homeopaths incompetent in finding the action of the medicine. On the other hand, their knowledge is not updated. Or else Homeopathy is really a pseudo science.

Currently other departments like Computer science, physical science, Molecular chemistry, and applied genetics are growing rapidly. Why cannot our Homeopathic doctors take advantage of allied sciences? In order to treat the patients most effectively. on the contrary, we are following the same age-old methods of Hahnemann’s time to select the similar medicine for the patient.

Disadvantages of Allopathic treatment:

We all know that Allopathic treatment is worthless. It makes the patient’s life a great hell. However, the public has no alternate. They seek confidence from available science. We know that allopaths are innocents. They do not know the theory of suppression. They call diseases with beautiful names. Thereby public believe that the allopathic physician knows much more about his disease.

Nevertheless, he knows nothing about the disease. He knows how to suppress the disease. In fact, It is not his fault. His system teaches him so. He selected the wrong path to reach the cause and treatment of the disease.

What are the plans?

Our Homeopaths each one has his own concept in explaining the action of Homeopathy. There is no unified method. We are confusing the public with our methods. The work done especially with the name of the concept of the Vital Force is enough. We have to work in the direction of Material evidence for the action of Homeopathic medicine. For, which we have to depend on the modern gadgets available in the western world. To prove Homeopathy is not a pseudo science.

For the reason that our concept is Holistic, immaterial, if so we never reach a unified concept. Western thinking is far more helpful to find out the exact root action of Homeopathic medicine. Until and unless we update our knowledge, our Homeopathy system will be called as a Pseudo Science.

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